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U.S. House, District 30

2 year term. Must be 25 years or older, a US citizen and a resident of Texas. Responsible for representing the citizens of his/her district in the US House of Representatives.
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    Eric Williams (Dem) Business owner, Filmmaker and Journalist

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    Barbara Mallory Caraway (Dem) Consultant/Owner

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    Eddie Bernice Johnson (Dem) Member of Congress

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IMMIGRATION: What changes, if any, would you propose to our immigration policy for current undocumented residents? Do you support construction of a wall along our southern border? If so, how would you pay to it?

FOREIGN INTERVENTION: Under what circumstances should the US intervene militarily in a foreign conflict? What policy would you support regarding North Korea?

BUDGET: Social Security and Medicare are key programs which are relied upon by millions of Americans. Do you support changes to these programs in order to reduce the budget? If so, how would you accomplish that? If not, how would you reduce budget deficits?

HEALTHCARE: What legislation would you support, if any, to ensure comprehensive, affordable healthcare for all Americans? Should Obamacare be repealed, replaced or reformed?

OTHER ISSUES: What other issues do you believe will be most pressing in the next session of Congress, and what is your position on these issues?

Age 50
Education Majored in Journalism San Antonio College University of Hartford University of Detroit
Campaign Phone (214) 730-9050
Twitter @thefutured30
Congress should work in a bi partisan way to approve DACA and construct a law the would give dreamers their legality before March 5, 2018. In addition, I would propose a moratorium period on immigration while the U.S. creates a policy focusing on immigration not just the law.
The U.S. should only intervene in outside conflicts if there is a direct U.S. interest that will impact the American economy and citizens. The U.S. Killed millions of Koreans during the Korean war and they are rightfully still upset with the outcome and the death of their family members. We should pursue direct talks, president to president along with a increase in diplomacy. Stop the war games with the South. Lastly, if North Korea continues down the path of resistance then we should press hard for an embargo and cut off the oil from China. I would not approve a first strike. Unless, intel indicates a missile is heading for the U.S. Finally, we may be faced to accept a armed Nuclear North Korea.
Millennials are expected to surpass baby boomers as the largest workforce. 59 million America's received $863 billion in Social Security expenditures. It has no surplus and Lawmakers and SS Trustees should address the financial challenges as soon as possible rather than later to combat the shortfall. In addition, we should consider raising the age limit from 65 to 67.
I would like to introduce a bill for Universal Healthcare for all. Healthcare should be a human right and not a cost to remaining living. I would not repeal but would reform to make it better and free for all.
I would like to propose a bill requiring all citizens to vote with a national id card issued by the government when they turn 18. It would serve as their voter registration and make it mandatory to vote. True universal voting and registration. I believe this would reduce voter fraud on the local level. Such as, electronic voter fraud, absentee ballots and voter suppression.
Age 61
Education BA - Texas Southern Univ. Houston, TX
Campaign Phone (972) 685-5775
I support comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship. There are at least 11 million undocumented people living in the “shadows” in the country. Congress should pass the DREAMER’s Act to protect the 800,000 immigrants who were brought here illegally as children (DACA) and consider the situation their parents now find themselves in if they have been law-abiding individuals. It is unfortunate that President Trump decided to end this program.

I do not support constructing a wall along our southern border.
I do not believe war is the first option and should be avoided at all cost. The U.S. may consider military intervention when all diplomatic options have been exhausted and the U.S. interest and allies are threatened beyond those efforts. War devastates human life and societies. The U.S. is on the brink of nuclear war with North Korea. President Trump and North Korea’s Leader Kim Jong-un tough talk hurts not only the U.S. and Korea but their allies. They should sit down and talk in addition to sending representatives and try to work out a diplomatic solution.

The biggest budget items are the military, Medicare and Social Security. Social Security is off the table because it does not add to the deficit. On the cost side, you can only deal with changes in the military and Medicare. Social Security is off the table because it does not add to the deficit. On the cost side, you can only deal with changes in the military and Medicare. I support Bernie Sander's proposal to allow more people to opt into Social Security. Cut fraud and waste. Congress needs to pass a jobs bill to benefit workers. Pass an comprehensive immigration bill and make everyone pay their fair share of taxes.
I support the expansion of the Medicare and Medicaid programs to allow more people to get coverage proposed by Bernie Sanders.

I do not support repealing the ACA. Congress should improve the enrollment process despite the Trump Administration’s efforts to reduce the number of enrollees by cutting the program’s advertising and promotion budget that encourages sign-ups. Reign the high cost of prescription drugs.
1. Sexual Harassment/Assault: Pass laws to protect employees in the workplace. 2 Poverty: a. pass a jobs bill that includes an increased minimum wage, and job training for displaced workers due to the changing economy b. a comprehensive review on how to assist working fathers and mothers. (c). criminal justice reform of a system that prevents citizens from being lawful, wage earners. 4. Opioid Crisis . Hold public hearing and investigations on what has caused this crisis. 5. Benefits and treatment for our Veterans: end roadblocks that lead to long review of qualifications.
Age 82
Education SMC - Nursing Degree TCU - Bachelor Nursing SMU - Masters Public Administration
Campaign Phone (214) 871-9291
Twitter @RepEBJ
I support measures to create a pathway to legal status for the millions of undocumented immigrants who have made lives for themselves and their families in the United States. I do not support the construction of a wall. I support funding for an increased number of border patrol agents along with high-tech surveillance to slow unlawful immigration including drug trafficking and human smuggling. I support comprehensive immigration reform that will foster economic growth, keep our families and our communities together, promote our national security, and protect worker's rights.
There are no good military options in North Korea. We're still engaged in the longest war in United States history in Afghanistan with no end in sight. With that in mind, it is my recommendation that every diplomatic and economic option must be exhausted before military options are considered. If President Trump does intend to pursue a military option against North Korea, he must come to Congress as required by our Constitution. The stakes are too high and the potential outcome too grave for President Trump to violate his constitutional duty to come to Congress to authorize and oversee the use of force.
Millions of seniors, low-income earners, and disabled Americans rely on both for monetary assistance and medical care each year. Social Security and Medicare are funded by payroll taxes, and it would be completely unreasonable to renege on our promise to provide these benefits, particularly for those who have been paying into Social Security and Medicare for their entire working lives. I would oppose any changes to both that would undermine these benefits. We are faced with difficult choices regarding our budget and the deficits we face. We should be looking at pay as you go budget in order to stop adding to our nation's deficit, not slashing protections for the most vulnerable segments of our population.
I oppose the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. However, I support the Congressional Black Caucus' health care budget proposal for fiscal year 2018, which includes proposals that improve the progress made by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Although ACA has been very beneficial for Texas, especially the 357,000 young adults who have coverage through their parents' plan, there are still enhancements that can be made to better support the healthcare market. The CBC's proposed creation of a public health insurance option in the ACA health insurance exchanges, which has consistently scored as a savings for the American taxpayer, serves as a great improvement to the law.
We are confronted today with some of the most serious challenges in our Nation's history, and unfortunately the current partisan climate in Congress is ill equipped to address these challenges. By achieving nothing but partisan bickering and name-calling, we are doing a disservice to our constituents and the American people. The U.S. debt, economy, terrorism, cyber security, the environment, quality of education, healthcare, clean water, and climate change are all critical issues. I have made it my roll in Congress to serve my constituents as best I can and that includes working with my colleagues on the other side of the aisle.