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A Precinct Chair is the local representative of the political party at the neighborhood, grass-roots level. The primary job of a Precinct Chair is to increase voters for that party by contacting neighbors, distributing literature and working with other Precinct Chairs. Precinct Chairs can be Election Judges or Alternate Judges but they are not required to be.Precinct Chairs are also members of the Executive Committee of their county party. The Executive Committee meets periodically and is responsible for reviewing and approving party activities and filling vacant Precinct Chair positionsAny registered voter can become the Precinct Chair in the voting precinct where they live. A person can be elected in the party Primary, or chosen to fill an open spot by the County Executive Committee. Precinct Chairs serve a 2 year term without compensation.
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INVOLVEMENT: Describe how you have been involved in the political process in the last 2 years?

VISION: If elected, what would you most like to accomplish during the next term?

OUTREACH: What steps would you take to increase outreach to voters in your precinct?

OTHER ISSUES: What other issues do you believe are most pressing in your precinct, and how would you address them?

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Age 52
Education BBA University of Texas at Arlington
Campaign Phone (214) 373-6847
I became involved during the 2016 election. I phone banked for Hilary In November I formed a grassroots group called Forward Motion Texas. We have fund raised for candidates, did meet and greets for candidates, block walked and phone banked. I created another group to out reach to the South Asian community- South Asian American Voter Empowerment . We have over 500 members .We have phone banked, registered new voters and did candidate outreach. We have held civic education classes for the South Asian Community. Our goal is to get every South Asian to the polls. In January 2017 I became a precinct chair. I also became a VDR and trained to become an election judge/clerk.
My goal has been to turn all my districts blue, by supporting every candidate in the Democratic ballot. I have been outreaching to organizations to create a grass roots effort to maintain our base volunteers. I have observed that we have had amazing grassroots efforts for Obama and Wendy Davis, only to find their field organizations disappear after the election. I am working with Battle Ground to help us create a system thats lasts long after the 2018 election. I hope that we can create volunteer base that works year round to keep its momentum. We need data systems that communicate at all levels of the Democratic Party. We need manuals and volunteers that establish best practices.
I have been working to outreach to my precinct over the last year. I have two deputy precinct chairs that have helped me to build my precinct. I am hoping to contact all 182 identified Democrats in my precinct. I will work hard to find all 400 who voted for Hilary. I will be using social media, block walking, postcards and social events to galvanize my voters. I will hard to keep my constituents excited and motivated, educated and informed about candidates and elections that affect them. I will work tirelessly to make sure every one of them goes to the polls. I will welcome new neighbors with a voter registration card to update their voter registration.
I've lived in my home for 29 years. I have never had a precinct chair contact me. I am very excited to fill that void. I think the Party needs programs to assure every precinct chair is filled to establish solid permanent precinct chair programs. I hope to develop a system to assure the next precinct chair will have all the information to keep building the precinct. I want everyone in Dallas county to know who their precinct chair is. I will continue to build bridges with organizations to expand our outreach.