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Tarrant County Tax Assessor-Collector

The Tarrant County Tax Assessor-Collector is responsible for collecting property taxes on behalf of the county as well as several other entities, including municipalities and hospital, utility and school districts. Additionally, the Tax Assessor-Collector processes vehicle registration and collects state-mandated fees for alcoholic beverage permits.
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    Mike Snyder (Rep) Media Strategist - Former NBC5 News Anchor

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    Rick Barnes (Rep) Insurance Agent/Producer

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    Trasa Robertson Cobern (Rep) Teacher/City Councilmember

  • Wendy Burgess (Rep)

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TAX COLLECTION: What changes, if any, are needed in tax collection processes in the county?

PROPERTY APPRAISALS: What changes are needed, if any, to ensure fairness and accuracy for all property appraisals?

OTHER ISSUES: What other issues do you believe will be most pressing for the county Tax Assessor and Collector, and how would you address them?

Phone (817) 239-0025
Occupation Managing Partner of One Degree Strategies, LLC
Education Southwest Missouri State University
Experience Investigative Reporter and Anchor for NBC-5 1980-2010. Chairman of the Airpower Foundation 2001-2013. Created and managed large scale philanthropy events like Sky Ball raising millions of dollars for families of deployed troops.
Twitter @msnyder4tc
We need to continue improvements in process and customer service by using Lean Six Sigma business philosophies in the Tax Assessor-Collector's office. This approach will empower employees to find waste, improve process and save taxpayers money.
I agree with Governor Abbott that the 5 appointed members of the Tarrant County Appraisal District should become elected officials to be held accountable by the taxpayers. I also support Senate Bill 2 that would lower the State Property Tax Rollback Rate to 4% and require mandatory rollback elections. This process would put the power to lower the property tax burden in the hands of the taxpayers, not 5 appointed members of an Appraisal District.
I will not hold auto registrations hostage for unpaid Red Light Camera Ticket Fines. I propose a pilot program, in concert with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, to create kiosks for in-person auto registration renewals. Placing the kiosks in all 8 county court houses, as well as in selected automobile dealerships, will multiply the places tax payers can renew their auto registrations, eliminating long lines and lowering the administration and management costs for the county.
Phone (817) 788-5019
Website www.RickBarnes.Republican
Occupation Insurance Agent/Producer
Education Bachelors, Texas Tech University Masters, Texas Christian University
Experience Worked 15 years in higher education administration. Owned my own business for the past 25 years as a speaker/consultant and now in the insurance industry. Served in leadership capacity, including Chair of the Board with 14 non-profit organizations.
I will ensure tax collection procedures will be accurate, efficient and customer friendly. We will provide streamline procedures for both online and in-person customer assistance. I will always be an advocate for the taxpayer.
The Tax Assessor-Collector does not have a voting position on the Appraisal Board - I will work to change that. We will work hard to ensure that those appealing their appraisal receive a fair and honest response, including offering assistance where possible. As an example, it is unfair to compare the appraisal of an existing property to a brand new house built around the corner with current construction costs. I will assist taxpayers in working with the appraisal process.
We must lower property taxes. I will work to ensure the office is efficient and transparent. We must ensure the appraisal process is accurate for the taxing entities. I will review historic taxpayer exemptions on a regular schedule. I will maintain a current policy in that I will not restrict a car registration due to red-light camera fines from cities. I will be available through community activities. And I will always be a voice for the taxpayer, within the County and in Austin.
Phone (817) 230-4414
Occupation Teacher and City Councilmember
Education President's Endowed Scholarship to Texas A&M University, cum laude with University and Foundation Honors, 1997; Graduate Certificate in Secondary Education, University of North Texas, 2012
Experience As a stay at home mom for over a decade, I budgeted on only one salary and kept us within our budget and our means. As a City Councilmember, I have dealt with budgets the size of corporations and have voted consistently to reduce property tax rates.
Twitter @CobernTrasa
The county does a good job, but I’d like to fully explore the idea of kiosks for the DMV, not to replace jobs but to free up clerks for other work. People will still need the expertise and reassurance of a friendly face if things go wrong.
The Tax Assessor-Collector (TAC) has little to do with the property appraisals; that’s the Tarrant Appraisal District’s job, and the TAC is a non-voting member. Instead, I’d push for the TAC to be a voting member to truly represent the people. Also, with future software changes, I’d strongly encourage what most corporations do, which is to run the old and new systems simultaneously to vet the new system. This would have saved a lot of problems in the appraisal process the past three years.
Tarrant Co. taxpayers subsidize $400,000+/year in state vehicle registration payments. The DMV treats all counties equally, hurting urban counties. I’d meet with DMV head Whitney Brewster immediately to find a solution.

Voters are so concerned about red light camera fines, they’re petitioning to remove them. I’d reassure voters with the Wright policy (no registration delays for those fines). The TAC shouldn’t be collecting civil fines, as no other civil judgments are collected by this agency.
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