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Dallas County District Judge, 255th Judicial District

Civil cases heard by District Courts include personal injury and property damage suits, landlord-tenant matters, contractual and other business disputes. Must be a US citizen and Texas resident between 25 and 74 years old, a practicing lawyer or judge, or both combined for at least 4 years. 4 year term.
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    Kim Cooks (Dem) Judge of the 255th Family Court

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    Sandre Moncriffe (Dem) Attorney

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PERFORMANCE & EXPERTISE: Please outline your legal experience, including any specializations and peer review status. Describe any public reprimands or suspensions you have received.

EFFICIENCY: What methods do you support, if any, to increase the efficiency of the District Court to provide swift justice?

ACCESS TO JUSTICE: What, if anything, should be done to improve access to justice for low income residents in civil cases?

OTHER ISSUES: What other issues do you believe will be most pressing in the District Courts and how would you address them?

Education AAS Medical Technology; CO BS Biology;Business Management UTA JD Thurgood Marshall School of Law
Campaign Phone (713) 303-2121
After law school, I worked as a prosecutor in Houston, Texas for one year and a half. I then opened up a law firm in Houston and eventually in Dallas. Before taking the bench, I was an experienced family trial lawyer for 12 years in private practice. I have handled all types of family law cases throughout several counties in Texas. While on the bench I have assured that everyone is treated fair with dignity and justice. I am on the bench anywhere from 750 a.m. to 8:15 a.m. so I can serve the community early so their day is not interrupted. I understand the people that come before me because I absolutely love family. My judicial temperament complements the family bench. I have never received a public reprimand or suspension.
I utilize the six month rule to make sure cases are moved along swiftly and effectively. When cases are filed, within 30 days, a pretrial form is filled out. This eliminates the necessity of a pretrial hearing on all cases and is more cost effective to everyone. The needs of each case are met before any case is finalized.
I have partnered with UNT Law and set up a self represented litigant clinic. My Associate Judge conferences with the self represented litigant and I also have a afternoon docket on Friday, specifically for self represented litigants.
My platform is mending the broken family. I take the time out to meet the families needs in effort to make sure they are the most productive parents before their case is finalized. I believe there needs to be training for court appointed attorneys so they can effectively represent their clients.
Age 46
Education B.A. English, WileyCollege J.D. St. Marys Univ. School of Law
Campaign Phone (972) 230-8230
I have been a licensed attorney for 17 years and have practiced largely in the area of Family Law. In my most recent position as an Assistant District Attorney with the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office in the Juvenile Law Division, I prosecuted Child Welfare/CPS cases, and was assigned to the Family District Courts at George Allen. Prior to working as an Assistant District Attorney, I successfully operated a Family Law practice for almost 10 years. My legal experience has afforded me the opportunity to work on a variety of Family Law cases, encompassing child support, divorces, terminations, adoptions, property division, and custody issues. I also have extensive trial experience, including Jury trials.
A Pre Trial process for all cases to allow the Judge to streamline issues for Trial and to assist with moving the court’s docket. 2) Public Defenders- this court could serve the public better by using a combination of both the Public Defender’s office and private attorneys to assist with cases requiring court appointed lawyers; 3) The Court’s Dismissal policies could use some tweaking. It is not enough to dismiss cases only to have them promptly reinstated. This serves no one, as cases are refiled since they have had no true resolution for the parties involved. It is a drain on the resources of the parties involved, and only serves to “artificially"move the docket;
The court I am running for does not use the Public Defenders. Public Defenders are available to serve indigent people facing jail time for enforcement of child support or termination of parental rights in Child Protective Services (CPS) cases. Adding the Public Defenders, along with private attorneys, only serves to increase the number of experienced attorneys available to serve on these specialized types of cases.
Interpreters are another pressing issue. I believe that the process for requesting an interpreter should be streamlined and made readily available for litigants. Litigants, especially in CPS and child support enforcement cases need to be able to understand the cases filed against them. I would make an interpreter available once per week for the prove up of divorces, but ensure that spanish speaking litigants have access to an interpreter for their cases. Also, streamlining the process for Pro Se litigants to obtain a divorce, by dedicating a time on the docket for pro se divorces.