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Dallas County District Attorney

4-year term. Must be 18 years or older, a U.S. citizen, a practicinglawyer, a resident of Texas, and a resident of the district represented.Represents the citizens of Dallas County in prosecuting misdemeanor andfelony crimes, and acts as legal counsel for county government.
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    John Creuzot (Dem) Attorney

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    Elizabeth Davis Frizell (Dem) ATTORNEY

  • Faith Johnson (Rep)

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PERFORMANCE & EXPERTISE: Please outline your legal experience, including any specializations and peer review status. Describe any public reprimands or suspensions you have received.

IMPROVEMENTS: What changes would you like to implement in this position?

PREVENTION: What measures would you support, if any, to reduce the crime rate?

BAIL SYSTEM REFORM: What changes, if any, would you support in the current bail system?

OTHER ISSUES: What other issues do you believe will be most pressing in the years ahead, and what is your position on these issues?

Age 60
Education B.A North Texas State University, 1978 J.D. Southern Methodist University School of Law, 1982
Campaign Phone (214) 544-0381
Twitter @creuzotforda
You Tube
1982-1989, Dallas County Assistant District Attorney.1989 -1991, private practice of law. From 1991-2012, Presiding Judge of Dallas County Criminal District Court No. 4. Since 2013, private practice of criminal law. Twice, I was voted the Best Criminal Judge in Texas. I am a member of the Drug Court Hall of Fame and, in 2000, was awarded "New Drug Court Pioneer" by the National Association of Drug Court Professionals. In 2016 and 2017, voted one of the best lawyers for Murder, Sex Assault, and Drug Cases. In 2015, 2016, and 2017 voted one of "D Magazine Best" criminal defense lawyers in Dallas. No suspensions or reprimands.
Bail Reform; Certificates of Rehabilitation for those who have completed a probation sentence and reformed their lives; focus on crime reduction as opposed to case disposition; reorganize and invigorate the Conviction Integrity Unit; expand and improve our diversion and specialty court programs; focus on protecting our most vulnerable citizens, especially the young and elderly.
More diversion programs and specialty courts. Focus on meaningful diversion and treatment for the mentally ill. Remove and reduce collateral consequences that impair one's ability to gain employment or quality housing.
Bail should be based on risk to not appear, the risk to commit a new crime or risk to commit a violent crime. If an arrested person is low to no-risk in these categories, she should not be required to post a bond to appear in court. The current system requires a cash bond for even low-risk persons. I would work to eliminate that requirement.
Bail reform. Too many people are in jail awaiting trial and they pose no risk to the community and are no risk to not appear. Reform the death penalty. In the United States, the death penalty is slowly being abolished or limited. I would support a reduction in death penalty cases. Once again, removing collateral consequences of a criminal disposition such as probation. We should seriously consider a "Certificate of Rehabilitation" for those who have truly changed their lives and are rehabilitated. Mental health treatment for our most vulnerable populations. Reducing homelessness, which reduces crime in our neighborhoods. Addressing the opioid crisis with treatment instead of incarceration.
Age 50
Education • Thurgood Marshall School of Law - J.D. • Prairie View A&M University - B.A.
Campaign Phone (214) 704-4412
Twitter @Frizell4DA
You Tube
13 years in private practice trying criminal jury trials including sexual assault, domestic violence, aggravated robbery, murder, and capital murder cases Criminal District Court 7, Judge Dallas County Criminal Court 11, Judge City of Dallas Associate Municipal Court, Judge City of Balch Springs Municipal Court, Judge City of Princeton Municipal Court, Judge City of Lucas Municipal Court, Judge Dallas Judicial Nominating Commission, Chair 6A Grievance Committee by State Bar of Texas North Texas Crime Commission Dallas Bar Association Dallas Judicial Nominating Commission - Chair J.L. Turner Legal Association - Member State Bar of Texas Advanced Criminal Law Seminar - Instructor Texas Council on Family Violence Judicial Summit - Instructor
REFORM the Criminal Justice system using my 5 Point Plan to Prevent the Pipeline to Prison. First start with the Bail Bond system by training prosecutors to recommend PR bonds and not base them on money. Secondly, I want to restart DNA testing to decrease the number of wrongful convictions. Third, create the FIRST Felony Family Violence Court so that family violence cases can be heard exclusively. Fourth, appoint a Special Prosecutor to handle Police Shootings. They will not work for the DA’s office to ensure impartiality in all cases, especially those that warrant an indictment. Fifth, TRAIN Prosecutors to use 18 diversion programs as SENTENCING RECOMMENDATIONS so that we can reform more defendants instead of incarcerating them
The DA’s office can reduce the crime rate by reducing recidivism and primarily focusing on mental health, alcohol addiction, and drug rehabilitation, the cases that have the highest recidivism. As a family violence Judge for 8 years and a District Judge, the majority of the cases I heard involved one of these issues. I will change the way prosecutors are trained. Even if a defendant has a long criminal record, probation should be considered and recommended when mental health treatment, alcohol, or drug treatment can prevent them from returning to the criminal justice system, therefore transforming the DA's Office from a punitive system to a rehabilitative system, ultimately addressing the TRUE problem, and over time, reducing the crime rate
As the new DA, I want to train prosecutors to ARGUE FOR AN APPROPRIATE FAIR AMOUNT OF BOND and train them to recommend PR bonds and not base them on money.
As a PROUD Democrat, I want to bring back Democratic LEADERSHIP and 2nd CHANCE values to the DA’s office. I will lead the charge in KEEPing Dallas County BLUE, like we did in the trailblazing classes of 2002 AND 2006. By implementing my 5 step plan stated above, it can SAVE Dallas County tax payers $2.3 million dollars a year!! We can “EXCEL with FRIZELL” but only with your help!
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