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Justice, 13th Court of Appeals, Place 4

6-year term. Must be age 35-74 years, a U.S. Citizen, a Texas resident, licensed to practice law in Texas, a registered voter, and have at least 10 years experience as a lawyer or judge. Reviews all death penalty cases and applications for habeas corpus in felony cases, hears final appeals on criminal cases, and administers publicly funded judicial and attorney education.Período de 6 años. Debe tener una edad de 35-74 años, ser ciudadano estadounidense, residente de Texas, con licencia para practicar leyes en Texas, ser un votante registrado y con 10 años de experiencia como abogado o juez. Escucha apelaciones en casos civiles y penales de tribunales de primera instancia en su distrito.
  • Rudy Delgado (Dem) Judge

  • Jaime Tijerina (Rep)

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Background: What training, experience, and characteristics qualify you for this position?

Access to Justice: What recent developments, such as improved DNA testing, provide opportunities to improve the state's indigent defense system in civil and criminal cases appealed from district and county courts?

Responsibilities: Which responsibility of a Court of Appeals justice and is your highest priority and how do you intend to accomplish it?

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Education Edinburg High School 1972 University of Michigan BA Political Science 1976 Law degree University of Texas 1981 licensed to practice law 1982 28 + years of Judicial Education from the Texas Center for the Judiciary State Bar Legal Education, 35 years
Travis County DA investigator 1980-1982 Asst. DA Hidalgo County 1983-1984 Lawyer 1982- present Judge of County Court at Law # 1 of Hidalgo County, 1988-1999 5 terms as State District Court Judge; 93rd District court, 2001- present
DNA testing has emerged as a valuable tool for prosecutors, not just to convict, but to see that justice is done. While people that have been wrongfully incarcerated may view that justice is a fleeting concept for them. Nonetheless, great strides have been made to correct injustices of the past and particularly, with respect to citizens wrongfully convicted.
I will bring my vast experience as a lawyer, former peace officer and prosecutor, as a County Court at law Judge for 4 terms and as a District Court Judge for 5 terms to see that Justice is done. Appellate judges are to construe the rule of law and apply the law to the case before the Court. A strict interpretation of an Appellate Judge's duty is balanced with Justice.
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