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Texas House, District 93

The Texas House of Representatives is the lower house of the Texas Legislatures, composed of 150 members elected from single-member districts. The Texas House of Representatives create and consider legislation and proposed constitutional amendments. All bills for raising revenue and appropriating funds for the operation of the Texas government must originate in the Texas House. Representatives are elected every two years.
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    Nancy Bean (Dem) Educator/Counselor

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    Nisha Mathews (Dem) Business Consultant/Radio Jockey

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EDUCATION: What changes, if any, should be made to public education and its funding in Texas? What is your rationale for the change(s)?

ECONOMY: What state policies/legislation would you support to help Texas residents improve their economic positions? Why?

ENERGY/ENVIRONMENT: How would you balance the development of energy sources with environmental concerns?

HEALTH CARE: What changes in state policy/legislation, if any, are needed to increase availability of affordable health care for Texas residents? If none, please explain.

OTHER ISSUES: What other issues do you believe will be most pressing in the next session of the Texas Legislature, and what is your position on these issues?

Phone (817) 688-7431
Occupation Educator/Counselor
Education MA, Counseling: West Texas A&M MDiv, Pastoral Ministry: The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary BS, Human Development and Family Relations/Early Childhood Education: University of Kentucky
Experience Licensed Professional Counselor, Counselor/Educator, Classroom teacher from Pre-K to college. Pastoral ministry and ministry to children. Supporter of Faith in Texas Founding Board member of Friends of Justice, a Faith-based non-profit.
Twitter @nancybean4tx
I will fight for full investment in public education in Texas. Public education is not only the foundation for equal opportunity for our children but is foundational for a strong economy. Full investment means restoring funding to Pre-2008 levels with inflation as well as funding universal public Pre-K and Technical/College. I will also fight to restore the respect due to the teaching profession not only in public conversation but in pay and benefit protections. Education requires a permanent source of funding and a fixed formula distribution which ensures equity of opportunity for districts with higher need and fewer resources (lower tax base). I will fight for strengthening Community Schools and against legislation that increases privatization.
Increasing funding to education is the foundation to improving the economy of Texas and of Texans. I will support legislation to increase the minimum wage to a living wage. No one who works full time should be forced to live in poverty. I will also support legislation to protect the rights of workers to just workplace that includes Worker’s Compensation. Texas is the only state which does not guarantee compensation for job-related injuries.
I will support legislation to remove subsidies for non-renewable energy sources and increase incentives for the production and use of renewable and non-polluting energy sources. I will support innovations such as “Carbon Credits” and increased taxation on non-renewable energy production and consumption.
I will join with others in the TX House to fight for the expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. I will fight for Health Care as a right rather than a market commodity, starting with expansion of Medicaid but with the goal of an expanded and improved single-payer system of Medicare for All. Health Care decisions should be made by Texans with their physicians and not by politicians and CEOs.
Building Dignity of Work and Wages will be a top priority for me: increasing the minimum wage to a living wage and strengthening workers rights to organize for a just workplace. Allying with others to holding the line on extremist legislators’ attempts to pass legislation to suppress voting rights, to suppress women’s rights, and to discriminate against other minority groups will, unfortunately, be top priority for the upcoming session. Fighting against the encroaching privatization of infrastructure, including retirement of public workers, transportation, prisons, education, and Child protective services is crucial to the common good of ordinary Texans.
Phone (214) 998-7795
Occupation Business Consultant/Radio Jockey
Education • Master of Business Administration, Univ. of Dallas, 2014 • Bachelor's in Economics, Univ. of Texas, Arlington, 2009 • Fossil Ridge High School, Keller, 2006
Experience Nisha has experience in Higher Education, Real Estate, Accounting, Mortgage/Finance, and currently works in Business/IT Consulting. She’s also a Radio Jockey & uses her radio platform to entertain as well as shed light on social and political issues.
Twitter @Mathews4TX
The public education system is deteriorating and needs to be revamped so our children are ready for success in college, trade schools, or starting their own businesses. Our economy has moved away from manufacturing jobs because we can produce items such as cars and other goods at a cheaper cost in other countries. The US economy has jobs available in the service sectors but our students are not prepared for these roles. There is a huge disconnect in understanding our changing economy and what we teach in our schools. It is very scary that our students lack critical thinking skills and the ability to question what they hear. As a legislator, my focus will be to ensure proper funding for our schools for ALL students, to ensure that we have a curriculum that focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) subjects as well as Literature and Arts, and a curriculum that teaches them critical thinking skills.
I will work hard towards creating equal opportunity in education and work. I support increasing the minimum wage requirements so that people are able to afford a better life for themselves and their families. Our education system needs to match the changing trends in our markets to ensure that our students are competitive in the labor market. We need to encourage small business ownership by increasing fair access to funds in lower income communities. I also support the accrual of sick days in all jobs regardless of industry. We have to work on creating a healthier workforce so that we can all benefit rather than the privileged few.
Texas is an attractive place to do business because of it's geographical location, weather, and the vast amount of land. Successful businesses create job opportunities and improve our overall economy. We have to have regulations in place to monitor and control activities that would potentially hurt our environment. A lot of companies are becoming "green" and are moving towards sustainability. We should leverage this change and work together with business to ensure that we are mindful of not depleting our natural resources and also think ahead as to how our actions will affect our environment.
Access to good healthcare should not even be up for debate and as a Legislator, I will fight for our right for affordable healthcare and work hard to ensure that we meet the basic healthcare needs of ALL Texans. I will work with local providers and the medical community to figure out new ways for all people to get access to low cost cancer screenings, reproductive services, and other healthcare necessities. I consider it my duty to serve and ensure that both men and women have access to good and affordable healthcare because when people are healthy, they’ll be at their best and will be able to focus on being productive and better able to contribute to our community. We have seen many clinics get shut down especially in lower income areas. I'll fight these closures and figure out ways of getting clinics in neighborhoods to keep our community healthy.
Equal opportunity in education and work- high priority. This includes revamping our public education system and increasing access to an affordable college education. Campaign Finance Reform: Elected officials are elected to serve the voters not special interest groups. We need major changes in the way money is handled in politics to ensure transparency and honesty. Affordable Healthcare: increased access to quality healthcare, lower prices on prescription medications Property Tax Reform: better allocate property tax funds to serve our public school system better Improved Infrastructure: propose an efficient public transit system to relieve our community of being stuck in traffic, lesser toll roads because they're a financial burden.