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U.S. House, District 15

2-year term. Must be 25 years or older, a U.S. citizen for at least 7 years, & a Texas resident. Represents the citizens of the district in which he/she is elected in the U.S. House of Representatives.
  • Vicente Gonzalez (Dem)

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    Tim Westley (Rep) Professor

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Background: What training, experience, and characteristics qualify you for this position?

Disaster planning: Should the federal budget plan in advance for funding disaster relief for catastrophic events, such as hurricanes and flooding? Why or why not?

Health Care: What specific reforms, if any, would you propose in health care policy to address the cost and access to health care? Explain.

Immigration: What changes, if any, should Congress make in immigration policies? Why?

What other issues do you believe will be most pressing in the next session of Congress, and what is your position on these issues?

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Campaign Phone (210) 373-0440
Education •Ph.D. – Educational Leadership – : Trident University, Cypress, CA •Masters Of Christian Ministry – Wayland Baptist University, San Antonio, TX •B.S. Occupational Education – Wayland Baptist University
I have been a Professional Speaker and Professor of Critical Thinking for years, teaching students how to think, understand, and address difficult subjects. Such a skill will be useful in the halls of Congress.
Yes, such events are inevitable, so not to plan for them is potentially disastrous. Further, not being prepared is costly, not just financially, but also physically as many people succumb to post catastrophic issues just as much as the initial impact of such events. Therefore, by ensuring needed resources are available, we can act quickly to serve our citizens.
For starters, i will propose allowing seniors to opt out of Medicare and ensure the protection of other benefits earned through years of working. - Protect seniors who disenroll from Medicare from automatically losing their Social Security benefits and from any requirements to pay back any benefits they've received in the past. - May allow options and other access to care.
Border Security – continue to increase the amount of Border Agents. Provide workers within those agencies that will be responsible for overseeing children and unaccompanied minors to free up agents. Employ the use of more technology. End any form of catch and release. Implement harsh penalty for those entering the country illegally and much more!
Protecting the lives of the unborn: Protect Life of the Unborn - focus on passing pro-life legislation that will protect the unborn from the moment of conception.

Education – focus on giving states and school districts back the control needed to do what is best for the students. • Support legislation continue to get Washington out of the classroom.