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U.S. House, District 26

2 year term. Must be 25 years or older, a US citizen and a resident of Texas. Responsible for representing the citizens of his/her district in the US House of Representatives.
  • Michael C Burgess (Rep)

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    Linsey Fagan (Dem) SEO and Analytics Consultant

  • Veronica Birkenstock (Rep)

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    Will Fisher (Dem) Attorney

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IMMIGRATION: What changes, if any, would you propose to our immigration policy for current undocumented residents? Do you support construction of a wall along our southern border? If so, how would you pay to it?

FOREIGN INTERVENTION: Under what circumstances should the US intervene militarily in a foreign conflict? What policy would you support regarding North Korea?

BUDGET: Social Security and Medicare are key programs which are relied upon by millions of Americans. Do you support changes to these programs in order to reduce the budget? If so, how would you accomplish that? If not, how would you reduce budget deficits?

HEALTHCARE: What legislation would you support, if any, to ensure comprehensive, affordable healthcare for all Americans? Should Obamacare be repealed, replaced or reformed?

OTHER ISSUES: What other issues do you believe will be most pressing in the next session of Congress, and what is your position on these issues?

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Age 32
Education 2 years college, left to start company; Guest instructed (SEO) in the Comm. Dept. at UTA; MOOCs.
Campaign Phone (817) 754-0473
Twitter @LinseyFaganTX
We need a clean DREAM Act now. We can't hold a person's future hostage for any reason, especially partisan politics, and certainly not if they arrived here as a child. I support comprehensive immigration reform, superseding previous immigration laws, ensuring that current and prior applicants are treated equally and fairly. I support a clear, fair, and timely path to citizenship. I do not support a wall at our southern border, and consider such an endeavor wasteful, frivolous, and spiteful. I would support the expansion of TPS, to ensure that we act like a world leader and adequately provide asylum to those who need it.
America should use military force as a last resort. We need to behave as a world leader and work towards peace with North Korea and other adversaries, but we don't need to risk American lives to do that.

I believe strongly in peace through diplomacy.

Presently, North Korea is our greatest security concern. We don't need leaders who recklessly provoke Kim Jong-un. I support a combination of sanctions, financial and food aid, and limited trade between North Korea and other democratic nations. We've seen the steady Westernization of North Korea under these policies, with a greatly reduced risk of war. With a steady hand, I believe that a peace treaty and final end to the 65 year old armistice is possible.
I would not support any cuts to these crucial programs. Congress has a duty to ensure that the cornerstone of elderly and disabled care remains functional and intact. Social Security is an ongoing commitment from each generation to the next; a promise of care after a life’s work. It’s a promise by and to everyone, and all should pay their share. We need to remove the cap on taxable income for Social Security deductions and ensures that it’s available for the future. Medicare provides support to those who would otherwise have none, and it's our responsibility to ensure that the program continues effectively. I support increasing the corporate tax rate, closing tax loopholes, and ensuring a deeper tax base with a mandatory $15/hr living wage.
I would oppose a repeal of any or all of the ACA. While I fully support Medicare for all, I think that the ACA was a step in the right direction. Without something better in place, and assurances that Americans can receive medical coverage and care regardless of any pre-existing conditions, and without the threat of financial ruin for one’s family, I would not support replacing the ACA. We shouldn’t have to choose between our health and a roof over our head or food for our families. That being said I see its flaws and we need Medicare for all ASAP.
Healthcare: Medicare for All. Something similar to Sanders' bill S.1804. or HR 676.

Taxation: Negotiate the corp. tax rates set with latest tax bill, work to make tax cuts for individuals permanent.

DACA: Find a permanent solution for these New Americans because they can't keeping living their lives in constant fear. We need solutions for their parents as well. It's the moral thing to do and the fiscally responsible thing to do.

Things that won't be pressing next session which I would like to address:

Veterans: Far more care for when they get home.

Medically fragile children: Expand care for these children and their caretakers as well.

Medical research for diseases: Increase funding for Stem Cell research and disease research.
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Age 37
Education B.S., Sociology, Brigham Young University - Idaho; J.D., University of Oregon School of Law
Campaign Phone (972) 755-9809
You Tube
First, Congress should act immediately to pass the Dream Act, thereby giving permanent status to the approx. 800,000 new Americans that we have invested in, and whom are hardworking, contributing, tax-paying members of our society.

Next, Congress must introduce and adopt comprehensive immigration reform to provide a full pathway to citizenship for every person. Human migration as a result of economic turbulence is a fact of life, and we can choose to fight human nature or to work together to solve difficulties that result from human migration. I support humane immigration policy that supports the millions of families affected by it.
Putting U.S. troops in harm's way should be an option of last resort. I support active diplomacy and strengthening of the U.S. State Department. However, if the protection of American lives requires the engagement of troops, I support it.

The greatest threat to American security is an unchecked nuclear threat in North Korea. In part, this is because there is no great answer for how to deal with the problem. Our best hope is that North Korean leaders come to the negotiating table, and our only chance to get them there is through multi-lateral sanctions with the other countries in Asia. However, the U.S. needs to be ready to engage diplomatically with North Korea – something that the U.S. has not been successful in doing since the 90's.
Social Security is an important investment in Americans, who for years paid into the system with the expectation of having the same benefit available to them. We must strengthen and expand Social Security. This can be accomplished by (1) removing the cap on income subject to the Social Security tax, and (2) means-testing recipients of Social Security benefits.

As currently situated, the Social Security tax is regressive - only applying to the first approx. $100,000 that an earner receives. The tax should apply to all earned income. Also, hard working taxpayers should not have to support Social Security benefits for the most wealthy individuals in our society. High wealth individuals do not need to receive these benefits.
I oppose any repeal of the ACA that does not replace it with a bill that ensures that every American receives the healthcare that they need when they need it. I believe the best replacement is a universal, single-payer system, under which 95% of Americans would pay less for their healthcare expenses than they do now. I recently released a video (available on my website) explaining how single payer systems work and how they reduce the cost of care.

During my first term I will author legislation to allow for a public option, so that Americans will have a choice as to whether they prefer public-payer or private-payer health insurance. By giving Americans a say through a public option, Americans can choose the future of American healthcare.
Other key areas of focus:

- Infrastructure investment: I support aggressive investment into our roads, bridges, airports, schools, hospitals, and technology (incl. rural broadband).

- Fair taxation that provides relief to the working and middle classes: expand deductions and credits for working families (child care tax credit, student loan interest deduction, etc.)

- Green energy job creation: expand U.S. wind and solar assets.

- Protection of equal rights: expand protections for voting rights, abolish partisan gerrymandering, strengthen disability rights, women's rights, prison reform, bail reform.

- Immigration reform: Pass a Dream Act, create a path to citizenship, reform of work visa programs.