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State Representative, District 83

Primary Election - Tuesday, March 6, 2018(Early Voting: Tuesday, February 20-Friday, March 2, 2018)Texas State House of Representative members serve 2-year terms.
  • Dustin Burrows (Rep)

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    Drew Landry (Dem) Assistant Professor of Government

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Education B.S. in Social Studies Education from the University of Evansville; M.A. in Political Science from the University of Rhode Island
I have been in education for the better part of ten years and preparation is key for it. In order to be a legislator, one needs to be prepared to listen to constituents and take their message to the legislature.
Firstly, we need to recruit more teachers because Texas, like the country, faces a shortage of teachers. In order to recruit good teachers, we must treat the current and retired teachers with the respect they deserve. It is high time to restore respect to education and its professionals. Secondly, the state needs to fully fund education, thereby allowing property taxes to be lowered. Lastly, we need to reduce STAAR testing.
Firstly, state needs to expand Medicaid. Several county hospitals in West Texas are on life support because of bad debt and contracting out nurses. Medicaid expansion could help them survive. Secondly, out of state insurance companies need to be able to compete with Texas-based insurance companies. Thirdly, doctors should not need to test for so many procedures. Finally, patients should be able to negotiate drug costs with companies.
The state needs to work with locally elected officials on this issue. They can do that by adequately funding infrastructure needs by using a portion of the Rainy Day Fund.
West Texas leaders need to support our farmers and first responders. Agriculture needs to be protected and supported and the dire water situation needs to be addressed. Also, our first responders need workman's compensation reformed, their pensions preserved, and their ability to associated guaranteed.