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Texas House, District 113

2 year term. Must be 21 or older, a US citizen, resident of Texas and the district represented. Responsible for representing the citizens of the district in the Texas House of Representatives.
  • Jonathan Boos (Rep)

  • Billy Ingram (Dem)

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    Rhetta Andrews Bowers (Dem) Substitute Teacher, former Broadcast Journalist

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    Charlie Lauersdorf (Rep) Owner - Realty Pro Shots

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    Jim Phaup (Rep) President - Sanden International

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EDUCATION: What changes, if any, should be made to public education and its funding in Texas?

RAINY DAY FUND: What uses are appropriate, in your opinion, for the Rainy Day fund?

LOCAL CONTROL: Are you in favor or opposed to additional restrictions on cities’ ability to raise property taxes? If in favor, how would you implement? Last session saw restrictions placed on cities’ ability to regulate fracking, gun sales, etc. Are you in favor of these restrictions and would you favor additional restrictions?

HIGHWAY FUNDS: How would you address the growing need for funding for highway maintenance and construction? What is your position on allowing tolled lanes to reduce congestion on crowded highways?

OTHER ISSUES: What other issues do you believe will be most pressing in the next session of the Texas Legislature and what is your position on these issues?

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Age 50
Education BA in Telecommunications from Texas Southern University
Campaign Phone (972) 379-8080
Twitter @RhettaForHD113
I would primarily work with other legislators on fully restoring the funding that was cut from the budget back in 2011 and look at what can be done to increase our investments in our neighborhood schools, our teachers and the key to our future and most precious gifts, our students. As our state, continues to grow and swell, we must keep up with the growth and invest in our future leaders.
I do feel an appropriate use of the Rainy Day Fund would be assisting in the investment desperately needed for our students, schools and teachers. Texas schools are in a crisis and the investment is critical to the success of the productive citizens being shaped on primary and secondary campuses across our state.
I am in favor of local control and will support if I am elected. I do believe each local governing body should have control over property tax rates in their municipalities. I am in favor of a city's ability to regulate fracking and gun laws. I believe in gun violence prevention and believe more stringent restrictions are necessary.
I believe there is a growing need for funding for highway maintenance and construction. I would support the expansion of highway 635 with the understanding that residents commuting in and out of the district are faced with overwhelming amounts of traffic to and from work each day, not to mention, the difficulty of transporting goods and services in and out of our area. I do not promote tolled lanes to reduce congested highways.
I believe the following issues will be or should be pressing during the 86th Legislative session:

Public Education Healthcare Jobs - Economy

I believe that Public Education must remain a high priority budgetary item and that Education Finance reform is a must. Our students deserve the kind of investment that we can expect high returns on. Our students are our most treasured resource and should be properly invested in. Texas is considered a highly uninsured and under-insured state and we must change that for the better. Our citizens deserve access to quality and affordable healthcare. Healthcare is a right, not a privilege. Texans deserve access to jobs and a livable wage.
Age 35
Education Executive MBA (TCU - 2019) | B.S. Intelligence Studies (2010) | Garland High School - Class of '01
Campaign Phone (469) 998-1258
A ton of changes are needed! First, Texas needs to uphold it's end of the deal and quit cutting the education budget. Doing so only puts the burden on local taxing districts and property owners. Complete education finance reform is needed. No more Band-Aid fixes!
I believe tapping into the Rainy Day Fund for non-emergency situations can be a slippery slope that leads to reliance. I believe any uses should be for one-time expenditures, such as the funding of the State Water Plan in 2013. I believe all other sources of funding should be exhausted, such as available federal funds, before tapping into our Rainy Day Fund.
I absolutely believe in local control. Local elected leaders know what's best for their communities. That being said, I do believe in full transparency and accountability when it comes to the local taxing process and believe systems should be in place to ensure the entire process is fair and equitable for all.
While I am generally opposed to additional toll roads, I understand the need to fund major projects seeing as how we as a state simply do not have have enough money to keep up with the incredibly fast rate of our growth. If we must incorporate managed lanes in order to help ease congestion and promote further growth, it should be the last possible resort. And if it is incorporated into the transportation plan, there should be full transparency in the entire process and local Texas companies should be involved in every step.
I believe the next session will be centered around education finance and property tax reform. The funding of education of our young Texans should be the first priority in the next session. I strongly believe we need a complete overhaul of the education finance system. In doing so, that will certainly help with property taxes by lessening the burden on the property owner and shifting the burden back to the state, where it belongs.
Age 64
Education BA - Stephen F Austin University MBA - Texas A&M C
Campaign Phone (972) 226-3757
The State must reassume its previous portion of funding to the education system while ISDs lower their property tax rates accordingly. This will provide meaningful and well-deserved property tax relief to citizens and businesses. A thorough assessment and reworking of the 'recapture' process and other impacts on designated property wealth ISDs must be undertaken while remaining viable against a challenge in the courts. Special education funding must also be properly guaranteed for all populations and ISDs.
Strategic infrastructure initiatives - specific high priority highway/roadway projects, much needed establishment of additional water sources (especially in North Texas).
I am generally opposed to additional restrictions on local control overall. Property value 'caps' are not an effective long term solution for property tax reform as they simply transfer a burden from one party to another. My experience is that cities, counties and ISDs and the citizens that are part of them have the best knowledge and capability to resolve issues that affect quality of life and public welfare in those jurisdictions. I am a strong proponent of reducing the overall footprint of government at all levels - including the State.
I grew up in a Texas that featured one of the best highway systems in the country and I want to return to that. In addition to strategic use of the Rainy Day Fund, I will push for an overall review of highway/road allocations in the State budget. If we don not provide adequate funding that at least catches up much needed repairs and improvements, the current Texas 'miracle' of a robust economy and expansion will be jeopardized.
I remain concerned that adequate safeguards for property owners exist for taking of their private property by public and even some private entities. I want to ensure that Texas' CPS and other systems designed to protect our young are adequate and truly improving.