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Hays County Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1, Place 2

A Justice of the Peace hears traffic and other Class C misdemeanor cases punishable by fine only, civil cases with up to $10,000 in controversy, landlord and tenant disputes, truancy cases, performs magistrate duties, and conducts inquests.
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    Lisa Hernandez DeLeon (Dem) Lead Justice Court Clerk for Hays County JP 1-1

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    Maggie Hernandez Moreno (Dem) Justice of the Peace Pct. 1 Place 2

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1) How would you ensure equitable sentencing in cases that come before you?

2) What do you see as the priority issue for the office of Justice of the Peace in your precinct and how would you address it?

Education Graduate from SMHS 1998, Graduate from TX State: BA in Criminal Justice, Magna Cum Laude, August 2017, TX State Graduate Student in Legal Studies
Experience Over 8 years working with the courts in Hays County. Past 6 years experience working for Justice of the Peace 1-1, JoAnne Prado.
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Campaign Phone (512) 787-6066
I would ensure equitable sentencing because I will consider each case individually. Everyone that comes before my court will be treated with dignity and respect. Factors to consider would be the offense, criminal history, if the court finds the defendant indigent, and if the defendant is a minor. Class c misdemeanors are the only criminal cases filed in the Justice of the Peace Court. These are punishable by fine only, no jail time. In lieu of the fine, the JP can order community service, and a deferral is an option as well.
Making sure the office of the Justice of the Peace is running smoothly, efficiently, and effectively. I would address this by being available full time. My presence will be known in the office. I would make sure cases are being filed, heard, and disposed of in a timely manner. The experience I have now will allow me to verify that cases are not backlogged. Since JP 1-1 and JP 1-2 share office space I will be able to communicate and collaborate with JP 1-1 so that we can work together as a whole to better serve our precinct.
Education -100+ hours of Judiciary education from the TJCTC -Certificate in DWI Interlock Ignition Devices -Senior status at UTSA majoring in Criminal Justice
Experience -Presided over civil, truancy and criminal cases -Magistrated 1000+ individuals -Conducted 75+ inquests -Reopened court after 15 months of inactivity
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Campaign Phone (512) 665-5805
A justice of the peace presides over cases that are punishable by fine only. In civil cases when I award a judgment, I award a monetary amount that is fair and relevant to the case brought before me. When presiding over truancy cases my goal is to place conditions that ensure the child attends school and ultimately graduates from high school. When presiding over criminal cases if a defendant is found guilty, I impose a judgement of court costs and fines that are fair. When serving as a magistrate I set bonds based on the safety of the community and the likely hood a person will appear in court
The DWI Bond Schematic Program is part of a statewide plan to reduce the incidence of DWI offenses by assisting Texas counties in improving procedures for setting, monitoring and enforcing bond conditions in DWI cases. The program has shown to be effective in reducing the number of DWI drivers on roads and highways, thereby improving public safety throughout the state. I would like to work with my fellow Justices of the Peace to implement this program in Hays County. Implementing this program in Hays County can reduce the number of people negatively impacted by alcohol related accidents.