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Hays County Judge

The County Judge, as presiding supervisor of the Commissioners Courts, helps govern County government, which includes: providing safety protection, water, public transportation, parks, hospitals; and is also involved with zoning, permit regulations, levying and collecting taxes for county and municipal organizations as established by Texas statutes.
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    Ruben Becerra (Dem) Owner of Local Restaurant & Bakery

  • Will Conley (Rep)

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    Abel Velasquez (Dem) N/A

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1) How will you balance the need to improve transportation within the county with the need to preserve environmentally sensitive areas and protect water quality?

2) What is your position on the type of voting machine the county should choose? What is your position on voting centers?

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Campaign Phone (512) 787-4902
Redirect our efforts to a regional commuter rail system. Install a rapid bus system along the IH35 corridor with connectivity to our smaller communities. This will require collaboration with state agencies, municipal and county jurisdictions. I will build solid relationships based on trust, integrity and the shared desire for a high functioning multi-model transportation network. Doing this will increase our quality of life, preserve our air and water quality by reducing CO2 emissions, and eliminate the need to build additional roads on the recharge zone which fill our rivers and creeks.
Our county government has generated distrust with the handling of our 2016 election boxes. The remedy is a simple one. We need a voting machine that will record citizens' votes and provide an auditable paper trail. Secure voting centers are a must. Every machine should be able to receive all votes cast from all citizens in Hays County. In addition, there should also be an auditable paper trail.
Questions were not sent to this candidate because this primary race is not contested.
Questions were not sent to this candidate because this primary race is not contested.
Education Graduate SMHS Attended National University
Experience 30 years Military Service 20 years leadership experience 10 year as Safety Specialist for Hays County Customer Service Experience Public Speaking
Campaign Phone (512) 878-3754
First of all we must analyze the needs of the county’s transportation requirements and search for alternate transportation solutions. Identify possible routes that may cause the least amount of damage to the local environment and to the everyday life of citizens, and neighboring municipalities. In this manner I believe we are protecting natural areas that may have rare species of plant, insects, animals or aquatic life and promotes environmentally sensitive development. With citizen participation, communities will have better understanding of how sensitive and fragile our eco systems is.
The ES&S system that was introduced to the public back in June of 2017 should be the preferred voting machine. It provided a registration card, a separate touch pad for voting and the main data base system with paper trail. As one voter put it, “Our elections department needs to be run like a bank. It has to have receipts, it has to have audits, it has to have paper.” As for voting centers, I believe they’re the future but we must be fair as to where these centers are placed and how many, specifically East of IH-35 from San Marcos to Buda where polling locations are limited.