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County School Trustee, Position 6, Precinct 1

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    Prince E. Bryant II (Dem) Minister

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    John F. Miller (Dem) Value Stream Manager

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    Danyahel "Danny" Norris (Dem) Associate Director of Law Library and Legal Research Instructor at Thurgood Marshall School of Law; Attorney at Norris & Norris

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If elected, what do you hope to achieve during your term in office?

What do you see as the appropriate role of the County School Board in ensuring that residents in Harris County are receiving the best possible educational opportunities? Please address education at all levels from early childhood to adult.

In your opinion, what are the three most valuable services currently being provided by the County Board of Education?

Education/Degrees High School Diploma
Professional Experience Post Office Supervisor Manager
Community Involvement Back to school backpack giveaways, Thanksgiving feeding and turkey giveaways in the Fifth Ward, Lockwood communities. FEMA Distrubution Site Supervisor for Hurricane Katrina, Rita and Ike. Red Cross Meals on Wheels liaison for COGIC Church.
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Campaign Phone (832) 620-3609
Strengthen Special Needs and Early Education programs from beltway to beltway. Establish Teen pregnancy facilities with daycare facilities to assist teen mothers with continuing their education.
Oversight, Funding agency, and Programatic Expansion of all early education, special needs, after school program sites and services based on population clusters. Partnering with school districts to expand class counts and facilities. College prepatory offerings as well as vocational and trade with high emphasis in elite level tech manufacturing tooling. Direct intervention into High School dropout trends both social and economic causes with in -classroom educational programs.
1. The County Board Of Education has complete oversight over 4 schools: Two are special Education campuses for the intellectually challenged and two campuses for the emotionally damaged and or high behavioral risk children. These facilities provide an excellent resource for our children to perform with targeted and structured assistance to meet educational milestones.

2. The County Board Of Education is launching a fifth school. This school will focus on students with alcohol and chemical dependencies. Allowing an atmosphere conducive for recovery and learning for students of concern without disrupting the educational trajectory of sober students in the classroom.

3. The County Board Of Education Therapy Services provide 60% to 70% of all Therapy to the “ISD’s” including but not limited to both cognitive and emotional disabilities.
Education/Degrees B.S. Chemical Engineering
Community Involvement Precinct Chair - 0032 Election Judge - 0032 and 0808 SD15 Audit Committee Harris County Democratic Party Millennial Outreach Chair Houston Area Progressives Volunteered on numerous campaigns.
Campaign Email
Campaign Phone (513) 375-1738
I have three goals. First is to keep the Harris County Department of Education protected from Board Members that are trying to shut down the department. We have several board members that vote to not pay bills or use tax payer money for vanity projects. Second is to expand programs such as Headstart, Adult Education, and Afterschool programs without raising taxes. Third is to work with HCDE staff to develop programs that educate our young people on topics that are not covered in the core classes. This would focus on teaching young adults how to vote, pay taxes, and personal finance education.
Harris County Department of Education is a critical institution for the county. HCDE serves by enriching education opportunities. HCDE is also a cost savings to the county. The department is able to reduce taxes and expand programs by utilizing federal programs and grants, but also running a lean, efficient organization. This allows the department to provide more services that positively affect more families without overburdening the county with the bill. This is why the Board is important. It is the board’s responsibility to balance the financial strength of the department while at the same time expanding programs. As the county continues to grow our services will need to reach more families. The board has to continue to manage financial strength and flexibility and expanding programs. HCDE serves students of all ages. The board will need to oversee the expansion of programs to address a global economy and early education through Headstart and Afterschool programs
I honestly believe that all the services that HCDE provides are valuable to our diverse community. HCDE’s staff has worked hard to expand programs by making them efficient and targeted to their goals. However, to answer the question I will choose the programs that help the most families not necessarily those that help families with specific needs. First has to be Afterschool programs like CASE. This program serves about 13,000 children, by giving students safe places after school and gives parents more flexibility for childcare. Followed by Adult Education that oversees GEDs and ESL (English as a Second Language) with over 65 locations it allows adults to gain education to progress their careers. And third would be Headstart. This program gives children of lower income, early education. It has been proven that the earlier we start educating our children the more prepared and successful they are in school.
Education/Degrees Bachelor of Science, Chemical Engineering, University of Houston; Juris Doctor, Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University; Masters of Library Science, University of North Texas
Professional Experience Associate Director of Law Library at Thurgood Marshall School of Law (2015-Present); Instructor of Law at Thurgood Marshall School of Law (2008-Present); Partner at Norris & Norris, Attorneys and Counselors of Law (2007-Present)
Community Involvement Past President of the Houston Lawyers Association; Member of the Houston Branch of the NAACP (Appointee of the Legal Redress Committee), Houston Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., and ACLU; Parent Volunteer and Mentor
Campaign Phone (713) 203-0179
Twitter @norris4hcde
Helping the Harris County Department of Education (HCDE) achieve more notoriety for the services that it provides to Harris County. HCDE provides a wide range of services that benefit the 25 school districts in Harris County, as well as the students enrolled in the programs sponsored by HCDE. Unfortunately, not many people are not aware of these programs, some of who could benefit from some of the services. As such, I want to ensure that the services of HCDE are both known, and taken advantage of by all 25 school districts in Harris County, as well as by those who could benefit from services offered by HCDE.
I see the role of the County School Board as one that provides tools to the 25 school districts in Harris County, to help them run effectively and efficiently, as well as giving students around the county direct access to the services that HCDE provides. In early education it means ensuring that children have access to the Head Start program. In the K-12, it means helping the 25 school districts in Harris County have access to a variety of programs (i.e. educator certification, school business support, etc.) that can both enhance their school districts, as well as programs that aid students in their schools (i.e. after school, school based therapy, etc.). On the adult level, it means ensuring the accessibility of GED programs, as well as programs that assist those who are learning English as a second language.
The three most valuable services currently being provided are Head Start, adult education, and school based therapy services. These programs are most important because they ensure critical early learning, opportunities for adults trying to better themselves, and current students that need extra attention to help them succeed while in school.