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U.S. House, District 29

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    Phillip Aronoff (Rep) Diplomat

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    Jaimy Z. Blanco (Rep) business owner

  • Dominique Michelle Garcia (Dem)

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    Roel Garcia (Dem) Lawyer

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    Sylvia R. Garcia (Dem) State Senator

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    Tahir Javed (Dem) CEO & President of Riceland Healthcare System

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    Carmen Maria Montiel (Rep) Journalist/Realtor

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    Hector Morales (Dem) High School Government and Economics Teacher

  • Augustine H. Reyes (Dem)

  • Robert Schafranek (Rep)

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    Pedro Valencia (Dem) Owner of and Insurance Brokerage

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Identify what you think are the three most important issues directly affecting the people in your district and explain how you will address these issues,if elected?

What do you think should be done to help those who don’t receive employer-sponsored health insurance and cannot afford insurance through other currently available options?

What do you think is the appropriate role of the federal government in fostering a positive environment for job creation in the United States?

Education/Degrees Bachelor of business
Professional Experience 50 years entrepreneur in foreign trade
Community Involvement Served Texas in the capacity of Chairman of the State Purchasing and General Services Commission, appointed by Governor Clements. He has been very active in the Houston community serving on the Harris County Housing Authority, and other positions
Campaign Email info@aronoffforcongres
Campaign Phone (713) 825-1959
Government regulation is strangling the economy and I support President Trump's efforts to rollback the excessive meddling in the private affairs of business and individuals. I support the tax reduction for the businesses in the country and will fight to reduce taxes for individuals. Protecting the US security and not giving our sovereignty to the United Nations.
Get the government out of the contracts between the individual and the insurance company. Specifically allow major medical policies which were available before the government designed one size for all insurance coverage.
GET OUT OF THE WAY AND KEEP THE HIGHWAYS IN GOOD CONDITION. Don't tax the life out of industry and don't try to control how business relates with its customers.
Education/Degrees San Jacinto College (Real Estate License / Business); Purpose Institute (Theology / Biblical Studies); University of Houston - Clearlake (Teaching with ESL Supplement)
Professional Experience Owner, Visions Property Management and Visions Investments
Community Involvement Member of The Church Triumphant in Pasadena TX for more then 15 years. Member of CUFI Christian United for Israel, Lobbied in Washington 2017 for the "Taylor Force Act". Volunteers at the Bridge for Batter Woman, Project Joy and Hope.
My father was born in Weslaco, TX and worked as a machinist and is a chairman at the United Steelworkers Labor Union. I am running for congress to make a change in my community - to listen to their needs and represent those needs in Washington, DC.

It's time to invest in the district. We want our people to have safe federal roads, neighborhoods that are in livable environments. I will work with HUD to open investment opportunities to businesses and the residents so they can take pride and be apart of the change we bring.

I will fight for school choice. We should be able to direct our school taxes into the school we decide is best for child education - from charters school, home schooling, online, church community schools.
We must make health care more affordable. Obamacare was the wrong approach and needs to be repealed and states should be allowed to draft plans that meet their needs.
We need to create an environment for the economy to grow and thrive. Our goal should be 4% economic growth. That starts with making the tax cuts permanent. Congress has passed too many laws that are interfering with positive economic growth. We must remove any unnecessary and duplicate regulations and simplify those that remain. Finally, its time to repeal Obamacare and allow states to draft plans that meet their needs.
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Education/Degrees Columbia University - B.A. Political Science 2007 University of Texas School of Law - J.D. 2011
Professional Experience Newton, Jones & Spaeth - Attorney Legal Aid Society - Attorney (Texas Law Fellowship)
Community Involvement - Academic Consulting Services 2007 - Harris County Deputy Registrar - Real Men Read Program (Scroggins Elementary) - Work Faith Ministries (mock interviews) - ieducate (career days) - Texas Latino Pac member
Campaign Email
Campaign Website
Campaign Phone (917) 232-4507
Twitter @roelgarcialaw
Voter Apathy - Too many of our citizens don't vote. This needs to change. We will have monthly voter registration drives. We will have monthly events where voters can directly meet with leaders in elected positions. We will communicate with the community weekly about what is happening in Washington (email, social media, civic clubs, etc.)

Jobs/Economy - We support open markets and trade. We reject the isolationist economic policies of the current administration. We support finding the balance in immigration to ensure that businesses have the labor they need while preserving the economic security of those already here. We will support changes to the tax law to ensure corporations pay their fair share.

Healthcare – We will protect and improve Obamacare. We will work to expand Medicaid. We will fund and support innovative programs which incentivize communities to eat healthier, live more active lifestyles, receive receive preventative care, and supply women's health services.
I am in favor of moving toward a single-payer health care program. We must figure out a way to bring the cost of healthcare and prescriptions drugs down. If the core of Obamacare is gutted during the current administration we need to fund programs which provide necessary preventative care and health screenings. Obamacare was a step in the right direction. The ideal solution was to let the markets stabilize and expand Obamacare further. Unfortunately, the uncertainty in the market and the recently repealed individual mandate have left the future of the unclear. We will support efforts to move toward universal care. Additionally, our office will work to influence a cultural shift in health in the 29th District. Insurance alone will not solve the healthcare crisis. Our is the only campaign that has the potential to drastically influence this change. We will champion healthy living by supporting green space, community gardens, and fitness-based businesses.
It is the federal government's responsibility to set tax laws that foster an economy that works for all Americans. We need to quickly increase the corporate tax rate when there is a political shift in power. It should also pass laws to ensure that our country can compete in a global economy, such as trade agreements. For example, I supported the Trans Pacific Partnership Even more, it needs to pass 21st century immigration laws which allow immigration in numbers and quality that best serves the American people. We need to immediately create a path to citizenship for undocumented workers (with reasonable standards), pass DACA, increase security on our borders, and ensure that we are brining in citizens that best serve the economic interests of our citizens and are in line with our humanitarian aims.
Education/Degrees B.A., Social Work, Texas Woman's University; J.D., Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University
Professional Experience Municipal Court Judge, 1985-1987, Director and Presiding Judge of the Houston Municipal System, 1987-1998, Houston City Controller, 1998 – 2002, Harris County Commissioner, 2002 – 2010, Texas State Senator, District 6, March of 2013 – Present
Community Involvement I have served on more than 25 community boards and commissions, including the San Jacinto Girl Scouts, the Houston Hispanic Forum, the American Leadership Forum, Battleship Texas Foundation and the Museum of Fine Arts - Houston
Campaign Phone (832) 869-7529
Twitter @SenatorSylvia
Attracting business with good paying jobs for Texans and the residents of Congressional District 29. I will fight to increase the minimum wage to help change economic conditions in Congressional District 29. These issues particularly affect women of color who are disproportionately impacted by the gender pay gap. I will fight for equal pay for equal work and paid leave, so all hardworking Texans have an opportunity to make a living.

Protecting our Dreamers and providing a roadmap to citizenship for unauthorized immigrants. Immigration reform is not simply a political issue, it’s a moral issue. The United States Congress has an obligation to do right by our Dreamers. I hope that Congress acts on this issue before next January and we can pass an immigration reform bill during the 115th Congress.

Protecting the Affordable Care Act and ensuring access to healthcare by expanding Medicaid, continuing the CHIP program; supporting women’s health, and protecting a woman's right to choose.
The simplest answer is that the federal government must do more to bring down the cost of healthcare. The most effective ways to do so are to protect the Affordable Care Act and expand access to quality, affordable healthcare. Congress must also increase the amount of Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) to better meet the healthcare needs of all Americans, particularly our most vulnerable populations such as indigent or unauthorized individuals. FQHCs service persons of all ages regardless of the ability to pay or health insurance status and are the most effective solution to serving folks who are not currently covered by an employer and cannot afford it via other means. And, for those covered under Medicare and VA Health Benefits, Congress must protect and not cut those benefits to ensure that all seniors and veterans have a good quality of life.
Congress should support funding for large-scale infrastructure projects, such as school modernization, water and energy systems, and transportation—including highways, public transit, and airports--necessary to bring modernize our nation’s infrastructure to and that would generate good jobs. We must also pursue policies to promote family leave, a living wage, employee health and safety and drive environmental sustainability. We must support strong labor-management partnerships to provide flexible and family-friendly careers that allow for employee growth and help management govern effectively and transparently.
Education/Degrees Bachelors Degree Economics
Professional Experience Owner of over 25 successful businesses and 35 brands. He is involved in different businesses from Healthcare, Distribution, Real Estate,Nano technology, and manufacturing.
Community Involvement Disaster relief efforts Hurricane Katrina, Rita, Ike, Harvey (2005-2017) Indigent Eyecare Hospital-25,000 Free eye operations. Host and Sponsor of Interfaith Dinners for over 15 years.
Campaign Email
Campaign Website
Campaign Phone (832) 930-1222
Twitter @javed4congress
We must first recognize healthcare as a right, not a privilege. I will be a champion and fight for progressive legislation like Medicare for All. We also need to invest in preventative care, lower-cost prescription drugs, and specifically and forcefully support women’s health.

As your representative, I will fight for the resources to reduce class size, hire more teachers, and fund after-school programs. I will also vote to make improve public schools and make higher education more affordable for all – with a program of free public college, a community service forgiveness program for those who go to private college, and greater research investment across all of our higher education institutions.

As someone who has employed thousands of people, I know how good paying jobs are investments in people, their dreams, and in our communities. I have always paid my employees more than the federal minimum wage. I fully support increasing the federal minimum wage in the #Fightfor15.
We must first and foremost—protect and defend Obamacare from Trump and the Republican held Congress. We also need to affirm healthcare is a right of all Americans, no matter their ability to pay. And we then need to match law with our progressive values—we need Medicare for All.
Government doesn’t create jobs, but it can INVEST in stimulating our economy. We need greater federal investment in schools, roads, and healthcare to move our community forward. Better jobs. Better schools. Better hospitals and clinics. Better neighborhoods. This isn’t about “after Harvey,” we’ve needed all of these things in this district for a long time.

The good news is these are all good-paying jobs, the kind of jobs which transform lives and neighborhoods, and which foster strong communities. In our district, the linkage between low-paying jobs, limited access to quality healthcare and overcrowded schools is what is holding us back – we need a dramatic change in approach if we want meaningful results.
Education/Degrees College graduated from ETSU Doble major in Broadcasting and Spanish with honors Magna Cum Laude
Professional Experience Work as Anchorwoman in Venevision, Venezuela. Telemundo Houston. Office Manager at TICSD
Community Involvement President of the Mecenas, MFAH; Virtuosi of Houston; Unicef; LWI; Institute of Hispanic Culture.
Campaign Website
Campaign Phone (713) 487-9265
The three more important issues in District 29 are: Jobs, Education and Immigration. Jobs: Heavy regulations had limited jobs within our District. I believe that de-regulation and the revible of NASA will boost jobs in our District. Education: The Schools in our District are limited financially, as a community we need to provide more for our Children and bring into the area more Prep Schools of the likes of Cristo Rey Jesuit, like KIPP and Yes Prep. Immigration: The problem in the Border is affectiong us all. We need more Border Security to garanty Safety not only to our citizens but everyone acroos the Border. Houston had become number 1 Port of Human Traficking and that is one of the many crimes that we are facing in the Border along with many other crimes. As a legal immigrant I support legal immigration that respect the law of the land.
I think Medicaid should be available for these people
The Federal Goverment should improve the economy in the country in order for jobs to be created. At this moment de-regulation and tax cut is a positive approach into more jobs creation.
Education/Degrees BA Government (2009)- The University of Texas at Austin PhD Government (Current)- The University of Houston
Professional Experience Inter: Office of Healthcare Reform- The White House/ Health and Human Services Teacher: 3rd Grade Bilingual, 6th Grade English Language Arts Bilingual, Advanced Placement US Government and Politics, Advanced Placement Macroeconomics
Community Involvement Hurricane relief volunteer, english instructor for school parents in Aldine, Medicare for All townhall.
Campaign Email
Campaign Phone (832) 314-1541
Twitter @moralestx29
Education- Our public schools are struggling to meet the needs of our community. If we want to empower our students and parents to make decisions about their schools, we must first address the learning gaps. We will ensure that a student going to one public school has the same access to resources and chance at success as a student who goes to a school across the district.

Energy: Refineries in Pasadena have dominated the skyline for decades in the name of "good paying jobs". These "good paying jobs" have cost countless people their health and their lives. We can have great paying jobs and a clean environment by moving towards a renewable energy economy.

Health: Our current healthcare system is costly, ineffective, and leaves too many people one illness away from a bankruptcy. In our community, far too few people have access to any medical coverage. We know that a healthy person is better able to contribute to society, so we will guarantee healthcare by extending Medicare to all.
There should be a safety net program available to ensure that these individuals either receive a subsidy to cover their healthcare costs or allow providers to claim a tax deduction on a percentage of the cost rendered to a person in this situation to offset the patient's cost. Ideally everyone would be on Medicare as it is more efficient than any private insurance provider and is accepted by 95% of doctors. Under my plan, private insurance companies will be allowed to compete with each other in a truly free market to offer supplemental insurance plans. The pharmaceutical industry gouges the American people and spends the vast majority of its profits on advertising and lobbying. Even with a modest tax increase in Medicare, having citizens pay only for healthcare costs and not advertising and lobbying would decrease overall health related costs.
The government has a responsibility to ensure that workers' rights are being protected while simultaneously ensuring that businesses have the ability to flourish. Tax policy is not a "one size fits all" issue. Small businesses are extremely burdened with policies that tax them more relative to large corporations, more so with healthcare costs. However, a business that seeks to expand must be responsible for ensuring that they are providing livable wages to their employees as well as providing them with employer-based healthcare coverage. At that point the role of the government is to ensure that subsidies are more readily available to small businesses to help them cover some of the costs involved with growing but also have a built in "scale back" effect where the amount of the subsidy is lessened over time. This method would provide a safety net for businesses to grow, allow employees to have benefits, and give businesses time to adapt to changes over time.
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Education/Degrees Graduate of North Shore High School
Professional Experience Insurance - Brokerage Owner Banking - Assistant Vice President / District Manager Wireless Retailer - General Manager
Community Involvement Current: Church Usher Member of Red Cross HOA - Vice President Past Board Member of Baker Ripley Advisory Board Board Member of Mayor Anti-Gang Taskforce Southwest Chamber of Commerce Member Neighborhood Centers Tax Preparer Harvey Relief efforts
Campaign Email
Campaign Website
Campaign Phone (832) 987-4766
Twitter @vote4pedrov
The three most important issues that face my district are jobs/economy, education, and healthcare. I will address these issues by bringing together community leaders, activist, government officials, small business owners and members of the community to come up with a bottom up approach to improving conditions in our community. I believe true change in a community has to start with the community itself acknowledging the need for change and finding the solutions from within. I will continue my fight in the halls of Congress to address the needs of my constituents. I will create, promote, or support legislation that addresses those needs and work with members across the aisle to find common sense solutions.
Those individuals should be allowed an opportunity to apply through the Medicaid expansion which is currently offered in 31 states. Unfortunately, our state of Texas has taken a hard right approach in refusing to expand Medicaid for Texas residents. In 2018, as Texans we must elect members into our state legislator and a Governor who will support Medicaid expansion. I stand with progressives in continuing the fight to seek a single payer Medicaid for all plan.
The federal government can foster a positive environment for job creation buy incentivizing industries and entrepreneurs to create more American jobs. These incentives can come in the forms of tax incentives, public funded education and training for employees and entrepreneurs. We must also work towards insuring a safe work environment for workers. After all, a safe work environment is a prosperous work environment.