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Nueces County Democratic Party Chair

The duties of the county Chair shall include the following: Preside at county Executive Committee meetings and county conventions; Draft, in consultation with the county Executive Committee, a strategic plan outlining reasonable political goals for the county; Execute the strategic plan approved by the county Executive Committee; Appoint an acting precinct chair for up to thirty (30) days – for any precinct that remains unorganized after the second scheduled precinct meeting – for the purpose of organizing the precinct in accordance with the NC Democratic Party Plan of Organization; Appoint an acting precinct chair for any newly created precinct for the purpose of organizing that precinct in accordance with the NC Democratic Party Plan of Organization; Designate the date and time, consistent with the parameters set by the state chair, at which precinct meetings will be held; Designate the exact time and place, consistent with the date set by the state chair, at which the county convention is to be held, providing said designation to be given to the precinct chairs at least thirty (30) days prior to said county convention; Appoint committees as may be required to assist in the execution of these duties; Encourage and facilitate establishment and continuity of county chapters of state auxiliary organizations; Attend meetings of the district and state Executive Committees; Serve as the spokesperson for the county Executive Committee; Serve as the liaison between the county Executive Committee and the district Executive Committee, the state party officers, and the State Executive Committee; Represent the county Executive Committee at party and non-party meetings and functions; Appoint a county party attorney, to serve at the Chair’s pleasure; Carry out other duties as may be assigned by the NC Democratic Party Plan of Organization or by the county or state Executive Committees;
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    Lander Baiamonte (Dem) attorney

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    Coretta Graham (Dem) Attorney

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Biographical Information

Describe your credentials and life experiences that qualify you to hold this office.

Why do you want to serve as the Democratic Party chair?

What are the primary responsibilities of the chair?

In light of the historically low voter turnout in Nueces County, how can the party chair increase voter participation?

Campaign Phone Number (361) 333-8262
I am a Notre Dame-educated attorney with degrees in Political Communications and English from the University of Texas at Austin. I held leadership positions in student government throughout grade school, undergrad, and law school. I grew up in a politically active family, and my father has been an elected official for the past 14 years. Since moving back to Corpus, I have served as a precinct chair, been involved in various local progressive groups and causes, founded the “Missing Blake” campaign, and co-hosted the TX-27 Constituent Town Hall last April when Congressman Farenthold refused.
I want to serve as the Democratic Party chair because I don't think our party is living up to its full potential, and I believe I have the energy, attitude, connections, experience, and character traits necessary to change that. I am scared for the future of our country, but I believe if we want to change its current trajectory, we must start locally. This is our moment and I don’t want to see it slide by without us making the most of it.
Aside from the statutory duties relating to conducting elections, the party chair's primary responsibilities are to serve the party and the candidates and to marshal the tools necessary for their success, including, but not limited to: facilitating communication among party members, elected officials, candidates, voters, and the community-at-large; perpetuating organization and structure in party operations, maintaining the headquarters, messaging, fundraising, recruiting and effectively utilizing volunteers, and developing and implementing a strategic plan for increasing voter turnout.
The party chair can increase voter participation by filling the empty precinct chair seats, hosting block-walk training, targeting people below the age of 40, canvassing at apartment complexes, and holding registration drives at the high schools, colleges, senior centers, assisted living centers, and churches.
Former Election judge and Precinct Chair
At this time, I do not want to serve. My name will still be in the ballot
Helping to get Democrats Elected or Re Elected, Promote Demoratic Party Platform(s) Working with precinct chairs to reach out and motivate base voters, Raise funds for local party administration
Active grassroots outreach to base voters, Block captains