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Lieutenant Governor

Four-year term. Must be at least 30 years old, a U.S. citizen, and a Texas resident for the five years immediately preceding the election. Among duties as part of both the Executive and Legislative branches: assumes powers of Governor when Governor is absent or unable to serve; acts as President of the Senate; by statute, is a member of several Legislative branch boards and committees. The salary is that of a state senator when serving as President of the Texas Senate and that of the Governor when serving as Governor.Plazo de cuatro años. Debe tener por lo menos 30 años de edad, ser ciudadano de Estados Unidos y residente de Texas durante cinco años inmediatamente antes de las elecciones. Deberes como miembro de la administración ejecutiva y de la legislatura: asume la función del gobernador cuando el gobernador está ausente o no pueda servir; actúa como Presidente del Senado; por ley, el Vice Gobernador es miembro de varias ramas directivas y comités de la Legislatura. El salario del Vice Gobernador es el mismo que el de un senador estatal cuando es Presidente del Senado de Texas y recibe el salario de gobernador cuando actúa como Gobernador.
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    Mike Collier (Dem) CPA/Consultant

  • Michael Cooper (Dem)

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    Scott Milder (Rep) Public Relations/Small Business Owner

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    Dan Patrick (Rep) Lieutenant Governor of Texas

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Background: What training, experience, and characteristics qualify you for this position?

Election laws & voting rights: What specific measures, if any, would you take to improve voter registration, access to voting, voter turnout and the redistricting process? Why?

Health Care: What specific reforms, if any, would you propose in state health care policy to address the cost and access to health care? Explain.

Infrastructure: Referring to water, energy, public education, transportation, what specific measures do you propose to meet the states growing infrastructure needs? Explain rationale.

What other issues do you believe will be most pressing in the next session of the Texas Legislature, and what is your position on these issues?

Campaign Phone (832) 544-9050
Education BBA MBA
Worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers for 22 years, 10 as partner. Learned to diagnose problems and provide leadership to solve them, with integrity. Suzanne and I met in college, married 28 years, two wonderful sons, one fabulous daughter-in-law.
I will oppose any law that disenfranchises voters, such as discriminatory voter ID. I will support and champion any law that promotes enfranchisement and voting such as paid time off on Election Day. I intend to kill gerrymandering in Texas by converting to a Redistricting Commission model. And I believe strongly in civics and history education in public schools.
Texas should expand Medicaid (the business community is with me) but we should also reform Medicaid so that it marries well with the requirements of medical service providers. We should seek to optimize ACA, not destroy it. Pre-existing conditions should be covered, there should be no lifetime coverage limits, and healthcare should be treated as basic human right.
I am public education's staunchest ally. I am voucher's number one foe. We need more money in education in particular and infrastructure in general and the funds must come from closing corporate loopholes and reversing previous cuts to the margin tax which left Texas is terrible shape financially. Taxes on the people who live and work here must not be raised.
Jobs/economic vitality, without destroying Texas or our values. We can have a great business climate AND a great state. Women's health is a huge issue; vilifying Planned Parenthood for political gain has cost countless women their lives and this must be reversed. Public policy in Texas is devoid of compassion, and that must change. Corruption can, and must, be stopped.
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Campaign Phone (512) 800-2104
Twitter @smilder
Education Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from The University of North Texas and Master’s Degree in Public Relations from The University of North Texas
I have more than 20 years of experience as a businessman and served four years on the Rockwall City Council. I know what policies will help move our economy forward, and I am dedicated to serving the people of Texas.
I will work to defend the Texas Voter ID law, ensuring our state’s voters know their elections are not being undermined by fraud.
Healthcare is a complex issue, and many Texas families are facing rising insurance premiums as a result of the disastrous federal Obamacare law. I support market-based solutions that will help drive down costs, including allowing the purchase of health insurance across state lines and ensuring all Texans are able to access Health Savings Accounts.
I believe we have to take a hard look at our budgetary priorities and work to eliminate waste. By cutting unnecessary spending, we can free up much-needed funding for schools and infrastructure investments. I also believe we must fix our transportation crisis. There is not enough infrastructure to adequately serve our state’s growing population.
I believe property tax relief, transportation, and economic growth will all be key issues in the coming session. I fully support property tax relief and will work to see that the state starts paying its share of education expenses instead of forcing local property owners to make up the difference. I will work to cut bureaucracy and get out of the way of the free market.
Campaign Phone (817) 223-4767
Twitter @DanPatrick
Education Bio information for Lt. Governor Patrick can be found at:
Bio information for Lt. Governor Patrick, including experience and accomplishments, can be found at:
I stand by my record. Please visit my campaign website, and my official website,
I stand by my record. Please visit my campaign website, and my official website,
I stand by my record. Please visit my campaign website, and my official website,
I stand by my record. Please visit my campaign website, and my official website,