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U.S. House, District 27

Primary Election: March 6, 2018Early Voting: February 20 - March 2, 2018
  • Raul (Roy) Barrera (Dem) Spcl Deputy/Crt Security Officer

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    Bech Bruun (Rep) Attorney

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    Michael Cloud (Rep) Business owner

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    Vanessa Edwards Foster (Dem) OTR Truck Driver

  • Eddie Gassman (Rep) Businessman

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    John Grundwald (Rep) Retired

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    Jerry Hall (Rep) Mediator

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    Eric Holguin (Dem) Public Affairs Specialist

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    Christopher K. Mapp (Rep) SELF EMPLOYED

  • Ronnie McDonald (Dem)

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Explain your position on immigration to the U.S. Please address DACA, a pathway to citizenship, and border security.

What would you do to ensure affordable healthcare access for all citizens?

Identify three measures you would support that reduce gun violence.

What policies would you pursue to address safety and inequalities facing women and people of color?

Do you believe the government has a role in reducing student debt? Why or why not?

What are your legislative priorities for responding to our changing climate?

What other issue do you consider most important and how would you address it?

Background Born and raised in Robstown, TX, living in C.C., TX. 35 years as a Sworn Officer and Public Servant and continued to this date.
Education Robstown High School Grad. Del Mar College certified Peace Officer and Communications Officer and continue as public servant @ Federal Court C.C., TX
The opposition party has stalled on immigration reform. We should not do away with DACA. These people who arrived here as children are Americans in every sense of the word but don't have citizenship. They are part of our Military, Police Forces, Teachers, and are in various other professions. They contribute billions of dollars into our economy. Criminals who are not here legally should be deported back to their respective countries. People who contribute to our society should be granted citizenship or at least, permanent status.
The new Tax Reform has removed the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) mandate. Now the insurance rates will go up as there are not enough healthy people signing up for ACA as they are not required to do so. Republicans are slowly depriving the ACA of funds and that is how they will try to do away with ACA Health care that is needed for all. We need to strengthen the ACA and not deprive it of funds. A Public Option should be considered also as long as the public option can provide the same services that a private insurance company provides.
We agree with the Second Amendment and we will defend the right to own guns. What needs to be law is a background check for all at all times. Turning a semi-automatic weapon into an automatic weapon with a simple Bump Stock should not be allowed. No one should be allowed to purchase a gun clip that will hold more than 10 rounds at a time. This type of weaponry is military grade and should be used by the military only.
We will pursue equal pay for equal work. Women have been discriminated for far too long by the men in power positions. When you are cut off in the middle of a sentence, when they dismiss your ideas, when they pass you over for promotions with the proverbial excuse that you are not as qualified as your male counterpart. I have a wife, daughters and granddaughters in the workforce and I hear their complaints of the lack of opportunities. I will fight for equality for women and people of color.
Yes! American students owe about $1 trillion in school loans today. The Government should play the major role in operating student debt and should not be privatized. Students are graduating with a Humongous school loan that carries penalties and interest that they will have to pay for a life time. We should at least provide the first two years of college free and relieve them of this debt.
We have abundant wind energy and solar energy that we need to utilize. The regulations that he EPA has in place should not be relaxed. The EPA should be given more support in establishing reasonable regulations. We should cite all the companies that are not complying with these standards but not hinder their production.
Social Security needs to be solvent. The current administration has threatened to privatize our social security system and we should not let them as that would be detrimental to the most important safety net that we have. Health care is the other safety net that is vital. Our Veterans need better care and I will help provide that through better administration of the VA system and more funds. We live in a free society because our Military Veterans have provided that freedom.
Background Chairman, Texas Water Development Board (2013-2017) Former Senior Staff to Gov. Rick Perry Former Chief of Staff to Rep. Todd Hunter (Corpus Christi)
Education Bachelors of Business Administration, University of Texas at Austin Doctor of Jurisprudence, University of Texas School of Law
I support legal immigration and believe that the federal government has fallen down on its responsibility of securing our borders. I support a path to citizenship for "Dreamers", but in doing so believe the federal government should first address its failure to enforce existing immigration laws. Also, I believe we should rely on local law enforcement as to their needs in addressing border security and do everything in our power to support them on a federal level.
I would support continued efforts to dismantle Obamacare in ways that would result in more of a "market based" approach to healthcare as opposed to government mandates and limited options. Healthcare costs have sky rocketed and they will continue to do so if an until we can get federal bureaucracy out of the way. This is especially true as it relates to access to quality healthcare for our veterans which vastly needs to be improved.
I would vehemently defend the 2nd Amendment. I would support legislation to remove barriers and inconsistencies between states that hamper an individual's ability to legally carry a concealed weapon. I would support measures to address mental health issues that can be linked to violent behavior.
I would support policies that promote the fair advancement of women and people of color in the workforce, especially working mothers. I believe in the rule of law and would work to ensure that existing anti-discrimination laws are properly enforced to their fullest.
Yes, I believe that government needs to play a more active role in reducing student debt as opposed to promoting what can seem like its limitless use. Our universities and community colleges are graduating students who will enter the workforce with unsustainable levels of debt. I will work towards and support solutions that can address this so that our graduates can look forward to their future without being hamstrung by the hard work and dedication they put in to advance themselves into the diverse, competitive workforce that exists today.
As Chairman of the Texas Water Development Board, I oversaw the adoption of the 2017 State Water Plan, a comprehensive planning tool for identifying the future water supply needs and solutions for the state. This process utilized sound science based on historical data to provide a "worst case drought scenario" benchmark to be used in long-range planning. This kind of practical approach should be used in evaluating climate issues both at the federal and state levels.
Economic development based in improved infrastructure (water, roads, rail and ports) is vital to the growth and prosperity of District 27. Having chaired the state's lead water infrastructure agency, I understand the challenges in developing these types of infrastructure and how best to work with local, state, and federal agencies to get things done.
Background State Republican Executive Committeeman, four-term Victoria GOP Chair. Owner of Bright Idea Media, former staff at Faith Family Church.
Education Oral Roberts University
Our immigration system is broken. An unwillingness to enforce the law over the past several decades has favored those who choose to break the law rather than go through the legal process. And Congress has been negligent in finding a solution to this serious problem. The first step in any immigration policy must be border security and enforcement, and Congress should pursue an “all of the above” approach. We should build a wall where it makes sense. President Trump’s approach to include DACA in a solution that secures the border and defunds “sanctuary cities” is a practical balanced approach.
Obamacare has not only increased the cost of healthcare but has also restricted the freedom of Americans to choose their healthcare options. Obamacare must be repealed. Limiting regulation and lawsuit abuse would bring down costs, as would preventing Medicare fraud, which by itself costs each U.S. household on average nearly $500 per year. An approach that restores free market principles will lower cost and increase access to quality care.
The right to keep and bear arms is essential to a free society. This is why the 2nd Amendment affirms the right of citizens to defend themselves not only from others but also from tyranny. Americans are safer today from gun crime than at any time since the 1960s. The Supreme Court should recognize the right of citizens to carry arms nationwide. Neither federal nor state/local governments may impose any requirement making the process of acquiring arms burdensome.
The safety of all citizens regardless of ethnicity or gender is an important function of government. I support providing both the military and law enforcement with the resources they need to protect all Americans. The law should not distinguish between class, gender, ethnic, or other groups in the administration of justice.
The federal government’s interventionist has produced record number of students bound by debt. Attempts to make college more accessible have actually made college much more expensive. As government loans increased, colleges realized they could raise prices without losing students. The federal government now handles 90% of student loans and over nine million borrowers are in default/delinquency or had postponed payments. Not only is this debt load harmful to graduates, it may cost taxpayers over $100 billion. Restoring free market principles would reduce costs and student debt.
The EPA under the Obama Administration abused its authority, imposing costly new regulations on businesses and electrical plants. One of my legislative priorities will be to reestablish congressional control over federal agencies like the EPA to prevent this kind of overreach in the future.
The federal government is too large and has too much power over the lives of citizens due to excessive taxation and spending. I would support tax relief and simplifying the tax code to eliminate loopholes and exemptions. The United States has acquired an enormous national debt. The crisis is avoidable, but it will take leaders with the courage to make hard choices. The first condition necessary for bringing down the debt is economic growth. Taxation slows the economy, so we cannot tax our way out of debt; spending must be reduced.
Background No previous public sector, nor any paid lobbyist experience. However 20 years active in politics from campaigns to unpaid lobbying in DC & Austin, etc
Education Del Mar College, Lone Star College
Not in favor of the border wall—wasted money! Am in favor of DACA which may be law soon. Immigration should not simply be absolute open borders, though. We should consider immigration in a case-by-case basis of need. Am concerned about issues such as chain-migration and the lottery system, and feel it should be vetted thoroughly rather than random selection. However we need to make the path toward legal emigration more streamlined, ensure its not strictly for wealthy emigres only and perhaps should increase the legal limits which are a causative factor in so many circumventing the legal path.
Very much in favor of expanding Medicare for all! The recent tax cuts stripping $370 billion from Medicare & $1 trillion to pay for the law is a travesty! Every civilized nation has government healthcare for all. Personally I would sponsor and heavily go to bat for nationalized healthcare, preferably expanding Medicare, as well as backing strong government negotiation of pricing on prescription drugs with big Pharma. Additionally, I'd join Sen. Grassley, Rep. Thompson & others in pressing non-profit hospital corps. on fulfilling their promise and expanding their charity care of the indigent!
The primary issue is the lack of mental health support and funding. Since the mid 80's, we've slashed budgeting and simply released people to the streets and homelessness untreated. The safety net for those with mental or physically violent histories has disappeared and needs to be addressed and funded responsibly. We need to ensure our gun registry is up-to-date and fully communicating with all agencies. We also need public education on instructing civilians not to simply reach for a gun & react in anger, plus incentives for violence-prone areas to dissuade from gun culture (ex: Richmond CA)
First we must address issues of pay inequality: equal pay for equal jobs should be a rule! Next we must find ways to fund and encourage entrepreneurship in small business as those will become America's economic backbone of the future, esp. with corporations and big business moving toward automation and robotics. Justice system inequalities also must be stopped. Policing overreactions are still problematic and we need community policing to humanize and bring both sides together. Courts and police need to revise how they deal with victims of sexual assault—they need to be considered seriously!
America needs to move towards tuition free higher education in all public universities. Government stopped funding the states at the onset of this millennium which caused all colleges to make up the difference by raising the difference on students. In a civilized nation like US, basic education should be free to ensure a competent workforce! On existing student debt, it's a more difficult quandary as it covers existing loan agreements. If Congress can allow for their sons/daughters to be forgiven their college debt without recourse, then surely there's a way to do likewise for its citizens.
My desire is to see the U.S. reenter the Paris accord. We need to push back against the current direction from Admin & the Energy Dept, and reverse incentivizing coal and nuclear power. We should push not only for more wind, solar, water and geothermal forms of energy, but supporting the industry creating, innovating & manufacturing new products for use in those clean forms of energy here in the U.S! Also invest in desalination plants for water use, esp. for irrigation purposes to conserve our water tables. Get tough on polluters and put teeth behind those violations!
One recent issue is states' rights and Marijuana laws: both should stay intact. Remove Marijuana/THC items from the federal Schedule 1 controlled substance list. Also would fast-track allowable use of it for veterans with PTSD. Evidence shows it's usefulness with PTSD, and it's non-pharma, non-addictive, virtually no side effects. Would also create Labor Equity Recapture Tax to give boost to small business/penalize larger business based on the ratio of top wage-earners to bottom wage-earners, to either raise wages or reduce exec pay. Funds from it go to bankroll new entrepreneurship startups.
Background contractor, and salesman
Education Mary Carroll High School , Del Mar Jr. College , Corpus Christi State University
. There are three basic points to my position on immigration. 1. immigration reform, 2 What to do with Illegal Adults already in the country and DACA, 3. border security..We must have immigration reform that reduces the incentives to come her illegally .. No free benefits! Instead,Immigration should include incentives to immigrate Legally which includes faster processing, immigration should not take years to accomplish.We need to find a status .not citizenship for people her more than 5 yrs. We need their tax money to help pay for increased border security and a partial barrier where needed
1. allow part-time employees to partake of their employers group healthcare programs. Its cheaper than individual plans. It will also cover more students and single parents, and the elderly who supplement their retirements It will also help people without upper levels of education 2. Get rid of the open enrollment time frame. People who miss open enrollment must go the whole year without insurance. Imagine if we did that with car insurance and other forms of insurance. 3.Create more competition by allowing people to buy insurance anywhere they choose...4 Get the government out of healthcare
I don't believe in the term Gun Violence. Its people killing people using guns. 1..better background checks for people with mental health problems. Huge mental healthcare problem in America that is not be addressed 2Reducing the availability of guns where there is no background check at all and where the chances of fraudulent paperwork is not properly checked and proper screening is not taking place.3.fix the failure of agencies charged with checking and screening and granting permits not communicating with each other..Restricting people form legally owning a gun is not the answer.
1 strengthen laws to increase the prison sentences of people who commit hate crimes and repeated crimes against women and children. 2. Increase the effectiveness of protective orders and restraining orders. Many women are killed and injured by Husbands,Ex-Husbands and boyfriends who have restraining orders already on the books. This needs to stop! 3 More help Funding for nonprofit organization housing and helping all abused women. 4. More authority and decision making ability For Police when dealing with domestic violence..Hate crime and domestic crime Education should be a priority!
Ii do believe he government can help in some cases to lower the interest rates for service members and people doing community service jobs, and those seeking higher education . I also believe the government should help people of lower income and people who did not complete their education.. Many of these people cannot finish their education because they have already had problem repaying their loans and are therefor restricted from receiving any more money. This keeps these people in lower paying,jobs and part-time jobs which almost always keeps them near or below the poverty level.
I do not believe the Government has a role in changing climate.
I would support all efforts to reduce Government Spending.. I would pass a bill restricting the lawmakers ability to adding amendments and spending to bills that have nothing to do with the subject of the bill. at hand. Restricting Government by Stealth! Government spending is way out of hand. People are having a hard time paying all their Bills without the government adding more fees and hidden taxes.. We need to reduce the amount it cost for families to make ends meet.The More money families can keep the more they can save or spend. This will help the economy and the family Both!
Background Raised on a 400+ acre produce farm. CPA Worked in business since 1970.
Education BBA Western Michigan 1970
Illegal is Illegal. Those affected by DACA must go back to the country of origin. They must be given expedited consideration for reentry and citizenship. Those that are willing to enter and will join the military service including the Coast Guard for at least three years may automatically become citizens. Those that have lived here as if citizens, filed tax returns, etc. must be given expedited consideration but still must go through the full process including reading, speaking English and passing the exam before they become citizens. If not done, deport and start over.
Health care is not an entitlement nor a right. People must work for it. Then they may become part of Medicare and Medicaid. Consideration must be made for their income. Most of us worked to get it.
Guns do not kill people. People kill people. More people are killed by hammers than by guns. 1 Get the liberal news out of sensationalizing the incidents. 2 Educate the press and those that are pushing for more gun control about guns. 3 Educate the gun control advocates what really kills more people than guns and see if they want to control hammers, cars, etc.
Nobody is entitled to address their own safety and inequalities. They have the right to overcome those issues.. In order to get what they want, they must work for it and go to schools that require them to learn not just let them float through. Also they must merit and pass any higher education they receive, not let into a college just because of their race, creed, color or gender.
If the student works for the government then their service may account for part of a reduction in their student debt.
What really is changing our climate? In 1777 the Delaware river had ice in it. There was a year with no summer. Many people starved to death. There was a mini ice age in about the 1,000s to the 1,500s. At one time the Anazasi Indians lived in cliff dwellings and cultivated a portion of what is now part of the Southwestern desert. The climate has changed considerably since then. How much man has contributed to this change, who knows. We need to find out what is part of the natural cycle and what part we have caused before we jump into a plan that may do more harm than good.
Term limits. We need term limits. I propose five terms (10 years) for a Congressman, two terms for a Senator (12 years) and already the two terms (8 years) for a President. This would give us overlap of terms and also prevent a political ruling group from forming.
Background Left home at the age 15 and had to make my own living and continued my education on my own. I built several businesses and put over 6,000.
Education I have specialized education from Harvard in Negotiations, Pepperdine University i Conflict Resolution, Finance from Indiana University, UofH, UMKC
DACA I would like to help these people find a way to legal status, due to no fault of their own they are in the USA. I am in support of building the WALL, I have numerous rancher friends along the border who have been killed or robbed by the criminals coming across the border we need to Protect Americans first, we have a door by which anyone can come through legally we will accept them with open arms, but legally. It is unfair that the ones who did follow the rules are being insulted by the ones who don't. Why should they get special treatment.
Open the start lines and allow competitive pricing, allow over the counter purchases of most medicines, demand competitive pricing for medications. Tort reform nationwide on medical malpractice suits. Medicare is something all retirees paid into and then there are being charged again. I want to stop the double billing on Medicare. We should not have to pay again.
1) Increase the punishment for violent crimes with a weapon 2) Allow open carry in every state 3) Gun shows sales with a government background check
As a mediator, I routinely address this issue, inequality if a problem nationwide, you can not regulate treatment of other people. The federal government is no causing inequality by requesting on all application race selection. Inequality begins with asking designation of Color and gender. This should be mandated to be removed from all applications. Which by doing so would create a workforce of equality.
Yes, the federal government continues to support and fund colleges that continually take government funds that should help reduce the cost of tuition but continue to increase the costs. I would support the reduction of College funding unless the universities become more competitive on tuition. I would like to see online education from the Universities at lower rates than the in class student tuition fees. I would support a nationwide CLEP type program that would offer anyone to test out of most of the courses and then complete their education at an accredited university that has US Funding.
Welfare Reform Social Security Reform
Business regulations, fairness in business practices, openness to equality in hiring and pay. Education reform making College affordable. The Reduction of the discrimination against people who can not afford to go to college and are excluded from jobs the can easily do and are rejected solely on the reason they do not have a college degree.
Background Born, raised, and educated in Texas to a Hispanic working-class family of public servants. Previously worked for a US Congresswoman & NYC Comptroller.
Education Bachelor of Arts - Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi
Our country is strong because of our diversity - and that includes immigrants. Tearing families apart is not only cruel, it's not how America is, nor should be. We need to pass a clean DACA bill to support our DREAMers, and also work to pass DAPA, so that immigrant families can stay together. The current pathway to citizenship is long & expensive. I learned this while helping immigrants deal with USCIS. We need to cut the red tape on the path to become naturalized. I believe we can have border security without a wall, & we do that by investing in technology to better monitor our borders.
I fully support a single-payer healthcare system, because healthcare is a RIGHT and not a privilege. In order for this to happen, we need to expand Medicare - and we do that over a 5-10 year process by lowering the age requirements to be eligible for Medicare.
In order to reduce gun violence, we need to begin by having that conversation - no matter how uncomfortable some may find it. I do believe we can protect our right to bear arms, while fighting to ensure violent members of society don't get access to a firearm. First, we need to stand up to the gun lobby. The amount of money the NRA puts into legislators pockets is disgusting and should be illegal. We need to close any loopholes that allow violent/convicted offenders to be able to buy guns - including the Charleston Loophole. We need to reinstate the assault weapons ban as well.
Women & people of color have been given the short end of the stick for far too long. We need to close the gender pay gap by eliminating the "previous salary" question from the hiring process, promote pay transparency for fair salary negotiations, and make sure we strengthen equal pay laws. The same goes for our people of color - we need more than equality, we need equity. We need to address systemic issues in ways our people of color are treated in all aspects of life - ranging from education to economic opportunities to policing and more. People of color get stiffed - and that HAS to change.
I believe the government should have a role in reducing student debt, and have a role in ensuring this problem doesn't happen again. I myself am currently paying on student loans - and it's hinders many economic/life opportunities. Students who go into public service for a certain number of years should be able to get a reduction in their debt. We should look at ways that students can refinance their loans for much lower rates as well. Our student should be able to grow their financial future - not stay stuck for the next 30 years of their life.
As a candidate that is running in a district full of petrochemical plants, having very high environmental standards is paramount to me. I grew up in the 27th Congressional District and as a asthma sufferer, so it's personally important to me that we protect the air that we breathe, the water we drink and more. It's important that we get back in the Paris Climate Agreement - but go beyond that. We need to invest in a clean energy future and be the leader by helping our allies around the world do the same. There are many ways to lower greenhouse emissions & we do that by taking action in D.C.
This country is built on strong infrastructure and it's important that we reinvest in rebuilding Texas. With crumbling roads, bridges, rusted pipes, schools falling a part, it's vital that each member of Congress does their part to bring funding to their area for that investment. I will fight to make sure we get our piece of the pie. A strong & modern infrastructure grid will trickle down to living wage jobs, better quality of life, and a stronger economy.
Background I understand the needs for families and small businesses. Education through vocation, college, or apprenticeship training programs are the basis for a
Education I am currently going full time to obtain my Bachelor's degree. When I win the primary I will continue until the general and then suspend briefly.
The immigration policy in our country has been ignored through multiple administrations. President Trump is correct to have congress fund building the wall as this is the first step to controlling the areas of entry. Sanctuary cities should be illegal and the Mayors, councilpersons and city managers should be indicted for their participation. DACA - The H1B visa program is good model to allow employers to sponsor immigrants wanting to work in the U.S. The H1B Visa program is capped at 65,000 per year and requires a Bachelor's degree. Sponsorship could be a legal avenue to gain citizenship.
Healthcare is not a right. Access to health care is a right. A free market solution for competing policies is a positive solution. Health savings account are the best mobile vehicle much like a 401K which goes with the person and the employer or employee can contribute. The 401K should be in lieu of social security as well as the health savings accounts. Accounts should be independent; government has raided social security and should not have access to the funds. Health savings accounts should have the same tax deduction model as IRA's. Citizens should participate in self responsible benefits.
Three years required military service would be the first goal. The second would be to use the laws we already have on the books to prosecute criminals who should not have weapons. Third, we should allow reciprocation of gun carry laws from state to state. FFA and FHA programs are great places to start training young people about guns. We should be looking at guns as a tool needed for national sovereignty and not as a foreign object. Responsible gun owners are not criminals they are men and women who believe in the our Second Amendment. The Second Amendment was not made for duck hunters.
We have policies in place which give opportunity to all men and women regardless of color, creed or gender. I have not been a fan of affirmative action yet the imbalance is obvious. The Federal Government must be careful in forcing oversight yet tax incentives would be a great way to encourage, train and retain good quality labor. Policies should include the incentive for hiring and promoting yet should not demand based on color, creed or gender as this would be discrimination within itself. Our work policy is to teach, train and measure progress for successful, profitable productive workers.
Yes. The Federal Government has no business in financing student loans. Maybe underwriting. Local banks, savings and loans know their customers best. Government is financing student debt and bureaucrats set the tone for our colleges. College courses are littered with narratives/agendas which have nothing to do with the exchange of free ideas. I attend college full time and work full time. I am working on my Bachelor's. College's exponential expansion with funds loaned to students to pay the outrageous cost of books and tuition is a conflict of interest. Vocation training is a platform as well.
Renewable energy must be promoted within the private sector to prove profitability and free market expansion is possible. Tax incentives are the number one vehicle to move this industry forward. We should never mandate the climate change programs yet education is good and the development of new green technologies can help. Technology is not the only answer. The federal government should encourage cities, towns and counties to participate in this practice. Green energy coupled with a understanding that the paradigm of unlimited growth is not possible would foster personal awareness. NO MANDATE
National debt is number one. We have to learn to live within our means as individuals, families and especially our Government. National debt and open borders will both have effects our national security and sovereignty. I am for tax incentives and also believe we should have a mechanism to pay on the debt everyday. I would propose a one cent national consumption tax to pay on the debt only and start cutting bloated budgets not including the military. We need updated hardware and weaponry to deter our enemies. Vocational funded training programs returning to our middle education level is a must
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