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U.S. House, District 10

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    Tawana W. Cadien (Dem) Public Administrator, Health Care Educator

  • John W. Cook (Rep)

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    Richie DeGrow (Dem) Project Manager

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    Madeline K. Eden (Dem) CTO, Technology Strategist

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    Matt Harris (Dem) Data Scientist & Business Consultant

  • Michael T. McCaul (Rep)

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    Kevin Nelson (Dem) Educator

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    Mike Siegel (Dem) Attorney

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    Tami Walker (Dem) Attorney

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Identify what you think are the three most important issues directly affecting the people in your district and explain how you will address these issues,if elected?

What do you think should be done to help those who don’t receive employer-sponsored health insurance and cannot afford insurance through other currently available options?

What do you think is the appropriate role of the federal government in fostering a positive environment for job creation in the United States?

Education/Degrees Executive Masters in Public Administration/Texas Southern University Bachelor's of Science in Nursing/Prairie View A&M University
Professional Experience Public Administrator; Texas Health Steps Case Manager, Quality Assurance Director, Pregnant Women and Infants Case Manager, Director of Nurses, Territory representative, Surgical Center Supervisor, Registered Nurse Educator
Community Involvement Director of W.I.S.E. Women(Women, Inspiring, Servicing, Educating), Voter Registration Coordinator, Precinct Chair, Director of "Kids Care" non-profit, Top Ladies of Distinction, Twelve Days of Christmas, Inc.
Campaign Phone (409) 553-9381
Although so many concerns have been expressed by constituents throughout the district, the top three are: Social Security, Health Care, and Child Safety. I will continue to champion to save Social Security for today and the future. Our seniors have worked for decades, paying into the Social Security system. They should not live with constant anxiety wondering if the federal government is going to continue to use Social Security as bargaining tools. Social Security is not a game, but is a necessary part of their life that they deserve to have without fear of loss. Health Care is a vital issue throughout the district for every generation. As an RN seeing the devastating impact of no health care, I will continue to fight, and introduce health care bills. I have drafted a bill, Children's Transportation Protection Against Child Trafficking, in an effort to end child trafficking, as Houston, Texas is the number one hub. Our children need advocates in Congress. I will advocate for them.
The lack of Health Care is a major issue for not only Texas, but citizens across the country. For far too long, the battle for health care has been at the forefront of bargaining tables. While these bargaining games are being played, many have died. As a Registered Nurse, health care and its accessibility and affordability is vitally important to me. I understand the domino effect of no healthcare. In addition to battling disease, citizens lose their jobs, homes, transportation, and ultimately their lives. We can do better as American representatives with creating a plan that works for all, including fine tuning the Affordable Care Act, and looking with an open mind into the single payer option. We must save CHIP, and expand Medicare and Medicaid. Children and adults alike are living in constant fear of losing health care. We must have representatives like myself who will not attempt to repeal health care, but will fight FOR health care. I will fight FOR health care.
The federal government plays a major role in fostering a positive environment in not only job creation, but over every aspect of American's lives. Decisions made by the federal government have a direct impact on American lives. The response or lack thereof by the federal government will resonate throughout the country. The current administration is very much aware of just how powerful their stance and demeanor can impact the entire American culture, whether positive or negative. I believe that as far as a positive environment for job creation stands, the federal government should assure the American worker that all decisions being made in Congress, Senate, and through the highest office in the land, are not geared towards making corporations richer, and the worker poorer. American workers need to have confidence in knowing that they will have representatives in the federal government that will fight for fair pay, job safety, and job security.

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Education/Degrees AAS
Professional Experience 9 years in Hospitality (8 in Management, 2 different countries & 2 different states) 2.5 years as Project Manager
Community Involvement 11 years as a volunteer soccer assistant coach at local high school 7 years as member then lead of Green Team at work 7 years as team member of Community Outreach Team at work
Campaign Website
Campaign Phone (512) 931-4969
Twitter @decongress
1) Healthcare - Almost 1 in 5 Texans are uninsured. For the United States being one of the wealthiest countries in the world being one of the highest spenders on healthcare, this is unacceptable. There is enough money to make sure that every US citizen has healthcare and it is well past the time to make this a reality. 2) Voting Rights - With rampant gerrymandering and voter suppression ensuring that those in power stay in power, we must fight back and take as many obstacles out of the way when it comes to voting. The people should be selecting their Representatives, not the other way around. With automatic voter registration, this will make it easier and less confusing for people who want to vote, to be able to. 3) Adjusting to a 21st Century Economy - Training or Education after High School is the new minimum requirement. Everyone must have access to affordable Extended Learning in order to acquire the skills necessary to provide for their families.
The Affordable Care Act was the first step towards health coverage for all Americans. Whether you believe healthcare is a right or not, the government has a responsibility to protect its citizens. By not coming up with a solution to ensure that every US citizen has health protections, then the government is not fulfilling its obligations. For those who don't receive employer-sponsored health insurance & can't afford their own independently, we must pass legislation that will either grant Medicare for All, or create an affordable Single Payer Option. We as a nation are spending too much money to NOT be covering every person.
The federal government must be fluid with the way they help foster an environment for job creation because it is not an exact science. In times of stagnant job growth, they must act to facilitate it, but when there is good movement in jobs, then there is less of an impetus to act and they should get out of the way. But ultimately the role of the government is to protect its people so it should not jeopardize the well being of the citizens in order to help businesses make money.
Education/Degrees 15 years Business Management and Software Design experience. 25 years IT Management, Network Security experience.
Professional Experience 15 years Business Management and Software Design experience. 25 years IT Management, Network Security experience.
Community Involvement Non-Profit Webmaster, Disaster Volunteer, Hacktivist, Cub Scout Den Leader, Soccer Coach
Campaign Email
Campaign Phone (877) 868-3623
1. Immigration - DACA recipients add almost ½ a trillion dollars to our GDP and many have never lived outside the United States. A clean Dream Act can resolve this issue, so I will support that legislation, and demand permanent protections for our dreamers. All of our immigrants need a realistic pathway to citizenship, and I will endeavor to make sure they have one. 2. Equality - Gender, racial, and marriage equality are paramount to me. Our fundamental right to equality needs to be secured under federal law. I will advance every opportunity to enact actual change in our system of government, so that those rights will be preserved and enforced under federal law. 3. Electoral Security - The hacking of electoral systems, and voter rolls must be addressed in full force. We have a plan to rebuild our electoral infrastructure using a "trust but verify" system and proven cryptographic technology. It's time we had an election system with verifiable results, transparency, and accountability.
The United States is the richest country in the world without universal healthcare. Sadly, there is no immediate resolution for people currently without coverage. We need to move quickly toward a “Single Payer” or "Medicare for All" solution. This can be accomplished by building from our existing Medicare program and gradually lowering the age requirements, year by year, until all Americans are eligible for benefits. This will effectively stabilize prescription and healthcare costs, streamline the administrative processes, and focus on providing universal healthcare coverage for everyone.
The appropriate role of the United States government as it relates to job creation, is to enact policies that provide a stable balance between the number of unemployed persons and the available jobs required by our labor force. Some different approaches to fostering a positive environment for job creation might currently include one or more of the following strategies: - Impeach Trump, and replace him with a President who can inspire us all with a more compelling fiscal vision. - Provide tax breaks and enact legislation to help support and grow the small businesses, which are the backbone of our economy. - Modify corporate taxation rates to facilitate increased job creation through infrastructure spending. - Subsidize educational institutions that teach trade skills, and provide job training for their students. - Increase tariffs on imported goods from foreign nations, so that American products have an advantage in domestic markets. - Enforce Equal Pay Act and Title VII.
Education/Degrees B.S. Chemical Engineering, U. FL, Fulbright certificate for post-grad study at U. Karlsruhe, Germany.
Professional Experience Data scientist for a wide variety of business problems such as fraud detection, risk management, marketing, e-commerce and payments. Experience with large companies include IBM, PayPal, and FICO. Experience in several tech startups in Austin.
Community Involvement Advisory Board to Austin city council for RMMA Redevelopment - 2001-2008. Austin light rail campaign 2000. Schalkenbach Foundation board member 2001-2010 - Sponsoring papers and research on alternate economic ideas.
Campaign Address PO BOX 10616
Austin, TX 78766
Campaign Phone (512) 799-7616
Twitter @Matt4TX10
1) Economic opportunity and fairness - Extreme inequality is unnatural, bad for people, and ultimately bad for business. We need to re-align our tax system to shift taxes from work and productive activity and onto natural resource privileges and other forms of monopoly and corporate power. 2) Sustainability - We need incentives to move away from carbon extraction to renewables. 3) Electoral fairness - Gerrymandering must end. Overturn Citizens United. Regulate money flows into politics.
We need health insurance that provides for every citizen. There is no free market in medical care and there could never be one. I support a Medicare for All solution as the best eventual approach. We could also build on the ACA if states would expand the Medicad provision for those unable to afford a current plan. If states will not cooperate I would support a federal role to fill the gap.

The employer-sponsored health insurance system is a relic from the 1940's war economy that never really made big-picture sense. Tying health coverage to employment is not good for either employer or employee in the long run. It also creates distortions that make if harder to cover people of modest means. It also creates terrible friction in the labor markets as people fear changing jobs because of health insurance considerations. No legitimate economic theory supports this connection.

The main role for the federal government is to create a tax structure that fosters real productivity and stops rewarding speculation and other forms of wealth extraction from the truly productive elements of the economy. Our present tax system serves to concentrate wealth into a rentier class that produces nothing, while lowering wages and opportunity for most people. Taxes focused on natural resource privileges are the best taxes. These would include taxes on the electromagnetic spectrum, mineral control, pollution, fishing rights, timber, and traffic congestion. (The property tax should be converted to land-only taxes although that is mainly a state issue.) Taxes that weaken other forms of monopoly privileges and peculiar corporate powers are also powerful beneficial tools. Internet neutrality must be restored, either through regulation, or through taxes. Taxes on estates should be increased, not decreased. In no moral universe does dynastic wealth make sense. Taxes on wages are terrible and should be replaced with the above mentioned taxes starting from the bottom up. My tax positions are consistent with a genuine free market.

Universal health care would be a very powerful inducement to entrepreneurial activity. Having participated in several startups, I attest to health insurance as being one of the larger problems young companies face. It is absurd but it is our present reality.

The federal government has historically funded research to powerful effect and I believe we need to step up this role. We need sustained research around renewable energy with open patent sharing. If we set the incentives right for carbon extraction and provide research incentives, we could enjoy broad prosperity into a post-carbon extraction era. Similarly, we need more research into epigenetics with open patent sharing. Not only is this likely to provide health benefits for humans, but will also likely provide breakthroughs in agriculture and livestock production.
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Education/Degrees Graduate of Lubbock High School; B.S. from Texas A&M; graduate degrees from University of Texas at Austin and Stanford.
Professional Experience As graduate teaching assistant and assistant instructor, taught at University of Texas and Stanford; worked for several years in publishing.
Community Involvement As a long-time Austin resident, I have participated in several community groups, especially ones that involve discussion of various issues. (For example, the Austin Philosophy Group.)
Campaign Phone (512) 645-4925
First, affordable health care. This issue is discussed in further detail below.

Second, tax fairness. I believe the wealthiest members of our society should bear more of the tax burden, and there should be tax relief for working people. Ideally, that would include making the payroll tax progressive.

Third, general political dysfunction and loss of confidence in the political system. This cannot be fixed overnight, but there are several steps we can take to address the problem. Congress should reform its own internal procedures so that obstructionism is no longer so easy. We also need campaign-finance reform, including stronger disclosure and independence requirements for so-called Super PACs.
We should extend the Affordable Care Act instead of undermining it.

I strongly support expansion of Medicaid. The federal government should provide increased incentives for states to participate.

I also support enactment of the public option that was part of the Affordable Care Act as originally proposed. This would create more choice and more competition. Increased competition between private insurers would also be helpful, and there are various ways the federal government could encourage it.
First, the overall tax burden should be kept at a reasonable level. Second, we should invest in education, which will bring substantial returns in employment down the road. Third, the federal government should not run a large and chronic budget deficit. Fourth, monetary policy should follow a careful path that encourages growth without encouraging inflation.
Education/Degrees B.A., Comparative Literature, Brandeis University; Teaching Credential, California State University - East Bay; J.D., Cornell Law School
Professional Experience Public school teacher; Teachers' union representative; Executive director of nonprofit education agency; Civil rights lawyer; Assistant City Attorney, City of Austin
Community Involvement I have fought for justice my entire career. As a teacher, I fought for public education, and against privatization. As a lawyer, I represented victims of discrimination and retaliation. As a City Attorney, I sue the State to invalidate unjust laws.
Campaign Email
Campaign Phone (512) 993-8832
Twitter @siegelfortexas
Three critical issues facing the 10th District are health care, immigration policy, and fair taxation.

Health care is a human right. The Republican assault on access to health care is a criminal act, aided and abetted by Michael McCaul. I believe in Medicare for All and will support the legislation proposed by Senator Bernie Sanders.

Immigrants have enriched our culture, strengthened our economy, and made the United States a better place to live for everyone. I support the DREAM Act and similar programs for parents of US citizens, and I will work to restore the path to citizenship for hard-working, law-abiding members of our community.

I believe in shared economic prosperity - all Americans should share in this country's success. The 2017 Republican Tax Bill is an atrocity that attacks working people and sets the stage for cuts to Medicare and Social Security. I will work to repeal the tax breaks for millionaires and ensure a tax policy that benefits us all.
The United States has been a world leader in providing basic support for all of its citizens, regardless of wealth. Unfortunately, the Republican Party has attacked this safety net. The current "representative," Michael McCaul, is worth $300 million and is apparently unconcerned about our health - he voted to cut health care for tens of millions of Americans and refuses to support the Children's Health Insurance Program.

If elected, I will fight for Medicare for All. There is substantial support in Congress or this initiative and if we succeed in 2018, we can make it a reality. Until then, we must protect the Affordable Care Act, Medicare, and Medicaid, and make fixes to ensure that all Americans can access high quality, affordable health care. We must also immediately fund the Children's Health Insurance Program to protect our children.
The federal government should use its resources and policy-making authority to encourage and create high quality jobs for every American who is ready and willing to work. I grew up idealizing FDR's New Deal and see that as a great example of what we should do now.

We must begin with investments in infrastructure. The current administration wants an $18 billion "border wall" that will do nothing to create jobs in the 10th District or make us safer. Instead, we must invest in roads, bridges, and--of critical importance--flood infrastructure. As terrible as the impact of Hurricane Harvey was, tens of thousands of Harris County residents narrowly escaped a further catastrophe - the potential collapse of the Addicks and Barker dams. These neglected facilities must be immediately strengthened, and we must invest in similar infrastructure across Texas. I will restore our priorities to focus on practical efforts that actually benefit the people of this District.
Education/Degrees B.S. in Accounting from Southwestern Oklahoma State University; J.D. from University of Texas School of Law
Professional Experience I have 28 years of legal experience as an in-house attorney or executive in different industries related to energy and infrastructure, including Engineering, Wind Farm Development, Telecommunications, Transportation, and Gas Transmission.
Community Involvement Co-Leader of Pantsuit Republic—Katy Area; Active Member of Katy Area Democrats; Volunteer for Scout's Honor Rescue; Fundraiser for Cinco Ranch High School Theater Booster Club; Volunteer for Project Grad and PTA.
Campaign Phone (832) 602-3818
Twitter @WalkerforTx10
1. Lack of access to healthcare. (See Q 2) 2. Voter suppression and money in politics. I would enact campaign finance reform to prevent corporations and special interests from buying elections and influencing the votes of lawmakers. I support federal legislation to prevent the disenfranchisement of minority voters. I support automatic voter registration when obtaining a state issued ID, adequate polling locations, expansion of early voting and the prevention of the purging of voter rolls immediately prior to elections. I support non-partisan redistricting commissions in all states and measures to prevent cyber interference. 3. Lack of Environmental Protection. I support stricter standards to prevent pollution of our air, water and food. We should outlaw dangerous pesticides that result in the death of bees and cause health issues in humans. We need federal policies to reduce CO2 emissions to reverse global warming and to promote clean energy and infrastructure.
I believe we should pursue Healthcare for All Americans, through an expanded single payer Medicare System. If that cannot be accomplished immediately or if it must be phased in, I would propose that we stabilize the Affordable Healthcare Act with marketing to young people, reinstated mandates, cost sharing reduction (CSR) payments, and a reinsurance program similar to Medicare Part D to address high cost patients. I would also support safe importation of prescription drugs to reduce cost and the regulation of pharmaceutical companies to reduce advertising and price gouging. We should protect Medicaid programs serving vulnerable children, adults with special needs and the elderly and we should fund Planned Parenthood to make reproductive care more accessible. I would support legislation and policies to save rural hospitals and emergency services.  
We should implement a comprehensive infrastructure plan to rebuild crumbling roads and bridges, build flood control and sea walls, light rail in cities, water treatment facilities, and internet in rural areas. We should create tax incentives to encourage companies to: manufacture and invest in America; develop products and jobs of the future through research and technology; lessen their carbon footprint; provide profit or stock sharing programs to employees; and develop and utilize more clean energy, such as wind and solar. We should develop trade deals that allow the United States to benefit from and contribute to the global economy. We should promote STEM and job training programs in high schools and community colleges for trade and medical skills and phase in a higher minimum wage. We should support labor unions and fund public education. We should enact immigration reform to address labor shortages and skill gaps.