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Justice, 5th Court of Appeals, Place 10

6-year term. Must be age 35-74 years, a U.S. Citizen, a Texas resident, licensed to practice law in Texas, a registered voter, and have at least 10 years experience as a lawyer or judge. Hears appeals on civil and criminal cases from lower courts in its district.Período de 6 años. Debe tener una edad de 35-74 años, ser ciudadano estadounidense, residente de Texas, con licencia para practicar leyes en Texas, ser un votante registrado y tener por lo menos 10 años de experiencia como abogado o juez. Escucha apelaciones en casos civiles y penales de tribunales de primera instancia en su distrito.
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    Molly Francis (Rep) Justice

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    Amanda Reichek (Dem) Attorney

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Background: What training, experience, and characteristics qualify you for this position?

Access to Justice: What recent developments, such as improved DNA testing, provide opportunities to improve the state's indigent defense system in civil and criminal cases appealed from district and county courts?

Responsibilities: Which responsibility of a Court of Appeals justice and is your highest priority and how do you intend to accomplish it?

Campaign Phone (469) 358-5984
Education Baylor University 1978 Baylor Law School 1981 Graduate - Texas College for Judicial Studies Texas A&M School of Law Adjunct Professor of legal writing, 2004-2006 Board Certified Criminal Law/Criminal Appellate Law, Texas Board of Legal Specialization
Texas Judge 26 years; 5th District Court of Appeals Justice 16 years; Felony & misdemeanor trial Judge 11 years; Dallas County Prosecutor and Defense Attorney 9 years; Elected by all Texas judges to lead the 2 major statewide judicial organizations.
Texas leads the country in criminal justice reforms including state oversight, regulation of the practice of forensic science. Our laws allow comprehensive pre/post-trial DNA testing/retesting. All indigent defendants are afforded a direct appeal post-conviction, and an attorney provided to handle the appeal. Texas Legislature enacts laws to protect right to DNA challenges
My responsibility as a court of appeals justice is to apply the Constitution and the laws of Texas as enacted by the Texas Legislature consistently, fairly and expeditiously. That I have done for 26 years as a Texas trial and appellate court judge and I will continue to do so.
Campaign Phone (214) 599-8311
Education J.D., Texas Tech University School of Law, 2003; Masters of Sociology, North Carolina State University, 2000; B.A., Sociology and Political Science, Texas Tech University, 1998
I've practiced law for 14 years. I am board certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in the field of Labor & Employment Law. I am an active litigator and understand what it means to be a fair, impartial and knowledgeable judge.
Recent scientific developments have the potential to be helpful to any person accused of a crime. The key is making these technologies accessible to the indigent, which is where there is currently a disconnect. We do a pitiful job in this area, and this would need to improve before these kinds of recent developments become a reality for indigent defendants.
My highest priority would be maintaining the integrity of our jury system. I believe that juries are sacred, and too often appellate courts substitute their judgment for that of the jury, which erodes our entire system of justice. I would give deference to jury determinations, and hard looks at cases that are dismissed prior to reaching the jury.