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State Board of Education District 11

4-year term. Must be 26 years old or older, a U.S. Citizen, a Texas resident, and a registered voter. Oversees curriculum standards, instructional materials, graduation requirements, new charter school applications, and the Texas Permanent School Fund; appoints board members to military reservation/special school districts.Elegido para un período de 4 años. Debe tener al menos 26 años de edad o más, ser ciudadano estadounidense, ser residente de Texas, y ser votante registrado. Supervisa las normas de planes de estudio, los materiales de instrucción, los requisitos de graduación, las nuevas aplicaciones de las escuelas autónomas y el Fondo Escolar Permanente de Texas; nombra a miembros de la Junta para la reserva militar/ distritos escolares especiales.
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    Patricia "Pat" Hardy (Rep) educator

  • Celeste Light (Dem)

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    Carla Morton (Dem) Pediatric neuropsychologist

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    Feyi Obamehinti (Rep) Managing Director|| Educational Training Firm

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    Cheryl Surber (Rep) Small Business Owner

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Background: What training, experience, and characteristics qualify you for this position?

Testing: Does the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) adequately and efficiently diagnose individual student learning needs? Why or why not?

Funding: What measures, if any, would you take to improve (a) investment policies for the Permanent School Fund and (b) equitable distributions for public schools? Please explain.

What other issues do you consider the most important, and how would you address them?

Campaign Phone (817) 845-7506
Twitter @Pathardy2008
Education B.A. Social Studies Howard Payne U. M.S. History/Education U. of North Texas
My life's work has been in the field education. I have the training and experience to make decisions required of SBOE members. I can work well with others as exemplified by the years that I have already served on the Board.
I support the STAAR testing. Schools need accountability and testing is a key part of that. Other factors and accomplishments should be considered when rating the success of a student or of a school. The STAAR was not designed to diagnose individual learning needs. Individual learning needs are diagnosed in numerous ways, beginning with the classroom teacher.
The success of the investment policies of the PSF are demonstrated by the strong returns of the PSF. While the SBOE sets the rate of return for instructional materials, that is the extent of its role in the distribution of funds sent to the Available School Fund. Equitable distributions for funding is under the purview of the Legislature.
One of the main functions of the SBOE is setting the state standards. We shall soon have a newly streamlined set of excellent standards. My concern is with the lack of fidelity on the part of school districts in carrying out the state standards. They were designed with learning and critical thinking in mind but unfortunately test preparation has become more emphasized.
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Campaign Phone (773) 497-2959
Twitter @votemortontx
Education - Postdoctoral Fellowship in Pediatric Neuropsychology (Univ IL Chicago Med Ctr) - PhD and Master of Science in Psychology (Rosalind Franklin Univ of Medicine & Sci) - Bachelor of Music Therapy with honors and Minor in Psychology (Radford Univ)
I attended public school and am a first-generation college graduate. At work, I evaluate cognitive functioning of children and make academic and treatment recommendations. I also have 2 children in the FWISD, 1 of whom receives special education.
The STAAR test is only one piece of information that should be used when evaluating student needs. While group-administered assessments are efficient, important individual data can be missed. Although generally a valid reflection of student performance as a group, one-on-one testing is necessary to reliably evaluate individual students with unexplained academic deficits.
Reliance on fossil fuel should decrease with increased investment in renewable energy, particularly as we work to improve our children’s futures. Unfortunately, the legislature increased funding from the PSF for charter schools, which are inherently inequitable and risky investments. Therefore, limiting charters granted would result in more equitable distribution of funds.
As a scientist trained to objectively evaluate data, I will insist upon unequivocal fact-based TEKS and materials. I also strongly support comprehensive sex education. Additionally, I will advocate for effective educational interventions that support functional independence, and I will ensure that special education students are assessed in the most appropriate manner.
Campaign Phone (817) 567-1648
Education Bachelors of Science in Microbiology (University of Texas, Arlington) Masters of Science in Teaching & Learning and Curriculum & Instruction (Peru State College) Doctorate of Education in Curriculum & Instruction (Texas A & M University, College Stat
Training:B.S Microbiology (University of Texas, Arlington) M.Sc Teaching & Learning/Curriculum & Instruction (Peru State College) Doctorate of Education Curriculum & Instruction (TAMU) Veteran educator(20 years +) educational consultant and trainer
The STAAR test is specifically designed to assess what students are learning at grade level and measure if students are ready for the next grade. Though there are STAAR for special education students and English language learners (ELLs),the test is not designed to diagnose individual student learning needs.To do this requires a collaborative approach from all stakeholders.
The current investment policies is clearly stated in the Texas Administrative Code Title 19 Part 2 Chapter 33 (TAC) and covers all areas necessary for investment and administration of the fund. I would support management of the funds which is the largest educational endowment in America. Same thing applies to equitable distributions to schools for instructional materials.
Many of our elementary aged students are not well prepared for secondary grades and beyond. I would work with fellow members to champion implementing instructional approaches that will ensure all our students have equal opportunity to succeed in secondary grades and beyond. Such as a consistent statewide transition plan that bridges elementary grades to secondary grades.
Campaign Phone (817) 721-2301
Education *Public & Pvt Pre-College & College: *6 yrs of public school, 7 yrs of private. *Grad: FW Country Day School. *TCU BFA in 3 years @ 20. *TCU BS @ 21. *TCU MBA yrs later. *Add'l Public College Undergrad &/or Grad Hrs at UT, UTA & TCC.
*1984-2009-Involved parent of Spl Needs child, *Founded advocacy grp for chronically-ill kids & presented to Cook Children's Med Ctr Board, *2nd child HS Valedictorian & understand wide needs, *Bus. Owner/Mgr/Analyst/Trainer &/or Investor since 1979
No. No testing is applicable to all. STAAR tests are too subjective, w/ Q’s that can have multiple answers that are so close, it’s too hard to have a “best” answer. If Q’s are not understood, are they testing what they say they’re testing & addressing a particular skill? When teachers “teach to the test,” they are outcome driven. If teaching well, students should do well.
Funding is a hard issue, b/c of huge differences in needs between Spl Needs & Gifted kids (like my own two kids), or e.g. a child born in a distant or low income area, w/ little to no access to good schools, but who is highly gifted. (a) & (b) I would want to study all data re: the PSF, but overall, like Trump’s idea: money follows the child. With Spl Needs accommodations.
(a) #ConstitutionalConservative, #PowerToTheParents, #SchoolChoice, #DoWhatWorks, #BackToBasics, #FreedomToLearn, #LetTeachersTeach, #StopTeachingToTheTest, #SpecialNeedsAdvocate, #ProLife, & #FaithAndFamily are extremely important to me.

(b) Analyze the data to determine what works, then JUST DO IT!!!