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Williamson County Commissioner, Precinct 2

Primary Election: March 6, 2018Early Voting: February 20 - March 2, 2018
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    Cynthia Long (Rep) Williamson County Commissioner

  • Kasey Redus (Dem)

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    Bart Turek (Rep) Building consultant

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What are the most important duties of a County Commissioner?

What are the transportation issues in your county and how do you plan to address them?

Because counties do not have zoning authority, how do you plan to address growth issues in the unincorporated areas of your county?

What are the health and human services issues in your county and how would you address them?

Background Wife; mother; follower of Jesus Christ; Aggie; former Cedar Park City Council, YMCA Board member & small business owner; dedicated community servant
Education Graduate of Texas A&M University with a BBA in Business Analysis
There are numerous important duties of a Commissioner. One is constituent services which includes listening to constituents, answering their questions, connecting them to resources, and solving problems. Other very important duties include establishing and managing an annual county budget that appropriately funds all county departments and setting the tax rate. I understand that every penny that pays for the county budget comes out of taxpayer pockets and I take that seriously. My ability to discern wants versus needs and say, "no", when necessary has been key to a balanced budget.
Williamson County voters have told us to stay ahead of the congestion by overwhelmingly voting yes for multiple transportation bonds. In response, I have led the charge to design a county transportation plan that addresses the explosive growth in Williamson County and we are delivering on that plan. We have built almost 300 lane miles of new roads and made improvements to 221 more. As a leader on CAMPO, I have brought millions of State and Federal transportation dollars to the County, keeping Wilco taxpayers from having to foot the whole bill for the improvements.
As a strong supporter of private property rights, I believe that less government intervention is a good thing. The legislature has given counties some authority regarding how subdivisions are planned. We must ensure our subdivision rules are followed, that those rules protect the public and that new development puts as little financial burden on current and future tax payers as possible. Additionally, where and how we build roads is a way in which we can and do influence future development.
Partnership is key to addressing these issues. Government can’t and shouldn’t do it all. We are blessed with a vibrant church and non-profit community that the county and other governmental entities partner with to address many of the health and human service needs. Individuals needing services include, domestic violence and other assault victims, foster children, veterans, abused seniors, individuals with mental health needs, among others. The needs range from the simple to the very complex. The team approach has proven to be effective as we tackle the challenges.
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Background Texas Peace Officer and Williamson County Emergency Management Deputy Director
Education Austin Community College and North Harris - Montgomery County law enforcement academy
Be a full time, fiscally responsible, transparent elected official to the citizens of the precinct. Have an open dialogue between the citizens, cities of the precinct, and myself to work together for the benefit of the entire county. And be the voice on the Commissioners Court for the citizens and cities inside the precinct.
The issue(s) is the rapid growth in the entire precinct. One resolution is to work with the cities in Pct 2, and the state, in finding ways to improve the roadways that are creating the most congestion and demand. Another resolution will be to work closely with these cities, and the state, to improve the mass transit to provide the most reliable and cost-effective means of transportation, whether that be adding additional rail lines or extending / adding bus routes north.
My plan is to work with the county engineers, local officials, public safety, developers, and utility districts in these areas to ensure communities and businesses are created, or expanded, that are environmentally safe, affordable, and economically sound for the county.
County population growth is an issue facing health and human services. Human services must have staffing and funds to handle this growth. Health and human services not only addresses indigent care, but it provides local programs such as flu awareness and women’s health programs. I will meet with department heads about having proper funding to protect our community in the most effective ways possible. I believe working with the department heads, health and human services can be one of the top programs in the state.