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Nueces County Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1, Place 3

The Justice of the Peace Court is a constitutional office whose origins date back to the early days of Texas statehood. Justice of the Peace courts have original jurisdiction in Class C offenses. These courts also have jurisdiction of minor civil matters. A Justice of the Peace may issue search or arrest warrants, and may serve as the coroner in counties where there is no provision for a medical examiner. The Justices are elected to a four-year term of office by the voters residing in that precinct. Additionally, Justices of the Peace are required by law to complete an 80-hour course covering the proper execution of that office's uties the first time they serve. After that, they must complete twenty hours of relevant coursework per year.The following is a partial list of the functions that these courts oversee:Magisterial DutiesDetermines probable cause, issues arrest warrants, issues both adult and juvenile statutory warnings, and conducts bail examinations for arrested persons.Determinies whether there is reasonable probability of a judgment being rendered against a person as a result of an accident while operating a motor vehicle without insurance.Conducts reviews for sufficiency and issuance of search warrants.Conducts magistrations (Miranda Rights) for both adult and juveniles.Issues emergency protective orders.Reviews applictions for emergency detention and issues mental health and chemical dependency warrants.Conducts hearings concerning the disposition of stolen property.Conducts handgun license denial hearings.Conducts driver's license suspension hearings.Conducts death investigations and orders autopsies.As a local registrar of vital statistics, birth and death certificates are completed, registered and recorded and sent to the State Bureau of Vital Statistics.Conducts towing hearings.Conducts review for sufficiency and issuance of warrants to seize cruelly treated animals.Description of Office Hears traffic and other Class C misdemeanor cases punishable by fine only. Hears civil cases with up to $10,000 in controversy. Hears landlord and tenant disputes. Hears truancy cases. Performs magistrate duties. Conducts inquests.
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    Randy Balderas (Dem) Deputy Constable

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    Lucy Rubio (Dem) City Council Member, Dist. 3

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Campaign Phone Number (361) 549-8323
I have 13 years of Law Enforcement experience. I started my career at Nueces County Sheriff Department in 2004 working in Corrections/Jail. I transferred in 2009 to be a Bailiff for County Court at Law 5. In 2010 I became a certified Peace Officer through the State of Texas. In 2011 I transferred to Nueces County Constable Pct. 4 Office to become a Deputy Constable. I have 1400 continuing education Civil/Law training hours. My Job Details as a Deputy is serving warrants and civil papers for the J.P office, Serve as a Bailiff for the J.P. office. I attended college and studied Criminal Justice
The Most pressing issues in the Precinct are Civil Litigations, Evictions, criminal and traffic offenses. If I am elected to this office I will make sure that I will keep an open mind while hearing all sides of an argument from both parties and render a fair and impartial Judgment based on all the facts and evidence that is presented to me by the parties involved.
My personal abilities that I possess are my experience and education that enhance and enable me to be a Justice of the Peace Judge. As a Deputy Constable I serve civil and criminal court documents for the Justice of the Peace Court. I know the courtroom procedures of Justice of the Peace Court. I Bailiff for the Justice Of the Peace Court. As a Peace Officer, The State of Texas Mandates all Deputy Constables to take 48 hours of civil process course every 24 months to keep license active.
I have protected and served this community for 13 years and now I want to serve the community at the next level. I am the most qualified candidate based on my experience of making judgments everyday as a Law Enforcement Officer. I have a knowledge of all the Justice Of the Peace Court Documents that is used in the courts proceedings. I have studied the law and with that knowledge I can be fair and impartial and provided equal justice for all who appear in front of me.
Campaign Phone Number (361) 774-0465
I’ve been extremely blessed and privileged to serve on the local, city and State PTAs. I was Regional Vice President on the State PTA, I was also Inclusiveness Consultant where I taught classes to empower parents to become leaders. As a School Board Trustee, I’m honored to say that I made sure ALL students had a quality education, stressed the importance of staying in school and going to College. I also participated in getting students back to school. As a City Council Member, I am proud to say that we successfully had Fire Station #18 built after it had been promised since 2008.
While this court has a high volume of traffic violation cases the most pressing issue that needs to be addressed immediately is truancy. I would work very hard in getting the truancy cases back into this court where they belong. As a former School Board Trustee, I know the two Superintendents very well and I feel that my experience and knowledge of the importance of attending school would be a huge benefit. The first thing I would do is schedule a meeting with Dr. Nelson, Tuloso-Midway ISD and Dr. Almendarez, Calallen ISD to let them know that this court is ready to serve their students.
The personal abilities that I possess are being a strong community advocate. My 14 yrs. as a PTA leader taught me to be a good listener, to work with people and to get things done. My ability to have served as a School Board Trustee for almost 15 yrs. and work for students, parents, school employees and community taught me to also be a good listener, to ask tough questions and then vote on issues that made a difference. The same goes for being on the City Council where I make decisions that effect all our citizens.
I am a fair person, a good listener and I know that with all my life experiences I would be a good Justice. I also believe that with my rapport with the two Superintendents I would made a difference in the truancy cases that are no longer filed in this court, and I want to move them back. I have a proven record of community involvement that I have earned and I would love to have the privilege to serve our community in this capacity. I am a follow the rules person, I am an ethical person, I am a hard worker and plan to continue to serve as I have always served.