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District Judge, 233rd Judicial District

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    Kenneth E. Newell (Rep) Attorney

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    Lori DeAngelis Griffith (Rep) Attorney

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What, if anything, should be done to improve access to justice for low income residents in civil and criminal cases?

What can and should be done to run the court more effectively and efficiently to provide swift justice?

How will you maintain impartiality, given the necessity of raising funds for political campaigns?

What other issues do you believe will be most pressing in the District courts, and how would you address them?

Phone (682) 708-3540
Occupation Attorney
Education BA in Management & Ethics Masters of Business Administration Juris Doctorate
Experience Legal practice in the areas of Family Law, Probate Law, Guardianship Law, Mental Health Law, Criminal Law and Business Law.
Informing them of services whereby they may obtain an assessment of their legal options is one thing that can be done. For instance, Tarrant County has several free legal assessment opportunities that many are unaware of; including the legal line, Veterans Clinic, and other clinics held throughout the community.
The court that I am running for is a family law court and I hesitate to say that swift justice is always what is best in these cases. Here, it must be realized that dealing with the best interest of children often takes time to be realized. When possible, swift justice can be obtained by reducing delays in court proceedings and running an efficient docket.
In my opinion, the ability to be impartial comes from the core of who the person is and not from a standard held to him or her by the watchful eyes of others. I understand the concern where one is receiving a campaign contribution from the attorneys who will appear before them; however, I can state that my integrity is not for sale for a campaign or other contribution.
In family court, one of the issues of concern is the dignity of the litigants before the bench. These are generally good people going through tough times and need to have a judge who understands that. In understanding that, the judge should treat the litigants with dignity and even when they make statements out of frustration. The judge must always uphold the rule of law and the litigants should conform their behavior to that standard, but never should a person feel berated by the Court. I will encourage those appearing before me to find the best version of themselves and always make rulings in accordance with the law and in the best interest of the children, regardless of my personal feelings.
Phone (817) 265-6557
Occupation Family Law Attorney Family Law Mediator
Education North Texas State University, BBA, 1985 Baylor Law School, JD 1990 Mediation Training, 1997
Experience Practiced exclusively family law since November of 1990. Served approximately 2800 clients, families. Mediated approximately 700 family law matters.
In family law matters, online forms, while helpful, are not preferred. Until there is sufficient funding for legal aid, the Court has to allow litigants to represent themselves and treat them with the same dignity and access to justice as those with attorneys. The State Bar of Texas has an exhaustive list of resources available to lower income residents.
A scheduling order can be used so families know there is an end date to litigation and there should be fewer resetting of cases. Mediation is a cost effective tool and should be used when appropriate because it is less damaging to families than litigation. The best interest of the child and promoting the parent-child relationship must be at the core of all decisions.
No matter the election season or political climate, the law must be the backbone for every decision from the bench. There is no room for bias from any judge in any courtroom. I will treat every attorney and litigant with the same respect and use the law to make every decision in a timely and efficient manner.
There will continue to be an issue with Pro Se litigants as they often have difficulty presenting evidence and their cases take longer. This can be managed by scheduling a Pro Se docket on a specific day, so that those cases can be handled with the patience and dignity those litigants deserve. This will help lower costs for litigants who are represented by counsel. Families are in crisis. I have seen more domestic violence, child abuse, poverty and illegal drug use than ever before and I have been practicing family law for over 26 years. The sheer volume of family cases is a pressing matter. The expense is not only to the families in the form of emotional and financial cost, but to the taxpayer when cases linger. As a family law judge, I will compassionately balance the uniqueness of each case with the realities of time and expense. Judicial temperament is crucial - I have developed an ability to deal with difficult situations through years of litigation and mediation.