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County Treasurer

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    Nile Bailey Copeland (Dem) Attorney and Realtor

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    Cosme Garcia (Dem) Consultant

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    Dylan Osborne (Dem) Public Administration

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If elected, how will you use your position as County Treasurer to ensure that this office serves the best interests of the people of Harris County?

As County Treasurer how would you handle un-appropriated funds or funds not immediately needed by the County?

Please discuss ways that increased efficiencies and cost savings can be achieved within the Harris County Treasurer’s office.

Education/Degrees LSU - B.S. Biology, LSU - M.Ed Education Administration, South Texas College of Law - JD, UH Mediation and Commercial Arbitration, Licensed Realtor
Professional Experience Practicing Lawyer - 15+ years Municipal Judge - 7+ years Realtor 8+ years Mediator 8+ years Arbitrator 8+ Years
Community Involvement Active in groups such as the Neighborhood Centers, OCA-Houston immigration projects, voter registration projects with the LWV, and as a Harris County Deputy Voter Registrar, poll watcher training, volunteer as an election attorney, and a Freemason +
Campaign Email
Campaign Phone (713) 382-7980
TEAMWORK AND REBUILD CONFIDENCE: The Treasurer's office is one of two important financial posts for Harris County. This office has to work hard to rebuild relationships with Harris County departments so we can work efficiently as a team. This office not only serves Harris County but also the citizens of Harris County.

LISTEN AND IMPROVE EFFICIENCY: We want to listen to our constituents and improve our services and do so in the most efficient and transparent way possible. My office will work hard to restore the trust and confidence in the abilities of this office with the Commissioners Court and in turn we hope to have some of the duties restored that have long since been removed from this office.

COUNTY OUTREACH TO NEW BUSINESSES: Moreover, this office is a financial spokesperson for the County and we hope to with with the State, County and City to bring in new businesses into the County.
The Treasurer may in a reasonably prudent manner invest those funds in legally authorized investments such as certificates of deposit, repurchase agreements, bankers acceptances, treasury bills, notes, bonds, commercial paper, and federal agency securities.
SELF AWARENESS, EVALUATION AND IMPROVEMENT: We need to sit down with the existing staff and see what processes are old, what is redundant, what can be improved upon - an internal audit. One of the most valuable resources for such a analysis is the existing staff. We are not trying to reduce headcount rather we are trying to make the best use of our personel resources. For example, an issue arose when 20+ people left employment for the County and their access to banking systems were never revoked. The County Auditor fortunately caught this problem but this could have been avoided by keeping a list of financial key people and working closely with the departments who can inform the Treasurers office when someone leaves the office. As a team. we WILL find the most efficient solutions that will save Harris County money and avoid potentially serious legal problems.
Education/Degrees MLA, BA / Political Science, University of St. Thomas.
Professional Experience Currently, a freelance GIS analyst and graphic designer. I was a manger of the Harris County voter registration department for almost 5 years. Customer support and satisfaction supervisor for Apple. Adjunct prof. of government at Lone Star CyFair.
Community Involvement I've volunteered for organizations like: The Beacon, Houston Food Bank, Buffalo Bayou Partnership and Baker Ripley.
Campaign Email
I would like to dedicate time to go out into the community and listen to the concerns of the people. I believe the Office of the Treasurer can be used to elevate the voices in our underserved communities and to help find resolutions to problems that have been ignored or not seen as a priority. Once I have an understanding of what the community expects of county government I will work with Commissioners Court to help implement the people’s agenda.
I believe it’s important to invest in our community; not just in terms of infrastructure, but in the people that we serve. Any un-appropriated funds should be allocated to community development projects like parks, education programs, low-cost housing, and health care to name a few. As we focus on making Harris County a strong and diverse place to live – it’s important that we do not neglect our most important asset – the people.
First, we can increase efficiencies and cost savings by creating a more user friendly customer portal, to handle payments to the Harris County Treasurer’s office. Second, we can make it easier to digitally request and receive financial documents, or other materials, (that are subject to the Texas Public Information Act) electronically. Finally, where appropriate, we may be able to shift certain responsibilities to the County Auditor’s office to achieve further efficiencies and cost savings.
Education/Degrees B.S- Social Sciences Masters of Public Administration (MPA)
Professional Experience I have 8 years of local government experience at the City of Houston. I currently work in Planning & Development, but I have previously worked in the Finance Department and I staffed two City Council members- Sue Lovell and Richard Nguyen.
Community Involvement I am a co-founder and current president of the University of Houston MPA Alumni Association. I am also an active member of Houston Millennials- a group dedicated to promoting civic engagement.
Campaign Address PO Box 6514
Houston, Tx 77265
Twitter @Dylan4HC
I want to make this office more community focused by adding an educational component. I would like to host workshops like financial literacy for young people, but the actual content depends on community input and needs, and will be taught by subject matter experts that my office will partner with. I also hope to expand the role of Treasurer into more of a budget watchdog and communicate to Harris County residents what their money is buying. Currently the Treasurer is a small office that does very little outside of balancing several accounts and issuing checks on behalf of the county. I want residents to get their money's worth and receive value from the position they already pay for.
The county must save money for a rainy day, and any un-appropriated funds should be saved. However, county residents have a diverse and growing list of needs, and county leadership must work to meet those needs. Once those needs are met, any leftover funds should be placed into interest bearing accounts that are safe and secure. The county cannot afford to make risky investments to try to make a quick buck.
The Treasurer's office is a relatively small office of about 1 dozen employees and an annual budget of approximately $1.2 million. While that may sound like a lot of money, the office budget pales in comparison to larger offices such as County or District Clerk. With that budget and employee count, clearly the largest expense in the office is labor. I will make every effort to improve service and promote efficiency with technology. However, anyone that promises to drastically cut the Treasurer's budget is not being realistic.