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Dallas County Commissioner, Precinct No 2

4 year term. Must be 18 years or older, a US citizen, a resident of Texas and a resident of the district represented. Responsible for representing the citizens of the district in which he/she is elected in the Commissioners Court which conducts the general business of the county and oversees financial matters.
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    JJ Koch (Rep) Attorney

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    Vickers 'Vic' Cunningham (Rep) Attorney at Law/Business Owner

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BUDGET: What areas of the budget would you like to see increased or decreased during the next term? Please be specific.

PARKLAND HOSPITAL: What measures do you support to improve patient services at Parkland Hospital?

PUBLIC HEALTH: How would you assess the adequacy of the County’s planning for threats to public health from illnesses like influenza, Zika, Ebola, etc? What changes, if any, would you support?

VOTING: How would you assess the County’s efforts in the areas of voter registration and election operations? What changes, if any, would you support?

OTHER ISSUES: What other issues do you believe will be the most pressing in the county and what is your position on these issues?

Age 38
Education Duke University, BA Economics SMU Dedman School of Law, JD
Campaign Phone (214) 302-9568
Twitter @jjkoch
We need to decrease the spending on software by exiting TechShare. The program has failed and has cost far more than would software purchased from vendors out in the market. The second area that needs to be addressed is in the Dallas County Marshals Service. That entity needs to cut and the responsibility for security services should be placed back in the hands of the Sheriff’s office.
Parkland needs to have a strict adherence to its mission, providing care to the indigent. Research and other functions outside of that mission are inappropriate for a county hospital. Patient services can be improved when funds are spent wisely on the core mission and when the institution is focused solely on the mission.
The county’s public health mission is best served by using the most up to date techniques to track illness trends and provide information to providers and other government agencies when issues arise. Constantly improving and modernizing our information gathering and dissemination techniques is how we best service Dallas County.
The elections office was completely asleep at the wheel during the mail-in voter fraud crisis. Toni Pippins-Poole was caught soliciting bribes from a vendor. We need to bring in a new elections administrator, preferably one with experience in another large urban county to shake up operations to ensure fair elections. Voter registration efforts have had limited success, even with the assistance of private entities. Looking for areas in the country with successful voter registration efforts and emulating those should be a continuous activity.
Corruption. The Dallas County Commissioners Court has been mired in corruption, conflicts of interest and self-serving behavior. It is critical that the current Dallas County Transparency and Code of Ethics be enforced and strengthened with greater enforcement mechanisms and punishments.
Age 56
Education SMU - BBA Finance 1984 SMU - School of Law, JD 1988
Campaign Phone (972) 445-5100
Twitter @JudgeVic2
Criminal justice is approximately 75% of the annual county budget. Productivity and public safety can be increased with better technology and software integration. This area of the budget needs to be increased. Better management of the jail and court systems will reduce employee overtime costs. Authorization for overtime should be decreased.
Mental health is a serious issue which is highly correlated with homelessness. Many of these people end up in the criminal justice system, which is the most expensive way to provide assistance. Instead, additional measures should be implemented to treat mental health through Parkland Hospital system.
The County Health Department should be the coordinating agency between all of our medical providers. The Ebola event demonstrated how unprepared Dallas County was at that time. The next Health Department Director needs to have strong emergency management experience.
Average. The Elections Department needs to vigorously monitor early voting ballots as most of the abuse in the past has involved mail in ballots. To vote in person, some sort of identification is required. The same standard should be required to apply for a mail in ballot.
The list is long: regional transportation, juvenile detention issues, criminal justice, court and auditing software, document management, mental heath, and voter fraud. Public safety is the most pressing issue. If crime is not reduced, then it affects everyone's quality of life and the regional economy. Companies like Amazon will not consider Dallas if there is a high crime rate.