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State Senator, District 15

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    Damian Lacroix (Dem) Attorney

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    Hank Segelke (Dem) Production manager

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    John Whitmire (Dem) Attorney

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Identify what you think are the three most important issues directly affecting the people in your district and explain how you will address these issues,if elected?

What will you do as a member of the Texas Legislature to ensure that all Texas children receive a quality education?

What role should the Texas Legislature play in addressing the problem of human trafficking in our state and in providing funding for programs that support victims?

Education/Degrees Southern Methodist University School of Law, Dallas, Texas Juris Doctorate, May 2000 Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas Bachelor of Business Administration, Finance, May 1996
Professional Experience Founder and principal shareholder of The LaCroix Law Firm, P.C., a boutique law firm focusing on corporate law, business and real estate transactions, commercial litigation, construction disputes, contract management and government affairs.
Community Involvement Head coach of the boys’ youth T-Ball team, Mediator for the Harris County Dispute Resolution Center, Judge, Thurgood Marshall School of Law’s Moot Court, Mock Trial, Client Counseling and Negotiation Competitions
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My top 3 legislative priorities that I would like to accomplish while in office are: a. Building a 21st century public education system based on STEAM b. Establishing a state sponsored single-payer healthcare system c. Equality for all To achieve my legislative priorities will require a Democrat majority in the Texas Senate and House. I believe Texas will never turn blue until the largest county in the state, Harris County, consistently votes Democrat in non-presidential election years. Thus, I will utilize any goodwill and name recognition from winning the primary on GOTV efforts in the 2018 General Election. In this regard, I will devote substantially all my time and attention to personally campaign in areas with low voter turnout in non-presidential election years so that voter turnout in SD15 substantially increases and SD15 carries Harris County Democrats over the finish line for a blue sweep in the 2018 General Election.
I plan to push to legalize marijuana and casino gambling, charge a vice tax on those industries and use the tax revenues to fund the public education system.
The Texas Legislature plays an important role in addressing human trafficking. Specifically, by enacting laws that provide for strict and harsh consequences to human traffickers and by creating a fund to assist victims of human trafficking.
Education/Degrees BA, UT-Austin 1989 JD, UT School of Law 1992
Professional Experience Lawyer 1992 - 2003 Coffee business 2004 - present
Community Involvement VP neighborhood association Co-chair of tree committee for super-neighborhood association
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Campaign Phone (713) 449-8989
Twitter @hank4sd15
1) Infrastructure: The Legislature has to invest in building additional flood/storm mitigation, upgrading highways and bridges, and modernizing government buildings like DPS stations, community clinics, and schools. These items are the "skeleton" of our economy. 2) Employment: The Legislature has to cut back on regulation, get away from licensing requirements that aren't necessary, and focus on apprenticeships that teach real-world skills. These actions would strengthen the "muscles" of our economy. 3) Education: At all levels (K-12, college/university, and apprenticeships), the Legislature has to provide adequate funding for citizens to learn and to improve their skills, not merely in industry and business but also in the arts. Doing so develops the "brain" of our economy. I will work to find the best solutions to these issues, find adequate funding in the current budget, and hold the programs accountable for achieving good results.
I strongly support public education as a place where children learn information, skills, and citizenship. But in the 21st century, it's appropriate to ask whether we can do some things differently. I will work to increase the use of the internet so that all students, even those in the most remote areas, can learn from and benefit from the best teachers in the State, including in subjects which their local districts may not offer. I'm open to looking at changes to when school is open, including later start times for teenagers and starting the school year in January instead of August. I especially want to increase the number of apprenticeships in the trades (building, plumbing, electrical, etc.), with skills-acquisition counting toward graduation requirements. Last, I want every K-12 student to have daily physical exercise, daily art and music, and regular access to medical care.
First, let's call human trafficking what it really is: Slavery. Modern-day slavery, right here in our State. The Legislature has to pass laws which punish slavery with serious prison time and crippling fines. The Legislature should also pass laws which allow enslaved persons to sue for damages, including compensatory (with no limit on pain and suffering awards) and punitive damages. Civil asset forfeiture should also apply upon conviction where the victim has not sued.
Education/Degrees BA, University of Houston; Bates School of Law
Professional Experience Attorney of Counsel, Locke Lord LLP
Community Involvement Public servant, 45 years
Campaign Website
Campaign Phone (713) 868-5000
Twitter @whitmire_john
Healthcare. I will continue to advocate for Medicaid expansion in Texas and will continue to use my seat on Senate Finance to push for increased funding and access for our many critical health and human services including mental health, women’s reproductive care, and services for our disabled children.

Education. The state must step up and make funding public education our top priority. We rely too heavily on property taxes to fund public education when we should be funding it with general revenue. I will also continue to oppose vouchers in any form and will work to reform our school finance system so that all of our public schools are adequately and equitably funded.

Criminal Justice reform. We must continue to provide alternatives to incarceration and treatment programs to low-level offenders with particular focus on keeping our juvenile offenders in the community with the services they need. Bail bond reform continues to be a top priority as well as indigent
We must reform our public school finance system to ensure all school children, regardless where you live, receive a quality and equitable education. We must invest more state dollars in public education and continue to fight off vouchers by any name. We must also increase teacher pay.
The Legislature must continue to fund prevention programs and public awareness campaigns. We must increase funding for services for victims of human trafficking to help in recovering from this horrendous crime. We must also strengthen the penalties for human traffickers.

The Senate Criminal Justice Committee, which I chair, will be having interim hearings on human trafficking awareness and prevention and will be making recommendations to the Legislature for next session.