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Bastrop County Justice of the Peace Precinct 1

Primary Election: March 6, 2018Early Voting: February 20 - March 2, 2018
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    Cindy Allen (Rep) Candidate Justice of the Peace Pct. 1.

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    Sherry Cook (Rep) Executive Director TABC, Retired

  • Dock Jackson (Dem)

  • Kelley Price (Rep)

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    Mac W. Simpson (Rep) Financial Representative WoodmenLife

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What are your qualifications for the position of Justice of the Peace?

What are the resource needs of the office of Justice of the Peace?

How can you improve the services of the Justice of the Peace?

Background * 9 1/2 years experience within the Judicial System. * Former Municipal Judge * Juvenile Corrections * Adult Probation *Business Owner 20 years +
Education Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice Continued Education -Texas Municipal League, Texas Court Clerk Assoc., and Texas Teen Court Clerk Assoc.
2 1/2 years experience as a (Former) Municipal Judge/Court Administrator with the City of Martindale, 3 years with the City of Bastrop Municipal Court as a Juvenile Case Manager, 4 years experience with Bastrop County Teen Court as Executive Director, 1-year experience with Travis County Adult Probation, and 3 years working with Juvenile Offenders//Corrections.
Communication: Implementing workshops and small group discussions with local and community-based agencies. As a former Judge I am committed to doing the best possible job of administering the law and providing information services to the people I come into contact with daily. Working closely with local and community-based agencies improves public trust within the judicial system.

Training: Establish and publicize trainings when new legislation is enacted and new polices promulgated. Educating the public, opening our courts should be our mission.
I plan on working extensively in my community to make it a safer place to live and raise children. Compassion plays a large role in this position. People are appreciative of a judge who listens, treats them with respect and resolves their legal problems. I plan on reaching out and working with communities to focus on solutions to the problems that hinder our community. People deserve patience and respect "every case is important". Being a Judge is a tremendous honor. It's one of the highest forms of public service. I am excited about the opportunity to serve the citizens of Bastrop.
Background Residence: Bastrop County, 30+ years Employment: DPS, 29 years; TABC 10 years
Education MS, Information System BS, Applied Arts & Science, cum laude AS/Criminal Justice, AS/Corrections, AS/Information Technology, Licensed Peace Officer
Two associates’ degrees in criminal justice one in technology, and a bachelor’s and master’s degree that focused on technology and administration provide me with the intellectual discipline and knowledge to understand and analyze the wide range of issues that come before all justices of the peace. I have 39 years of experience as a criminal justice practitioner in which I have dealt extensively with criminal justice investigations, technology and administration. For the past seven years, I had the privilege of serving as the first female Executive Director of the TABC.
The most critical budgetary skill for any government official is to ask how can we accomplish the most with what we have. And, if we must have more, what is the compelling need? My experience will enable me to perform a careful, review to see where budget dollars can be stretched, possibly through technology, and where procedures can be streamlined. The Justice of the Peace must be flexible because the Legislature and county government can impact the resource needs of the Office through new or revised statues and ordinances. A commitment to get the job done will provide that flexibility.
A. Review practices and procedures. Is there a better way? That question will be ever present in my mind. B. Give everyone a full and fair opportunity to be heard and then make a fair and just decision based on the evidence before the Court. C. Welcome constructive criticism whether from the public, my own staff or other governmental officials, and then act on it
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Background Grocery Industry Retail Management, Small Business Owner, Financial Advisor, Community Volunteer Married 35 Years to Pam Simpson 17 Years Bastrop Res.
Education University of Texas at Austin 1978-1980 Southwest Texas State University 1976-1978. William B. Travis High School - Austin
Website http://None
For More that 35 years I have worked with people from all walks of life to help them find solutions to their problems. A phone call from a loving daughter a thousand miles away wanting to provide a half gallon of Blue Bell ice cream to a sick, home bound mother or a father wanting to provide a secure financial future for his family, these are the problems I have found a solution to throughout my career. The "Justice of the Peace" is the Peoples Court. The people are entitled to a JP that can apply the law in a fair and impartial manner while keeping their needs as a person in mind.
The current budget for this office is approximately $200,000. The majority of this budget goes to salaries and benefits with the balance going to office supplies, communications, transportation seminars and juror expenses. The resource that the sitting JP can bring to the office is respected leadership and a good working relationship with staff, the precinct Constable who also serves as the court Bailiff and the law enforcement community of the county.
As mentioned above, the greatest resource a sitting JP can bring to the office is Leadership. Constable and staff must feel that they are treated with respect and appreciation while working in a team environment to provide exceptional service to their employers, the community they serve. The greatest value I can bring to the office of Justice of the Peace is the attitude that this is the "Peoples Court" and in all situations, the JP and staff are there to serve the people of Bastrop County.