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Justice, 1st Court of Appeals, Place 7

6-year term. Must be age 35-74 years, a U.S. Citizen, a Texas resident, licensed to practice law in Texas, a registered voter, and have at least 10 years experience as a lawyer or judge. Hears appeals on civil and criminal cases from lower courts in its district.Período de 6 años. Debe tener una edad de 35-74 años, ser ciudadano estadounidense, residente de Texas, con licencia para practicar leyes en Texas, ser un votante registrado y tener por lo menos 10 años de experiencia como abogado o juez. Escucha apelaciones en casos civiles y penales de tribunales de primera instancia en su distrito.
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    Katy Boatman (Rep)

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    Julie Countiss (Dem) Attorney

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    Terry Yates (Rep) Attorney/Associate Judge

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Background: What training, experience, and characteristics qualify you for this position?

Access to Justice: What recent developments, such as improved DNA testing, provide opportunities to improve the state's indigent defense system in civil and criminal cases appealed from district and county courts?

Responsibilities: Which responsibility of a Court of Appeals justice and is your highest priority and how do you intend to accomplish it?

I have practiced appellate law my entire career. I served as Law Clerk to Dale Wainwright of the Texas Supreme Court and Jennifer Elrod of the Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. In private practice, I work with Justice Scott Brister, who was on the Texas Supreme Court and the First Court of Appeals. In 2016, I was the sole recipient of the National Outstanding Young Lawyer Award as well as the Outstanding Young Lawyer Award of Texas and of Houston. I was the first lawyer in Houston to win all three awards.
The pro bono appellate program should be extended to encourage more lawyers to give their time to indigent defendants. In addition, appellate judges should be hardworking and should treat appeals by indigent defendants the same as any other appeals.
I believe in the rule of law and not legislating from the bench. We need appellate judges who will apply the law as written and not make the law fit the result they want. I am committed to being that kind of judge.

We also need an efficient court of appeals that will issue opinions quickly so that the parties are not left with uncertainty. Clerking for two courts of appeals, where you serve as the judge’s right-hand man, I know how to run an appellate chambers efficiently and how to ensure that justice is done and done quickly.
Campaign Phone (713) 553-8852
Education Southern Methodist University, BS 1993 University of Houston Law Center, JD 2002
I am an Assistant County Attorney for Harris County where I work in the litigation section representing Harris County and the people of the State of Texas in a wide variety of matters. I have been an attorney for over 15 years.
In criminal cases, public defender's offices, particularly in Harris County, are flourishing. As a result, the number of pro se defendants in criminal cases is decreasing. Texas also has an Indigent Defense Commission and the focus on ensuring access to justice for everyone, regardless of financial means, is finally growing all over the state.
Courts of appeals decisions establish binding precedents that shape the civil and criminal law in meaningful ways. For this reason, my highest priority is to work relentlessly in pursuit of fair and honest results. That means working long hours and approaching each case thoughtfully and with vigor.
Campaign Phone (713) 818-1444
Education 1983 Graduate of the University of Texas @Austin with Special Honors; 1989 Graduate of the University of Houston Law Center; 1992 Graduate of Career Prosecutor's School
I am a former prosecutor and current City Judge and have practiced law for nearly 28 years. I have tried in excess of 200 jury trials to verdict and have handled numerous appeals. I am Board Certified by he TBLS and and NBTA.
The improved DNA testing has provided exculpatory evidence which has been used to exonerate innocent people. The creation of Public Defender's Offices has vastly improved the indigent defense system. With nearly 28 years experience in the area of criminal justice I have the experience necessary to make sure that the guilty are punished and the innocent are set free.
My highest priority will be to see that a just result is rendered in each case according to the law. I will follow the law and not make it. Second to reaching the correct result, I believe that justice delayed in justice denied. I will make every effort to see that the cases are handled carefully but expeditiously.