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State Board of Education District 7

4-year term. Must be 26 years old or older, a U.S. Citizen, a Texas resident, and a registered voter. Oversees curriculum standards, instructional materials, graduation requirements, new charter school applications, and the Texas Permanent School Fund; appoints board members to military reservation/special school districts.Elegido para un período de 4 años. Debe tener al menos 26 años de edad o más, ser ciudadano estadounidense, ser residente de Texas, y ser votante registrado. Supervisa las normas de planes de estudio, los materiales de instrucción, los requisitos de graduación, las nuevas aplicaciones de las escuelas autónomas y el Fondo Escolar Permanente de Texas; nombra a miembros de la Junta para la reserva militar/ distritos escolares especiales.
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    Elizabeth "Eliz" Markowitz (Dem) Educator

  • Matt Robinson (Rep)

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Background: What training, experience, and characteristics qualify you for this position?

Testing: Does the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) adequately and efficiently diagnose individual student learning needs? Why or why not?

Funding: What measures, if any, would you take to improve (a) investment policies for the Permanent School Fund and (b) equitable distributions for public schools? Please explain.

What other issues do you consider the most important, and how would you address them?

Campaign Phone (281) 785-0432
Twitter @Eliz_TX_SBOE
Education 2006, Trinity University, BS Computer Science & Studio Art 2009, UT San Antonio, MS Management of Technology 2012, UT Health Science Center, MS Health Informatics 2017, University of Houston, EdD Curriculum & Instruction: Learning, Design, & Tech
Educated in Texas, I've spent nearly half of my life teaching Texan students, and have a unique perspective regarding the pros and cons of our state's education system. I'm passionate about affecting positive change for future Texan students.
The STAAR exam fails to effectively and efficiently diagnose student learning needs. Like all standardized tests (STs), the STAAR exam examines only how well a student takes the STAAR exam. STs are neither valid nor reliable measures of student aptitude, are inadequate as a teacher performance evaluation metric, and discourage higher-level critical thinking and creativity.
(A) Increase oversight and eliminate conflict of interest in investments. (B) Unlike current procedures, funds from the Permanent School Fund allocated to the Available School Fund should be distributed equally to all districts, regardless of their average daily attendance, and must only be allocated to public institutions, not private charter schools.
We must adopt best practices in order to raise the standard and quality of public education in all Texan schools. Curriculum standards and textbook choices must be based upon the valid and reliable research of subject matter experts. Instructional materials must adhere to the content and methodology of field experts, and not be subject to censorship or partisan bias.
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