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State Representative, District 84

Primary Election - Tuesday, March 6, 2018(Early Voting: Tuesday, February 20-Friday, March 2, 2018)Texas State House of Representative members serve 2-year terms.
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    Austin Michael Carrizales (Dem) Attorney

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    Samantha Carrillo Fields (Dem) Homemaker

  • John Frullo (Rep)

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TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE: Describe the training and experience that qualify you for this office. (325 characters, approx. 50 words)

PUBLIC EDUCATION: What changes, if any, need to be made to the quality and financing of public education in Texas? (450 characters, approx. 75 words)

HEALTH CARE: What, if anything, should the state do to ensure that more people have access to adequate health care? (450 characters, approx. 75 words)

TRANSPORTATION: What is the best way for Texas to meet its growing transportation needs? (450 characters, approx. 75 words)

OTHER ISSUES: What other issues do you consider the most important, and how would you address them? (450 characters, approx. 75 words)

Campaign Phone (806) 773-9419
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Education Doctorate of Jurisprudence, Texas Tech University School of Law, 2013 Masters in Public Administration, Texas Tech University 2013 Bachelors of Arts in Political Science, cum laude, Texas Tech University 2010, Lubbock High School graduate
Twitter @Austin4Texas
As an attorney, I fight for those who are disadvantaged both in and out of my legal practice. True advocacy is a lifestyle. My Masters of Public Adminstration gave me the tools I need to have a better understanding of how to create policy.
We need to explore all options to fund education beyond taxes. Changing other policies could result in a substantial increase in funding at the state and local level, which would result in an incentive for our great minds to stay in the education field because they could get a competitive salary. I want to create a fund for teachers to supplement their income and ensure that we have the most qualified teachers.
The first step would be to finally take the money allocated to Texas by the Affordable Healthcare Act to expand Medicaid. Other states that have done so have cut their uninsured rate by more than half. Secondly, we need our state to take a more active approach to assist and inform eligible people to sign up for coverage.
This question is overly broad and I would prefer to answer a more specific question at length and in person. Texas is comprised of roads, bridges, the busiest port in the United States, railways, airports and more. To know the best way to meet our needs would require defining under what category of transportation.
-Doing whatever it takes to speed up the process of bringing in utility competition against LP&L, for the entire district and not simply a part of it. Our constituents deserve reasonable rates.

-Addressing the fallacies of Tort Reform and repealing those laws with laws that benefit individuals.

-Fixing the funding of rural healthcare so we do not find ourselves without available hospital beds in Lubbock.
Campaign Phone (806) 283-1936
Email for public contact: Fields for 84 P.O. Box 1975 Lubbock, TX 79408
Education Graduated from Monterey High School in 2005; Graduated from Eastern New Mexico University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2009
Twitter @Fieldsfor84
I have served as a board member of several Democratic organizations including Texas Democratic Women of the South Plains, Our Revolution Texas South Plains/Panhandle Region, Texas Young Democrats Panhandle Region and briefly as a precinct chair. I have also worked in the public sector at WIC in Wichita Falls, TX.
I would like to stay true to the Texas Constitution to make sure education is available to the public and remains free. We need to prioritize education for all and not just the few. Supporting voucher systems to hide the funding problem schools are facing is a smokescreen for the state to hide how much less they are contributing now than they were 20 years ago.
Until universal healthcare is an option for the entire country, the state of Texas needs to finally expand Medicaid. The federal government has already made these funds available and not only do people benefit from the expansion, but rural hospitals as well. It generates revenue for these smaller clinics, it keeps inner city emergency rooms from turning people away and a healthier Texas is a better Texas.
We need an overhaul on infrastructure. While man-made climate change is becoming more and more relevant, we need to start taking steps in the right direction to lower our impact. While much of the state needs roads, larger urban areas should look into mass transit to reduce congestion and emissions.
Given the divisiveness that occurred during the last legislative sessions, I make a promise right now to voters to say no to legislation that aims to divide our population and put targets on the backs of fellow Texans. No matter how many times you rename a bill, it still comes from the same place of bigotry and hate and we have bigger fish to fry in the State House.
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