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Dallas County JP, Pct 4, No 2

4 year term. Must be 18 years or older, a US citizen, a resident of Texas and a resident of the district represented. Does not need to be a lawyer. Responsible for civil cases and criminal misdemeanor cases punishable by fine only.
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    Sasha Moreno (Dem) Attorney

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    Fred 'Action' Jackson (Dem) Candidate for JP 4-2

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ACCESSIBILITY: The JP Courts are often referred to as “The People’s Courts.” What measures do you support to make the JP courts more accessible to the people

EVICTIONS: Is there a need to make JP court more equitable in the eviction process and, if so, how could this be accomplished?

OTHER ISSUES: What other issues do you believe will be most pressing for JP courts and how would you address them?

Age 31
Education B.A. Political Science & Journalism-University of North Texas; J.D./M.D.R.-Pepperdine School of Law
Campaign Phone (972) 674-1286
Twitter @sashaforjp
As the only attorney running for this position, I strongly believe that we must uphold the laws of our country but that we must help the community navigate the legal system. If elected to become Justice of the Peace, I will work hard to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to present their case and receive a fair outcome by implementing 3 key policies: 1) Provide legal tools and resources to educate the community on their legal rights; 2) Offer more accessibility to the court with night or weekend court schedules; 3) Promote collaborative efforts with community members to resolve legal concerns. The legal system shouldn’t work against the community – it should work together with them to ensure the community is safe and fair to everyone.
In order to become more equitable in the eviction process, we need to ensure individuals representing themselves pro se have at least a basic understanding of their legal rights in the process and what to expect in the courtroom. The court should provide them with legal tools and resources so they become educated on the justice system. However, once the eviction process has already begun, many times it’s too late for individuals to avoid eviction. It’s our responsibility as a community to work together to try and address policy issues such as affordable housing, rent control and poverty to stop evictions from occurring in the first place. By working together to address these issues, we can prevent future evictions.
We need to make the JP courts more fair, effective, and efficient. Along with my law degree, I also have a Masters in Dispute Resolution. As part of my degree, I was required to mediate small claims and limited jurisdiction cases to help the parties reach a settlement agreement before seeing a judge. Most people do not understand the negative consequences of receiving a judgment against you. This program benefited many community members and helped lessen the burden on the court. I would love to work with area schools such as SMU who offer alternative dispute resolution develop a similar program with the JP courts. It would provide students with mediation experience while also helping community members in the courtrooms.
Age 36
Education Legal Education, Law Enforcement, ISD Safety and Security for Youth Action
Campaign Phone (972) 664-4744
The Justice of the Peace court was established in 1846 in Dallas County. It is considered the lowest court in Dallas County …I believe the reason why is because it was designed to handle the immediate community needs that involve Civil Cases of a certain dollar amount and Criminal Cases of a Class C Misdemeanor. When I think of the term “The People’s Court” I visualize a Justice of the Peace court that has a welcoming accessibility to the community at ALL times. Meaning… courtroom access, case information, resources to prepare for court proceedings and etc… When I am elected, I WILL be the JP that TRULY understands what it takes to help the people of the court from the community, by taking “Action” on their behalf for the right justice!
In the State of Texas, a Justice of the Peace court has the authority to hear foreclosures and eviction cases. An Eviction is a civil process, which deserves the full -time frame allowed by law to handle the case effectively …It has been reported by the JP4-2 community to me, that the current Justice of the Peace STRONGLY allows a speedy process to evict a person and or families out of their apartments/homes in this JP court... I seek your vote for... When I’m elected...I PROMISE...I will make the necessary changes to ensure that anyone who faces an eviction matter will be given their FULL rights to handle an eviction case out of the Justice of the Peace court for Precinct 4 Place 2. Fred ”Action” Jackson…I will take” Action” for YOU!
I PROMISE when I’m elected... I will take "Action" for you and protect you against any unlawful foreclosures and evictions…while at the same time providing the HIGHEST protection for the YOUTH... to help keep them free from a criminal record so that they can enter adulthood without a criminal past…and stop the hefty fine amounts on the parents. I'm a candidate for JP4-2 because not only I am highly qualified to be your next JP, but I am passionate about helping the community, trying to do my part on a local level to help contribute to fixing that broken justice system we all know too well... starting with JP4-2 of Dallas County…It’s time for change…It’s time for Action... Vote…Fred”Action” Jackson…It’s time you have a JP on YOUR side!