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US Representative, District 3

2-year term. Must be 25 years or older, a US citizen, and a resident of Texas. Responsible for representing the citizens of the district in which he/she is elected in the US House of Representatives.
  • Roger Barone (I) Proprietary Trader & Financial Consultant

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    Adam P. Bell (Dem) Business Owner

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    Lorie Burch (Dem) Attorney

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    Christopher Claytor (L) Engineering Manager

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    Alex Donkervoet (Rep) Actuary

  • Scott Jameson (L)

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    Sam Johnson (Dem) Attorney and Author

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    David Niederkorn (Rep) Professor of Politics at Arlington Baptist University

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    Van Taylor (Rep) Small Businessman / State Senator

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    Medrick Yhap (Dem) Software Engineer

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Immigration: What changes, if any, would you propose to the current immigration policy for (1) current undocumented residents, and (2) the over 4 million people on the waiting list to get a visa to enter the country? Why?

Foreign Intervention: Under what circumstances should the US intervene militarily in a foreign conflict?

Economy: What federal policies do you support to maintain a healthy economy and enable the public to improve their economic positions?

Representation: What steps would you take to ensure that you represent all of your constituents? Do you participate in town hall meetings?

Healthcare: What legislation would you support, if any, to ensure comprehensive, affordable healthcare for all Americans?

Other Issues: What other issues do you believe will be most pressing in the next session of Congress, and what is your position on these issues?

Education MBA, MA (International Management), MS (Finance), BS, AS (Real Estate)
Experience Over 30 years entrepreneurial business experience with over 20 years operating both domestically and internationally.
Twitter @RogerBarone
Campaign Phone (214) 842-2875
Current undocumented residents need to be prioritized to determine which need to be deported and which should be given legal residency. Any arrests or criminal activity should be disqualifying for legal status. Factors such as education and employment as well as home or business ownership should be metrics considered in making that determination. We need to migrate (no pun intended) to a more merit based system that seeks to attract and retain the knowledge and talent we need to benefit our society. Needless red tape needs to be eliminated as well as chain migration and the diversity visa lottery. Our borders need to be secured not only to reduce illegal immigration but also to reduce the flow of illegal drugs and human trafficking and illegal exploitation - all of which must be diligently and fervently combatted.

Those already legally on the waiting list should have absolute priority over anyone here illegally. Selection process must be streamlined AND made more secure and efficient.
There are so many possible scenarios but in general whenever it is in our national security interest to do so or when it is required of us under our existing commitments and/or to assist our allies.
In general I support the elimination of regulations and federal policies that stifle economic freedom. I would advocate for laws and agency regulations that are in place to merely benefit one special interest group to the detriment of others be eliminated. There are so many croney capital special interest big donor exceptions and carve outs that act to suppress overall economic activity for the benefit of a select few.
I believe in representation of all regardless of political ideology. All my proposals seek to help all constituents and Americans. I am more than willing to participate in any public forum. I would be completely available and approachable and responsive to all constituents and would have an open door policy as well as a 100% meeting policy. I would like to have monthly or quarterly in person in district meetings as well as weekly or bi-monthly video town halls.
I support legislation that will bring fairness and transparency to medical pricing and billing practices as well as that which would require any medical or drug supplier to sell to the U.S. Government and U.S. buyers for no more than they sell to buyers from outside the U.S.
Taxes, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Immigration, National Security.

There are several other issues on my website - - that I outline several detailed proposals for. Most all of the specific proposals I outline are ones that help all Americans without increasing taxes or Government expenses.


issues I have a stated position for -

See also -
Education Johnson & Wales University A.S Johnson & Wales University B.S Business Management
Experience 2016 Democratic Nominee for U.S. House in Texas' 3rd Congressional District
Twitter @voteadambell
Campaign Phone (972) 807-9180
Our current immigration policy is based upon the following principles: the reunification of families, admitting immigrants with skills that are value to the U.S economy, protecting refugees and promoting diversity.The immediate challenge we are facing is to find a realistic solution to illegal immigration and to unify families through derivative benefits. Currently, spouses and dependent children are often times mathematically excluded from the dream of citizenship due to the passage of time. I support a path to citizenship that includes comprehensive background checks and employment requirements for illegal immigrants; thus ending the hopeless loop of bureaucracy that continually baits illegal immigrants with the empty promise of citizenship tomorrow. I also support our Dreamers; productive members of our society that have now, under the current administration, been put on a deportation count down to places they have never known. Congress must act to ensure the unity of families!
Without question, our military should intervene if there is an immediate threat to the U.S. and/or if there is a threat to or at the request of a U.S. ally in need. Any intervention beyond that should be the subject of vigorous debate and ultimate consensus of our legislature.
John Kennedy reminded us that, “A rising tide lifts all boats…” It is not the role of government to place constraints on those that achieve great levels of success. It is however, the role of government to safeguard the ability of all citizens to reach those levels. Americans need to earn more and with less debt. We must make college more affordable and accessible; including trade schools. We need to get back to a U.S. that celebrates the highly skilled just as we celebrate the highly educated. I believe Congress must work to foster the re-birth of manufacturing in this country and domesticate innovative production while retraining a retrain-able workforce. Education is the great escalator of socio-economic mobility. Finally, our minimum wage and social welfare programs do not allow for someone with drive and ambition to ever move out of poverty; they instead create generations of citizens sponsored by the state, not because they want to be, but because there is no other option.
The experience that I gained through my previous candidacy as the 2016 Democratic Nominee for U.S House of Representatives has allowed me to move past the business of learning to be a candidate and focus on the needs of our constituency, and most importantly, how to win a general election. Since the end of my 2016 campaign, my team and I have been meeting with citizens as well as business and community leaders around Collin County to better understand the needs of our constituency. I have held town halls, listened and discussed solutions at neighborhood gatherings and participated in community forums continuously for the past 13 months to ensure that I have a clear understanding of how I can be truly representative of Collin County. I understand that if elected, I will represent the vast tapestry of culture that makes up my community, not just people who look like me or contribute to my campaign. I will place my constituents ahead of personal interest and party loyalty.
The ACA was a historic piece of legislation that has helped millions of people obtain health coverage. Our responsibility going forward is to improve on the positives of the law – allowing people to buy and change their insurance without being concerned about pre-existing conditions and eliminate the negatives; such as the absence of an affordable basic plan. We need reform with a focus on driving down costs, not simply creating larger bureaucracies and we will not be able to achieve that until we have healthcare reform in concert with health insurance reform. When I speak about the Affordable Care Act, I am speaking from personal experience: I cancelled my personal coverage through my business and went to the Marketplace. I am a case study for the success of the plan, but I also recognize where it has fallen short and believe that there are changes that could greatly improve the success of the Act. Including, the expansion Medicaid coverage to include more Americans!
Our environment needs our HELP! Unfortunately, we have an administration that continually denies the science of climate change and has withdrawn the U.S. from a global community that is working to reverse the damage that man has caused. We are seeing the effects of sea level rise as far away as Bangladesh and as close to home as Florida. With a change of leadership, the U.S. can still lead the world in the effort to preserve our planet. Thirty years ago the world came together to combat the release of chlorine gases that were damaging our ozone layer. Today, our ozone layer is healing. The time to act is now! Solutions exist but, continued denial and inaction will lead to the extinction of oceanic eco-systems that support life around the world. So I ask Republicans, if you will not protect our environment then: What is your plan to re-settle our coasts? and Why can’t you see that businesses that emerge to protect our planet are just plain good for business?
Education B.S. from Trinity University J.D. from the George Washington University School of Law
Experience Lambda Legal Leadership Committee (‘16-17), President/American Business Women’s Assoc. (‘13-14), Board of Trustees/SBMEF Foundation (‘11-14), Co-Chair/DFW Human Rights Steering Committee (‘10), Chair/NTX GLBT Chamber of Commerce Board of Dir. (‘08)
Campaign Phone (469) 305-2907
We need to have options for those who are here illegally and who have demonstrated that they are willing to comply with our laws. When we give these folks a pathway to citizenship instead of creating a system that forces them to hide from authority, we also hold them accountable to the laws of our communities and the economic responsibilities that come with American citizenship. We need legislation to create a permanent fix for roughly 800,000 Dreamers and DACA recipients and to grant amnesty to those who have not committed a violent offense. To help improve the visa backlog for family members and skilled professionals attempting to enter the country, I would support initiatives to expand the U.S. Immigration Courts’ handling of these cases. Because these courts are also responsible for overseeing deportation cases, we should reduce the practice of separating law-abiding, working immigrants from their families. This will likely improve the current wait times for visa applicants.
Diplomacy should always be our first response. It is our duty to those who serve in our nation’s military to be sure that we pursue peaceful avenues for negotiation before we ask them to risk their lives. Engaging our troops in foreign conflict should always be a last resort. For too long, the U.S. has intervened in foreign governments and attempted to police other countries. Our constitution states that only Congress has the power to declare war. Our Congress needs to be reminded of their responsibility to balance the power of the President and establish firmer guidelines for engaging in conflict with other countries. Congress should seek help from top-ranking officials of the armed services in order to create these guidelines. The U.S. should, of course, intervene in cases of a direct threat to the security of our nation and consider military action in cases of human rights violations defined by NATO - in which our allies also agree to take action.
If we want to support the middle and lower classes, we need to invest in policies which will directly impact them. Education is the great equalizer in our nation. By opposing the voucher system and providing greater financial support to our public schools, we can create expanded opportunities for individuals to experience mobility in their economic position. We can also ease the burden on low-income and middle-class families by providing access to affordable healthcare, so no American is forced to choose between paying their medical bills and paying their rent. As National President of the American Business Women’s Association (2013-2014), I advocated for equal pay for women, particularly for women of color who face the greatest wage disparity. To allow us to close this gap, employers must be more transparent with their wages, and our government needs to hold businesses that are taking part in unequal payment based on gender, race, or parental status accountable for their actions.
Visibility and accountability will be the foundations of my role as a representative. I intend to build local coalitions, bringing together diverse segments of our community to engage in conversation, find common values, and work together toward solutions. No group lives in a vacuum. In order to resolve conflicts, we must first understand and respect one another. We must talk to each other, even if we do not agree on an issue. Often, when I collaborate with others, I find that their ideas to achieve a goal are better than my own. I will hold town hall meetings. I do not intend to be the voice for my constituents, but rather to provide them a voice. For many in our community, it has been many years since they had the opportunity to share their concerns with their Congressional representative. I am prepared to work with everyone, regardless of their political affiliation, to ensure that the decisions I make in Congress are informed by the needs of the people.
I oppose a full repeal of all provisions of the Affordable Care Act. The ACA is far from perfect, but we should work to improve our current system rather than scrapping it and throwing the insurance market into chaos. For instance, we should continue to protect individuals with pre-existing conditions. Instead of defunding and dismantling Medicaid and Medicare, we should be expanding these programs. Our eventual goal should be to provide affordable health care coverage to all citizens. A single-payer healthcare system is possible in the United States, but this is not a change that Congress can reasonably make overnight. If we are going to build a long-term solution for healthcare in our country, we need to do so cautiously so that we are left with a system that works for everyone. For legislation currently in the House, I would support H.B. 676. I also support S.B.1804.
Congress needs to approve long-term funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Plan. Roughly 400,000 Texas children and their families rely on CHIP for healthcare services. Areas impacted by widespread natural disasters, from hurricanes in the Gulf to wildfires in California, continue to need support. The aid that Congress has provided so far is inadequate to rebuild the communities that are still recovering. We need a long-term legislative solution for DACA, and a path to citizenship for the almost 800,000 Dreamers in our country. Campaign finance reform needs to be a priority. We cannot expect our representatives to work for us while they cater to Super PACs and special interests. Voting rights must be addressed so that all U.S. citizens have a voice. States like North Carolina and Texas need to end the practice of gerrymandering, which systematically discriminates against people of color. Our leaders must oppose school vouchers, and strengthen our funding for public schools.
Education United States Military Academy at West Point
Experience Officer United States Army
Campaign Phone (972) 679-7302
One of the principles of the Libertarian Party is open labor markets. Therefore, in the end, there should not be any restrictions on immigration. A free market for jobs would allow for people to move where the jobs are. The problem with this right now is that the US is a socialist welfare state and attracts more than just people seeking work -- it attracts people seeking handouts. We must end the welfare state first, then we can open the labor markets and reduce restrictions on immigration. The vast majority of the current undocumented residents are not a problem. They have jobs, they pay taxes, they are contributing members of society. Also, we have laws on the books already to deal with the criminal (undocumented) residents. Regarding the 4 million people on a waiting list to get a visa, if they have direct individual US citizen sponsors, who will be responsible for their financial well-being (not the government) then we should start to let them into the country.
None. The US Constitution clearly states "The Congress shall have Power To ...raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to that Use shall be for a longer Term than two Years...." this coupled with the Preamble indicate the military should only be for defense of the United States and only temporary as needed to expel a specific threat. Today, in the post World War II era, we have been in a perpetual state of war created by the interference in foreign conflicts that we had no Constitutional reason to be involved in.
Ongoing reduction of taxes is a must to support a healthy economy. The current administration's reduction are good start but we must do much better. In order to facilitate reduction of Federal taxes we must cut the size of the Government back to its constitutional limits. Many Departments created over the years are not mentioned in the Constitution and therefore should not exist. Examples of Departments that should be quickly eliminated include the Department of Education, Health and Human Services, and Housing and Urban Development.
The constituents of TX District 3 in Collin County Texas are strong independent people who have done great things in all aspects of life. Just think how much more could have been done had they not been held back by paying excessive taxes, and trying to adhere to excessive regulations. The goal is to get the Federal Government out of the way. I learned in the military, you either lead, follow, or get out of the way. The Federal Government has proven itself incapable of truly leading and unwilling to follow, so I will work to get it out of the way of the people! When elected, I will be more transparent than anyone has known. Open and honest (sometimes to a fault) has always been my policy. Anyone and everyone should feel empowered to reach out to me at any time with their concerns and ideas on how to shape the Federal Government to best deliver on the promises of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
The Constitution does not mention that the Federal Government should be involved in Healthcare. The free market system (if truly a free market, not the government controlled one we have since Medicaid was created) would ensure affordable prices. In cases where even these affordable prices can not be paid, charitable organizations / hospitals will provide care just as they did for many many years before the Government took over.
The government continues to waste billions of dollars fighting the "War on Drugs." Not only could this money be better spent, if prohibition was ended, the drug cartels would loose power and the ever escalating violence could come to an end. We did this before, we made a drug everyone wanted illegal, and all it did was make otherwise law-abiding citizens criminals, and created a black-market where truly criminal elements gained money and power. Just as those "Gangsters" of the 20s were brought to justice as they lost money and power after prohibition was ended. The cartels and others in the drug trade would loose money and power and the senseless violence will finally come to an end.
Education BBA from University of Wisconsin – Madison, major in Actuarial Science. I began at LSU where I spent 3 years majoring in Chemical Engineering before transferring to Wisconsin to pursue Actuarial. I have passed numerous actuarial exams.
Experience I have 10+ years working as an actuary in the consulting, insurance, and reinsurance industry. I have worked with regulators both internationally and domestically, pricing, reserving, and risk management functions over the course of my career.
Twitter @AlexDonkervoet
Campaign Phone (972) 940-2394
1) The US should issue visas for those who don’t have criminal records & can show a history of providing for themselves & contributing to the economy (job). 2) I propose removing the policy of granting automatic citizenship to those born to non-US citizens. This, along with increasing the number of visas & naturalizations would decrease the wait time. The US needs to enforce laws that penalize the hiring of illegal immigrants & put policies in place to discourage illegal entry.

Immigration is key to economic growth, makes the economy stronger, & we must embrace immigration for America to grow & succeed. Illegal immigrants do work that’s vital to our economy & we need to allow policies that allow for them to obtain legal, temporary work visas.
With the world being interconnected & having affirmed the United States' commitment to standing for freedom of speech, human rights, & economic stability; we must use our international influence & strength to encourage & advanced freedom, progress, & stability of nations when they are in a time of need. We are a world power with the ability to use our status to accomplish these goals but should do so along with other international communities so as not to solely have to rely on our resources when assisting nations in need. We cannot be a bystander of the world problems & then complain when the economics or instability of the world have become unfavorable to us.
Regulations for business need to be minimal; however, the government cannot favor certain sectors & create unfair competition for individuals or corporations. The current tax system still needs work. It needs to be adjusted to reduce loopholes & simplified to allow the market to choose which industries thrive. The trade deficit needs to be addressed, as a continued, long term deficit could be an indication that the U.S. is unable to produce what is being demanded. I support net neutrality to keep the internet just as it was designed to, open & fair as possible. Our economic future is automation & artificial intelligence which will change the job market. We need to have the foresight to prepare for this economic shift. Last, but not least, if we do not focus on education & a modernized & updated infrastructure for the future, then any ground work we set to prepare for the future economy will be wasted.
Town hall meetings & social interactions are a necessity when representing any group & interaction should not be reserved for only donors or party affiliates. It is important to understand my constituents’ views & opinions even if they aren't completely in line with my ideals. It is important to understand that TX-3 constituents are made up of both Republicans & Democrats of all religions & races. One key piece I feel that most candidates & representatives are missing is detailed documentation of their current views on issues & explanations of why they vote the way they do. Explanations & transparency allows the voters to understand & make informed decisions during elections. I promise to be transparent in my views as well as accessible & responsive through email & social media.
1) Employee provided healthcare needs to end & be replaced with healthcare purchased by individuals & families through the open markets (like auto insurance). Access to plans won’t be limited to an employer & purchased plans will not change when switching jobs. 2) Price transparency & free market for all procedures & visits will allow patients to be aware of cost upfront & will drive competition & improve quality. 3) Cost assistance should be available if an individual/family is unable to afford care. 4) Keep preexisting conditions coverage. 5) Individuals will not be required to purchase healthcare. 6) Company sponsored HSA accounts to allow individuals to save for primary care coverage & deductibles. 7) Creation of state domestic mutual insurance companies which provide a stable, last resort, competitive market. 8) National database so doctors (with permission) can see diagnosis & prescriptions from other doctors.
It is said that Congress is broken but in fact, how & who we select is broken. Politics shouldn’t be an elite club where membership is only for those with money or personal connections. Bipartisanship doesn’t exist & Congress must end the back & forth legislation that leaves America in a state of turmoil. Term limits & campaign finance reform are needed, social security needs to have ideas put in place to secure its longevity (partnerships with corporations to provide appropriate returns on surplus), education is a key to continued economic growth & innovation, & the changing economy will continue to replace jobs while creating new ones that do not exist today. These issues cannot be addressed if America continues to elect extreme left & right representatives that are unable to work together to truly represent the American people. We complain about how our officials spend too much time fundraising, or vote along party lines regardless of the issues, yet we continue to reelect them.
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Education University of Texas at Austin: BA, Government; South Texas College of Law - Houston: Doctor of Jurisprudence
Experience Anti-Defamation League – Board of Directors; Executive Committee; Co-Chair of Education Committee; Glass Leadership Institute Graduate and Co-Chair; Leadership 20/20 Committee; FBI - Citizens Academy Graduate Law School Young Alumni Council
Twitter @SamJohnsonTX3
Campaign Phone (972) 836-9690
Immigration is an issue that is very personal to me – one that very directly and inexorably impacts my family. US immigration policy must have three main focuses: (i) keeping families in our communities together, (ii) helping immigrants remain self-sufficient and contributing to society and the economy, and (iii) preserving national security.

Dreamers and other law-abiding undocumented immigrants should have access to an expedited work visa-to-citizenship program so these people who are Americans, regardless of where they were born, can work, help their families thrive, keep paying taxes and contributing to American culture.

The US also needs to overhaul its system of governance and logistics for processing immigration requests, working with all communities, various industries, and even other nations to develop a faster, less costly, and more efficient system that still achieves security while protecting humanitarian concerns.
In my Law of Armed Conflict class in law school, I studied extensively the incalculable factors that go into the decision to engage in armed conflict, as well as the potential fallout of such a decision. To put American lives at risk in military action must be a decision made only to advance the security of freedom and liberty here at home in the US. This may have broad application – either a reactive response or a long-term plan to ensure stability elsewhere in the world for the ultimate benefit and security of the US. However, as Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” As such, America must also act under the right circumstances to secure for others safety and freedom from crimes against humanity. Indeed, doing so makes the US more secure from external and internal threats. Where we see atrocities being committed against innocents and we have the ability to help them, I believe we have a calling to do so.
Our tax code is an important reflection of our priorities as a country, and we must continue to use tax incentives to propel Americans to achieve in education, entrepreneurship, and charitable giving. When our families and workers are thriving – when they have full bellies and roofs over their heads – they are able to volunteer, to innovate, and to support the economy. Thus, I support policies such as increasing the minimum wage, assuring family leave, and public pre-k to give American families the flexibility to succeed financially. I believe we benefit economically when our legislators focus on collaborators with workers, labor unions, and businesses to ensure that employees – the backbone of our economy – are able to take care of themselves and their families. In sum, I support policies that protect employees, ensure a healthy, thriving middle class, and allow Americans to better their situations in a way that is meaningful to them.
Representatives must remain a part of their districts if they are to be able to represent their constituents well. In addition to participating in town halls, I will have regular office hours – like a high school teach or college professor – back in the district office, to allow voters to come in any time during office hours to meet with me to discuss issue on their minds. I believe having a direct line of communication with the various communities in the district is crucial, and as a representative, I would continue to participate in and learn about all the various subgroups in our district, to ensure I’ve taken all voices into account when examining a given piece of legislation. Finally, I will keep my house in Plano as my home, returning from Washington as often as possible not only because it is home, but to ensure I remain in touch with the people and places I represent.
A healthy citizenry is a productive citizenry. Americans must have the ability to decide with their physician what medical care they need. Congress must reign in health insurance companies and the unabashed labyrinths they call their contracts. Much like antitrust and deceptive trade legislation, the health care discussion needs to move on to protecting Americans from paying exorbitant premiums, stopping health insurance companies from getting involved in health care decisions, and prohibiting pharmaceutical companies from pricing medications beyond the reach of Americans who need them. Moreover, women’s health must not be allowed to play second fiddle to men’s health. Too many medications and medical & hygiene products are either not covered by health insurance or are taxed, essentially penalizing women for being women. Health care is indeed a right, and it is high time America treats its citizens as deserving of this common dignity.
I believe voting rights will be pressing in the next session of Congress, especially after the 2018 general election. The Voting Rights Act is due to be augmented. It is time to establish of a non-partisan commission to draw district lines for any Federal election. Part of the commission’s enabling legislation must also include mandates and limits for the dimensions and shapes of any districts, and also make the commission available at States’ request to draw state-level district lines. Congress must also develop establish stronger penalties for voter suppression, make reporting such suppression easier and centralized, and Congress should enact common-sense, modern voter registration procedures and voting access. I also expect that the time will soon come for Congress to address the crushing student loan crisis that is holding back families of all ages. I will fight for practical solutions that ease these burdens while keeping borrowers responsible for repayment.
Education Ph.D (politics) University of Dallas (cand.). M.A. (politics) University of Dallas. M.A. (historical theology) Criswell College. M.A. (philosophical theology) Criswell College. B.S. (theology and Bible) Baptist Bible College.
Experience As a Professor of Politics, I know how government works. Congress is broke, and I know how to fix it. My campaign slogan is ‘Imagine a Congress that Works.’ My specialties are (1) Legislative process (2) American Founding (3) U.S. Constitution.
Twitter @DC4TX3
Campaign Phone (972) 207-8766
Our immigration problem is not openness to those who wish to become Americans. Our immigration problem is our inability to modernize the process. People who want to make America their home should know what to expect from the immigration process. In a world of global terrorism, however, we cannot grant legal immigration to all who seek it. We must continue to secure our borders while creating a new immigration system that welcomes those who want to come here legally, prohibits those who want to come here illegally, and is reasonably compassionate to those who are caught in between.
I do not support nation building—not in Iraq or Afghanistan, or anywhere. As a political philosopher, I know that democracy doesn’t suit all cultures, and should not be forced on the rest of the world. We were justified to invade Afghanistan following 9/11. But after 10,000 troops sent Al Qaeda running in less than 30 days, we should have come home. We too often pick the wrong side, and suffer unforeseen consequences in military interventions. The U.S. military needs to move away from an occupation force capacity, toward a rapid-strike capacity—so all interventions are short term operations.
My website details these two plans. (1) Congress must simplify the tax code. It is a 75,000-page disaster. Americans spend 2 billion hours and $55 billion to file their tax returns. Half of all Washington lobbying involves the tax code. (2) Current tax policy encourages publically traded companies to stockpile cash instead of paying dividends to investors. This leads to a less diverse market and endless megamergers. Congress needs to rewrite tax policy so publicly traded companies can expense dividend payments. This will put more money in more people’s hands, to use more broadly.
I will participate in town halls. And I have original ideas to make them productive. As your representative, I will bear two responsibilities. (1) To inform you of what is going on in Washington—and what I’m doing about it. (2) To listen to your responses to what is going on in Washington—and what I should be doing about it. The United States House is the federal body closest to the people, both through small districts, and through short two-year terms. As your member of the House, I will never be far away.
The ACA is so large that no one person can read the entire thing—let alone understand it. It is so encompassing that it cannot be coherent. Like most things Congress does, it is an omnibus nightmare. Here are two examples of what can be done. (1) A simple tax code change would make health insurance like home, auto, life, and other kinds of insurance the free market makes available at competitive rates. (2) Separate routine needs from emergencies. A lot of families can budget for the expected—especially if offered upfront pricing not subject to the administrative costs of a third-party payer.
I am running on a 4-policy platform. (1) Congress is broke. (2) Social Security is almost broke. (3) The Department of Veterans Affairs is beyond broke. (4) Federal tax policy is breaking us all. Each is summarized on the issues page of my website. I am committing to a specific policy agenda so you can measure me by one criteria: Promises made—promises kept. I have a unique resume for this job. I am writing my Ph.D. dissertation on congressional term limits at the University of Dallas, and I am Professor of Politics at Arlington Baptist University. My specialty is the legislative process.
Education • Harvard College - BS • Harvard Business School - MBA • Various Military - Sampling includes: Infantry Officer Course, Airborne, Basic Intelligence Officer Course, Sniper Employment Officer Course
Experience • Proven Conservative in the Texas Legislature • Businessman who knows jobs come from private sector • Family man running to protect our liberties & American Dream for next generation • US Marine committed to defending nation & keeping America safe
Twitter @VanTaylorTX
Campaign Phone (972) 836-7986
As a United States Marine, I served on the U.S. / Mexico border as part of Joint Task Force 6 and know it is not secure. In the Texas Senate, I used this background to pass important legislation granting Texas military personnel legal safeguards to protect themselves while being called upon to serve our state. I doggedly supported increasing border security funding at the state level and have also consistently fought to turn off the magnets that further entice illegal immigration. In Congress, I will continue to fight for meaningful safeguards on our borders and reject amnesty. I proudly voted repeatedly to end sanctuary cities in our state and we must deport criminals who entered this country illegally.
Having served as a Marine I know the importance of peace through strength and the true gravity of putting our military in harm’s way. America has a unique role as the world’s strongest economic and military power. We must lead and forge careful alliances to confront the scourge of radical Islam and rogue regimes. Our military is the greatest force the world has ever known because of the brave Americans who volunteer to defend us. We fight for freedom and self-determined government, in contrast to other military forces throughout history that fought for wealth, status, or on orders from their dictator. Washington must support our armed forces with the resources and equipment needed to accomplish their missions and keep us safe – and when our heroes return our nation must honor its promise to our veterans.
As a local businessman, I know firsthand that sustained jobs growth comes from the private sector – not big government. Texas leads the nation in jobs and opportunity and Collin County is certainly at the heart of that growth. I am constantly inspired by the passion and dedication of our job creators to tackle the risks of starting their own businesses. Texas is the jobs leader not by accident but because of conservative leadership that removes government barriers in order to incentivize private innovation and unleash American’s entrepreneurial spirit. Texas has established a blueprint for success and Washington can learn a lot from how we do things in Texas.
In the State Legislature I have always stated that my best legislative ideas come directly from the people I serve. As such I have maintained a 100% meeting policy with constituents resulting in over 1,000 separate meetings with constituents in the last three years. Working together we authored and passed:

• Sweeping protections for victims of domestic violence, safeguarding children from online sexual predators, and ending forced underage marriages in Texas • A Texas Constitutional Amendment making it easier for our military to vote while serving overseas, increasing military ballots 150% • Legislation closing a loophole preventing healthcare fraud and abuse saving local taxpayers millions. • Sweeping ethics reform including revoking benefits from corrupt politicians

If I am fortunate enough to be elected to United States Congress, I look forward to continuing my 100% meeting policy and meeting with thousands more constituents as we work together on policy solutions for our nation.
Contrived in backroom deals and riddled with broken promises and false hope, former President Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and their allies in Washington forced on the American people a $1.7 trillion dollar takeover of our healthcare system. While plunging our nation further into debt, Obamacare has most harmed those whom the law was supposed to help. Healthcare premiums have skyrocketed, deductibles have grown so large that insured dollars have become unreachable for many families, jobs have been killed, hours available for workers restricted, and the promise of the American dream pushed beyond the grasp of many striving to make a better life for their family. The damage created by Obamacare is extensive and marks one of the largest policy failures in our nation’s history. Leaders in Washington must repeal Obamacare and empower the states to create free market based solutions that provide Americans access to healthcare they can afford from a doctor they trust.
Like a business or family, pressing issues are numerous and change often. In the Legislature I have been effective by gravitating towards whatever issues are moving so I could craft conservative solutions to those policy challenges and I will continue to look for those opportunities in the U.S. Congress. However, as I talk with constituents the top issues I hear all the time are:

• Limiting the size and scope of government • Border security and stopping illegal immigration • Jobs and the Economy • National Security • Repealing Obamacare
Education MBA - Amberton University BS - College of Staten Island
Experience I have beeing in the software industry for over 20 years. I began my career as a Police Officer with the City of Dallas.
Campaign Phone (214) 727-9762
Pertaining to the undocumented, their culture is American, we have already made an investment in their well-being. Therefore, I fully support DACA - Path to Citizenship, Temporary Protected Status, and reasonable immigration policies. Many DACA recipients are well educated, skilled and are already participating in the economy. I will support preferences given to those who study for and enter fields where the US experiences significant labor shortages, such as Medicine and Nursing, teaching etc., and for those entering the Military to "jump" the line and receive greater protections.
America's foreign interests is vast and will invariably results in the US being in the position of considering military intervention to protect vital economic interests or saving lives. However, all avenues, diplomatic, humanitarian and others must be fully exhausted before military intervention be considered. Military intervention should always be the last resort and should be conducted with the UN, along with the international community.

The US and the international community should act in a "timely and decisive' manner when states fail to protect their citizens from genocide, ethnic cleansing, even slavery. We must act in line with our values and convictions.
The focus on wage stagnation and inequality should be addressed. Closing the racial/Gender pay gap and increasing the minimum wage to $15/hr will benefit Americans in the long run.

Capital Investments - Overhauling and revitalizing our infrastructure and bringing it into the 21st century, reducing traffic congestion and providing other modes of transportation are worth pursuing. We do not yet have high speed rail.

We should increase our focus on International trade, with over 41 million jobs and 4.9 trillion in GDP involved. We have a global market place where 95% of the world's customers living outside the United States. We must remain engaged in the world and aggressively pursue trade agreements with new global partners. Global customers equate to good-paying American jobs should be the motivating factor to strengthen our ties with our current trading partners and negotiating new trade deals with emerging markets.
I will utilize all manner of communications technology available to stay in contact with my constituents. My offices will be fully staffed with well trained and passionate individuals so that constituents will be able to speak in person. When I am back in the district my time will be spent in town halls, meeting with the constituents at their party's offices and clubs.
Whether it is Medicare for All (Texas did not expand Medicare), adding a public option to the ACA or some other form, America can afford a well funded Universal Healthcare System. It should go without saying that a strong society requires well educated, healthy citizens and to take health care off the table will do more harm than good. The Universal system will provide healthcare with reduced administrative costs among other things.

Worker Rights Protection will need to be revisited in order to address the epidemic of sexual harassment and misconduct in the workplace. Congress should conduct hearings in this and repeal laws that are ineffective and enact legislature fully protect employee rights, then rigorously enforce it.

It is time to have the conversation about gun safety. It is without question, that I am fully supportive of the second amendment. However, the gun violence epidemic continues unabated. The Centers for Disease Control reports that over 36,000 Americans die and 85,000 are injured as a result of firearms in 2015, the latest report available. The cost associated is conservatively estimated to be $45 billion including lost wages, this does not include long term care, police investigation, and incarceration costs etc. In the current environment, we are besieged with mass shootings. I believe that the public good must be given serious consideration with respect to this matter.