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Texas House, District 144

  • Gilbert Pena (Rep) Retired

  • Ruben Villarreal (Rep)

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Identify what you think are the three most important issues directly affecting the people in your district and explain how you will address these issues, if elected?

What will you do as a member of the Texas Legislature to ensure that all Texas children receive a quality education?

What role should the Texas Legislature play in addressing the problem of human trafficking in our state and in providing funding for programs that support victims?

Education/Degrees I graduated from Texas Southern University with a 4 year degree in Political Science. I also have study pre-law, nursing and Air Conditioning.
Professional Experience I have already served in the Texas House as representative for HD 144 in 2015.
Community Involvement I have been politic involve in my community since 2006. I was chair for precinct 190.
Campaign Phone (281) 685-1501
1. Education; I have worked to educated the voters about how important Education Reform is to the future of our children. That teachers should be allowed to teach according to the students learning ability not a one size fits all. 2. Health; Many of the voters I talk to were upset that Obama care had increase their premiums and out of pocket copay. I point to the fact that first Obama Care need to be repented and second that they (the voters ) were not view as been poor per democrats standers. 3. Taxes; I have worked to lower taxes and I explained to the voters that I voted to increase the homestead exemption to $20 thousand to reduce property taxes.
We can not have a quality education until we have educational reform. We must stop school districts wasteful spending on stadiums, administration and expansion of school buildings (this is where a school district build an elementary school 1st to 4th grade, a fifth grade school building, a middle school 6th to 8th grade, a 9th grade school building and a high school 10th to 12 grade) this is wasteful spending. Taxes dollars could be better used in the classroom where our teachers could be paid better, college graduate who want to be teachers should be hired as teacher's aides and allow teachers to teach to our children abilities to learn.
While in office I voted in support of securing our border. But, human trafficking will not be stopped until we also hold those who hire illegals for the cheap labor accountable.
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