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District Judge, 257th Judicial District

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    Melanie Flowers (Rep) Board Certified Family Law Attorney

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    Alyssa Lemkuil (Rep) Attorney/Mediator

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What will you do to ensure that all parties involved in cases before the court will have an opportunity to have their interests adequately represented and considered?

How will you ensure impartiality in your court given the current system of financing judicial campaigns, which allows donations from those who may later bring cases before your court?

What will you do to ensure that cases before your court are heard in a timely manner?

Education/Degrees Bachelor's of Business Administration Degree and Doctorate of Juris Prudence
Professional Experience I have practiced Family Law for 21yrs. My practice has specialized in complicated property and custody cases. I am board certified in family law. I have been appointed as Special Master, by several family court judges.
Community Involvement I serve on the Sheriff's Civil Service Commission; I am SREC for Senate District 13; I am a Precinct Chair; I am on the board of my Civic Club; A member of AKA Sorority and my church Communion Steward.
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I will manage the court's docket like a business. Starting with creating an "Express Docket" that begins at 8:00AM. It will be used for ancillary matters that can be resolved within 20 or 30 minutes. It will also be a time that Pro Se litigants can get in early and get out quickly. I will also make better use of the court's technology. So that cases can be presented more efficiently and clearly to the Court and to juries. Lastly, I will establish quarterly "brown bag lunch" days for lawyers, their staff and/or litigants can attend and ask questions about the Court's procedural requirements. Like is mediation required for temporary orders; requirements for continuances and rules regarding new trials.
A judge is bound to follow the Rule of Law and to enforce the laws as written. A Court is impartial when it is fair, just and applies the law equally to all. Litigants and attorneys should not be surprised by a Court's rulings, but know what to expect from the court and the law.
I will set "show cause" hearings for all cases, at which time the Parties and Counsel will be required to give a status update on the case. Trial continuances, after the first, will only be granted with good cause. Litigants will also be allowed to set hearings with 3 days. It currently takes weeks to obtain a hearing.
Education/Degrees University of Houston Law Center (JD), Texas A&M University (BBA)
Professional Experience 25 years family law experience, including 4+ years as a judge and associate judge. Board certified in family law. Represented parties in trial courts, courts of appeals, and Texas Supreme Court. Mediated hundreds of family law cases. Wife and mother.
Community Involvement Frequent speaker at continuing legal education seminars and mentor to family law attorneys.
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Campaign Phone (281) 236-6655
When I was previously on the bench, we had a separate trial docket for pro se parties - this saved lawyers time because they were not waiting while we handled the pro se cases and allowed us to devote the time necessary to the pro se parties. Mediation (which is required before family trials in Harris County) can help parties resolve their disputes outside the adversarial court system. Actively managing the docket and processing cases efficiently help to ensure that the court has time to hear all the cases that need to be heard. Every case is important to the parties and children involved. I understand that the decisions made in family court affect people in very profound ways, and I take that responsibility very seriously. It is important to me that everyone who comes through my court feels that they were heard and were treated with courtesy and respect.
Judges in Texas must run for election and that means we must educate citizens about the candidates, the issues, and the courts. Running a judicial campaign in Harris County can be very expensive. Lawyers often contribute funds to defray these costs. The only thing they expect from me is that I continue to be fair and impartial. History and reputation are the best predictors of what someone will do in the future. I am honored to have the endorsements of over 500 attorneys who practice family law. Please see to see what attorneys who have practiced before me have to say about how people were treated in my court.
I have 4+ years experience as a judge and associate judge. I worked hard to process the cases in my court fairly and efficiently. At the end of 2016, we had the fewest pending cases of the 10 family courts. Having a great staff helped a lot. Cases not finalized within 90 days after filing were set for trial, which kept cases from falling through the cracks and gave parties a date to finalize their case. We reviewed trial dockets the preceding week to resolve any possible issues by email. There is no need for attorneys to come to court to ask for trial resets that are agreed or requested for a good reason - handling these by email saves parties time, money, and stress. Keeping people out of the courtroom who don’t need to be there frees up the court's time to handle the cases that need the court’s attention. We prepared for non-trial dockets by reviewing pleadings and applicable law in advance. I will continue to work hard for the citizens of Harris County by starting court at 8:00 a.m.