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Hays County Commissioner, Precinct 4

County Commissioners serve on the Commissioners Court, the governing body of the County, with the County Judge. County Commissioners carry on county government, which includes: providing safety protection, water, public transportation, parks, hospitals; and is also involved with zoning, permit regulations, levying and collecting taxes for county and municipal organizations as established by Texas statutes.
  • Omar Baca (Dem)

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    Jimmy Skipton (Rep) Hospitality Industry

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    Walt Smith (Rep) Business Consultant

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1) In your opinion which roads are in greatest need of improvement in your precinct and how will you achieve the work of road improvement?

2) What is the priority issue for your precinct? How will you gain support in the commissioner’s court for this issue?

Questions were not sent to this candidate because this primary race is not contested.
Questions were not sent to this candidate because this primary race is not contested.
Education Attended Sam Houston State University
Experience *Vice-President and former President of the Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District *Director, Dripping Springs Water Supply Corporation
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Campaign Phone (512) 658-5046
Within Precinct 4, the Highway 290 corridor, Ranch Road 12, and FM 1826 are critical transportation arteries that continue to require improvements to improve safety, reduce congestion, and meet the increased demands of Hays County's rapidly increasing population.

I will promote comprehensive road planning and will work with TxDOT to bring increased transportation resources to Precinct 4 including the use of the TxDOT Pass-Through Funding Program to reduce the burden on Hays County taxpayers.
Water is a top priority issue for Precinct 4. As one of the fastest growing areas of our county, Precinct 4 needs a representative who has experience protecting current water resources and planning for future water needs.

As President of the Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District and a representative for Texas Groundwater Management Area 9, I worked to build consensus on water issues. As your next Commissioner, I will work with the other Commissioners to increase water conservation, encourage water reuse, and bring new water resources to the region.
Education B.S. Agriculture Education, Texas A&M University, 1997 M.Ag Agricultural Development with an Emphasis in Policy Certified Teacher
Experience 20 years of public policy experience as a Teacher, Congressional Staffer, Presidential Appointee, Non-profit Executive, Rancher & Small Business Owner
Campaign Email
Campaign Phone (512) 250-5446
The center of Dripping Springs as well as the future development from the Belterra/Sawyer Ranch area through Driftwood are creating the greatest needs. Public safety is the most important aspect of planning and prioritizing road construction. Given continually increasing population in Precinct 4, its no surprise our current road system is being stretched to its limits. Our current Commissioners have done a good job of forward planning for this expansion, but the fact is, new construction and shifting population makes continual review and reprioritization of these projects a necessity.
The every growing population and the need for water stand out. Our portion of the county is growing faster than any other and the needs related to water resources and basic infrastructure are constant. In the past the county has focused on its East side, but we are experiencing greater needs in the western portion in every aspect from public safety to water resources. I think there is a realization with the Court that this is the case. Using hard numbers and facts, not rhetoric and conjecture, will be key in educating fellow Commissioners on the importance of these issues to Precinct 4.