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Smith County Justice of the Peace Pct 5

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    Danny Brown (Rep) CHIEF OF POLICE

  • Darin Grissom (Rep) Police Sergeant

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    Jon Johnson (Rep) Lindale High School and Tyler Junior College Criminal Justice Instructor

  • Paul Simmons (Rep)

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What strengths do you bring to this position?

What plans or changes do feel need to be made in your particular precinct? How are you going to implement them? How do you plan to monitor the effectiveness?

Campaign Phone (903) 571-1041
Campaign Email DANNYB0502@AOL.COM
Experience- I have been enforcing Texas Laws for many years. As a Texas Peace Officer, I have the experience needed to serve as the Justice of the Peace in Precinct 5. It is not a requirement to be a peace officer to be a Justice of the Peace but having experience of enforcing Texas laws give me a perspective the other candidates do not have.
Judge Cowart has managed the Court for many years. The Court has a reputation as being fair and honest. I am committed to serving the residents of Precinct 5 in a fair, honest, and trustworthy manner. I promise to maintain a Court with the highest level of integrity.
Experience 29 years of law enforcement experience with 21 years as a first line supervisor
Education Attended Tyler Junior College and University of Texas at Tyler
Campaign Phone (903) 216-6961
Campaign Email
After 29 years of working as a police officer, I believe I would be able to come to office on Day 1 and be ready to perform as a Justice of the Peace. I have worked many cases where a Justice of the Peace had to respond. Death investigations, including fatal crashes, are a very important function of a police officer and I have, unfortunately, been to many such scenes. As a supervisor, I review reports and affidavits to ensure accuracy and completeness. I have reviewed hundreds of search and arrest warrant affidavits prior to them being signed by a magistrate. I have extensive knowledge of criminal, traffic, and drug laws and would apply this knowledge as a Justice of the Peace.
If elected, I would take the time to learn just how the office works. Coming from a professional organization that strives for streamlining and working as efficiently as possible, I would apply what I have learned from working for the city to the office of Justice of the Peace. I absolutely do not believe in change for no good reason. I would apply a very analytical approach and if a process needed to be tweaked, I would have no problem in addressing the issue. If the office runs smoothly and efficiently as is, I would be completely comfortable in leaving things alone.
Experience Since 1989, I served as a United States Probation Officer, Federal Court Sentencing Specialist, Office Supervisor, and I retired in 2014 after serving as the Chief United States Probation Officer for the Eastern District of Texas for 10 years.
Education 1986: Bachelor's of Science in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin-Superior. 1989: Master of Arts in Criminal Justice from Sam Houston State University. 1990: Graduate of the Federal Law Enforcement Academy.
Campaign Phone (903) 521-3037
Candidate strengths:

My strong educational and professional background, including a twenty-five year career within the judiciary, will enable me to understand and manage all aspects of the Justice of the Peace position. My strengths also include:

The proven leadership and management skills necessary for this position. The proven ability to manage a court budget and staffing issues. The proven ability to keep an open mind while hearing all sides of an argument involving court matters. The proven ability to make sound, practical and timely decisions in a professional setting. The proven ability to treat the public in a fair, courteous and professional manner in all dealings within the court.

In summary, as a long time Lindale resident I have served my church and community in numerous capacities over the years. Serving as our Justice of the Peace would simply continue my desire to make Lindale, Hideaway, and surrounding areas safe and desirable places to live and raise families.
The Precinct 5 Justice Court has an excellent reputation. As with any new leader, you would first learn and evaluate internal office procedures and operations in order to look for ways to improve efficiency for the staff and the public. Any changes needed will be made with the team effort of both the judge and the court staff.
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Candidate has not yet responded.