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Collin County Democratic Party Chair

County chairs lead party activities within the county, work with candidates/precinct chairs/staff, conduct primary elections and certify results, and build a network of volunteers and precinct chairs.
  • Kunal Kapai (Dem)

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    Stirling Morris (Dem) Architectural Consultant

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    Mike Rawlins (Dem) Software Engineer

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Voter Turnout: Voter turnout has traditionally been low. What strategies would you use, if any, to increase voter turnout within the county?

Vision: If elected, what would you most like to accomplish during the next term?

Other Issues: What other issues do you believe will be most pressing for this office, and how would you address them?

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Education Bachelor of Science in Education
Experience A lifelong progressive, my political activism started in 2013. I've served as an active volunteer for the Democratic Party since then. I recently ran as a candidate for Plano City Council. I am ready to be your Collin County Democratic Party Chair.
Twitter @stirlingmorris
Campaign Phone (972) 786-2004
To increase voter turnout, we have to evaluate and revamp our existing infrastructure. From there, we will develop Short and Long Term Goals, incorporate those into an Infrastructure Redevelopment Initiative, and then implement that into a new, non-existent Strategic Development Plan.

The most immediate Short Term goal is the seamless transition of leadership when County Party and Precinct Chairs are determined in March. Expanding beyond our Field Organization effort, we will then restructure committee focus, create training initiatives for Volunteers, improve Coordinated Campaign work, and implement a Public Relations plan including Marketing and Community Outreach.

Long term goals are to utilize a new Strategic Development Plan as a living document and embrace continuous improvement practices. Minimally, this includes a focus on every county judicial seat currently ignored, developing new Fundraising and Donor Relation efforts, and hiring a new, non-existent Executive Director.
Our priority, as citizens and as the Collin County Democratic Party​, is to improve the world we live in. Getting Democrats elected will be the result of that work. We need to create a Vision that exemplifies the diversity of our County while growing future Democratic leaders along the way. And we need to remind each other to always look forward.

Visualizing unity applies as much to our public outreach and voter education efforts as it does internally. We need to do a better job aligning with like-minded community organizations, and we need to rebrand. This is paramount to the public having confidence in us. First impressions make all the difference.

Embracing regular continuous improvement programs that benefit candidates, and empower them with the tools and resources to run and win, is vital. When the public sees the voter and public outreach efforts we've employed, and that we can consistently win partisan offices, financial and volunteer support will grow organically.
In order for us to be successful as the Collin County Democratic Party, we have to always be focused on the future. We don't have an effective infrastructure established today, nor do we have any written Strategic Development Plan. Here are just a few ideas to move us forward:

Internally, we need regular Strategic Planning Reviews, Leadership Retreats, Volunteer Appreciation Initiatives, and Train-The-Trainer Programs. These feed the heart and soul of Volunteers as well as Elected and Appointed Leaders.

We need better Education Program and Community Outreach Initiatives. I've spoken with numerous community leaders and educators, including many outside of our party, who want to collaborate with us, too often having been met with hostility or not approached at all.

On the public facing side, we need focused Legislative Affairs, Political Activism, and Public Relations Committees. It's one thing to be communicative, but offering information doesn't automatically imply gained knowledge.
Education BS Computer Science, University of Texas at Dallas BA Political Science, University of Oklahoma
Experience County Chair 3.5 years Precinct Chair 10 years Chair of Coordinated Campaign and Strategic Planning Committees Chair of County Convention Resolutions Committee Delegate to multiple state and county conventions
Campaign Phone (972) 783-9573
In both 2014 and 2016 Texas had the worst voter turnout of any state and the District of Columbia. This is a longstanding, statewide problem that may require statewide solutions to fix. That said, especially for midterm/Gubernatorial elections Democratic wins depend on increasing the turnout of Democratic voters. Collin County is better than the rest of Texas at 67.6%. But we should be performing more like Orange County, CA at 81% or even Marin County, CA at 89%.

There are several proven strategies for increasing turnout at a local level. First, face-to-face contact has proven to be the most effective means of motivating voters. We have already implemented a robust field program that knocked on more doors in the county in 2017 than was done in many Presidential election years. We will continue this through November 6. With our newly energized Community Outreach efforts we are also reaching more potential voters where they gather. We will also be using targeted social media.
Our mission remains to elect Democrats, and that means getting more votes for Democrats and increasing the number of Democrats on the ballot. My top three goals for the next term that contribute to that are:

1) Expanding the base, using the same strategies for increasing voter turnout.

2) Fundraising – Collin County is one of the most prosperous counties in the nation. Our Democratic donors send more money out of the county than they give here. We plan to increase our outreach to both major donors and smaller dollar sustaining donors, and implement a new donor management system to assist in both efforts.

3) Hiring staff – We are reaching the limits of what we can reasonably expect of volunteers. Our counterparts in the CCRP have a full time Executive Director. Once our fundraising gets to levels that will support it I would like to hire a part time Executive Director, a full or part time Office Manager, and a part time Development Director to take our fundraising to the next level.
All of the candidates for this office want the same thing – for us to be successful – and we have similar ideas for doing that. The most important issue in this race is which candidate and their team are best prepared to make the party successful.

When my team and I took over in June '14 the party was a mess. We were doing worse at the polls, had fewer candidates and volunteers, and were insolvent. Since then have made tremendous progress, constantly reinventing ourselves to increase Democratic votes, increase almost ten-fold the number of candidates, increase volunteer engagement, and double fundraising. We have momentum in the right direction.

Please look at experience specifically with the party. The best chance we have of finishing the job of turning Collin County blue is to keep the same, proven team in place. A change in leadership this summer would stop our momentum – in the middle of our campaign for one of the most important and consequential midterms in decades.