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Precinct Chair 2802

A Precinct Chair is the local representative of the political party at the neighborhood, grass-roots level. The primary job of a Precinct Chair is to increase voters for that party by contacting neighbors, distributing literature and working with other Precinct Chairs. Precinct Chairs can be Election Judges or Alternate Judges but they are not required to be.Precinct Chairs are also members of the Executive Committee of their county party. The Executive Committee meets periodically and is responsible for reviewing and approving party activities and filling vacant Precinct Chair positionsAny registered voter can become the Precinct Chair in the voting precinct where they live. A person can be elected in the party Primary, or chosen to fill an open spot by the County Executive Committee. Precinct Chairs serve a 2 year term without compensation.
  • Thomas Burrows (Rep) Computer Programmer

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    W Scott Wilson (Rep) Chief Operating Officer

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INVOLVEMENT: Describe how you have been involved in the political process in the last 2 years?

VISION: If elected, what would you most like to accomplish during the next term?

OUTREACH: What steps would you take to increase outreach to voters in your precinct?

OTHER ISSUES: What other issues do you believe are most pressing in your precinct, and how would you address them?

Age 50
Education BS of Computer Science - Stephen F. Austin State University
Campaign Phone (469) 693-2533
Have been involved since the 1980's. In four different states. State Republican Conventions since 2010(4). Precinct Chair since 2009. Volunteered in several state representative campaigns. Ratliff and Rinaldi. Election judge for precinct 2802 since 2010. Have walked many neighborhoods for the Republican party candidates.
Trying to increase voter turnout. At times I wonder why people do not vote. The local elections have a HUGE impact on what happens in our everyday lives. Sometimes more than what happens in the national elections. Yet the local elections have a much lower voter turnout. I have talked to several city council members about moving the city elections to November when we have the general elections. My hometown does this for the city council and school board. This action helps to remove special interest groups - of any kind - from controlling low voter turnout elections. In my hometown the representation on both the city council and school board has drastically changed once the elections were moved to November.
Most precinct chairs try to hit - knock on doors - of all probable Republican voters before the general election. And definitely the Republican voters that vote in the primaries. I encourage the candidates to have mailings for the voters. However, from my REAL experience of knocking on doors - and this is reflected by people in both parties - that people are becoming less and less likely to open their doors. I believe we need to work more of the city festivals such as Oak Fest in the fall. The Fourth of July festival. Have people helping us walking the Fourth of July and other parades handing out voter registration cards.
1. Property taxes are too high. School property taxes are forcing many people to leave Coppell when they retire and their income goes down. The question in Coppell per our schools is what is needed for quality education and what is fluff. The biggest complaint I hear is that people feel the school system is spending too much on athletic fields and sports in general. Yet many kids cannot take part in band due to the high fees it costs to be in band. 2. Funding for school system - Robinhood is taking huge amounts of money from Coppell. Many opinions here on what to do. 3. Funding for water. I would look at Coppell purchasing dedicated water sources. 4. Funding for transportation. Road fees may need to be raised.
Age 50
Education BBA Baylor University
Campaign Phone (214) 288-1763
Twitter @w_wscott
I have been involved in the Republican Party since 1985. During my high school years I worked with Congressman Jack Fields, as a volunteer with his campaign staff, walking neighborhoods to register voters. While at Baylor University, I was a member of the College Young Republicans and in 1988 we were were honored to be a part of hosting President Ronald Reagan in 1988 during his Presidential Campaign. Since that time I have been active in supporting various local, state, and national candidates during election season. Currently, I am helping with candidates for school board and city council in Coppell. I am also a life long member of the party.
I would like to see more citizens involved in voting, especially at the local and state level. I would like to see more diversity of voters in the party and it be reflective my precinct. Not only does every vote matter, but every voice matters. Unfortunately, we now have a political environment at the national level that is reflective of extremes on either side of the political spectrum with nether really interested in listening to anyone other than those that agree with their narrow view. Per residents in my community, their is a growing view that their voice does not matter given the political rhetoric and and the extremes simply shouting down those who do not agree them 100% of the time. It is time for a collaborative civil discourse.
The same I do in my daily life whether it be with employees, friends, neighbors, church members, simply be available. Often times a conversation can go a long way. I am very involved in my community through school district activities, Coppell Chamber of Commerce, First United Methodist Church and various other community groups in Coppell. I always love talking and sharing with those in community in which I live, and those that know me know I am open book. A conversation with those willing to work together versus simply trying to impose an agenda can go long way. Will also look to engage in social media to help share information about all party candidates.
Specific to my precinct, the lack of representation of our community at the state level, decreasing support for public education from the state, and the large amounts of money coming from outside our area trying to influence our voters. The latter has impacted our community across all precincts and is not reflective of authentic conservatives in Coppell. Getting engaged is how I plan to help. Many people complain, it is time get involved. As a precinct chair I believe it is our duty to educate our voters so they are aware of all the candidates in our party, the issues we face, and not just what outside money and agendas try to sell to our local voters. I want to help by trying to educate voters with honest open fact based dialogue.