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U.S. House, District 10

Primary Election: March 6, 2018Early Voting: February 20 - March 2, 2018
  • John W. Cook (Rep)

  • Richie DeGrow (Dem)

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    Madeline K. Eden (Dem) CTO, Technology Strategist

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    Matt Harris (Dem) Data Scientist/Entrepreneur

  • Michael T. McCaul (Rep)

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    Kevin Nelson (Dem) Educator

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    Mike Siegel (Dem) Attorney

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    Tami Walker (Dem) Attorney

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    Tawana Walter-Cadien (Dem) Public Administrator, RN Healthcare Administrator

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Explain your position on immigration to the U.S. Please address DACA, a pathway to citizenship, and border security.

What would you do to ensure affordable healthcare access for all citizens?

Identify three measures you would support that reduce gun violence.

What policies would you pursue to address safety and inequalities facing women and people of color?

Do you believe the government has a role in reducing student debt? Why or why not?

What are your legislative priorities for responding to our changing climate?

What other issue do you consider most important and how would you address it?

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Background 15 years Business Management and Software Design experience. 25 years IT Management, Network Security experience.
Education 15 years Business Management and Software Design experience. 25 years IT Management, Network Security experience.
I was raised in San Antonio, and have seen first hand the unforgivable damage caused to immigrant families. DACA recipients add almost ½ a trillion dollars to our GDP, and many have never lived outside the United States. The Dream Act can resolve this issue, so I will support that legislation, and demand permanent protections for our dreamers. All of our immigrants need a realistic pathway to citizenship, and I will fight to make sure they have one. There are cost effective technology solutions available which can secure our borders more efficiently and with fewer resources. Walls are so 1961!
The United States is the richest country in the world without universal healthcare. Sadly, there is no immediate resolution for people currently without coverage. We need to move quickly toward a “Single Payer” or "Medicare for All" solution. This could be accomplished by building from our existing Medicare program and gradually lowering the age requirements, year by year, until all Americans are eligible for benefits. This will effectively stabilize prescription and healthcare costs, streamline the administrative processes, and focus on providing universal healthcare coverage for everyone.
I’m a Texas Democrat with a CHL. However, I support sensible gun laws that secure our 2nd amendment rights while reducing the availability of military style semi-automatic assault weapons. We need to require background checks for ALL firearms purchases, and close the gun show loophole. We need a universal background check which includes: military crime data, domestic offenders, terrorist watch lists, and people with a history of violent mental illness. We also need to require training certifications for our background check system. I would sponsor legislation supporting any of these measures.
Gender equality, racial equality, and marriage equality are paramount for me. My family has felt the sting from each of these issues directly. Our basic equality and fundamental rights need to be secured by federal laws; and eventually amended in our constitution. Many of our rights are only secured by executive orders and judicial rulings. We need to lay the groundwork for real change on this front. I will advance every opportunity to enact actual change in our system of government, so that those rights will be preserved and enforced under federal law. A vote for me is a vote for equality.
The total outstanding student loan debt in the U.S. is $1.2 trillion. Student debt negatively affects our economy and the government should play an active role in reducing it. When 44 million Americans pay large monthly payments on their outstanding student debt, they have less money to spend, invest, or start a business. The government should not be profiting off of student loans. They should provide opportunities to students for refinancing their loans or have caps on the finance rates for student loans. Employers should be offered incentives to pay off their employees student loans. This
Immediately addressing the lack of available FEMA funding and disaster relief for areas in District 10 impacted by the recent climate disasters. Working to ensure federal resources are available for our future disasters (we haven't seen the end of it here in Texas). Lobbying our Senators to ratify the Paris Climate Accord. (They CAN be motivated!) Sponsoring or authoring legislation in support of: -Clean energy sources -Reduced carbon emissions -Energy efficient manufacturing standards (and enforcing those we already have) -Federal codes for energy efficiency -Improved agriculture standards
Electoral Security - The security of our electoral systems, and voter rolls must be addressed in full force. Our current representation lacks a fundamental understanding of modern technology, and the dangers it presents to our society. Their ignorance has broken our country, diminished our electoral process, and left us vulnerable. I understand the electronic threats, and have a plan to rebuild our electoral infrastructure using a "trust but verify" system and open-source cryptographic technology. It's time we had an election system with verifiable results, transparency, and accountability.
Background Work history includes large companies (IBM, PayPal, FICO) and several small startup companies. Served on RMMA Commission advisory to City Council.
Education B.S. Chemical Engineering, U. Florida, Post Grad under Fulbright at U. Karlsruhe, Germany.
Immigration is a complex issue. DACA - We need to provide a clean, short path to citizenship for these individuals and stop playing games with their lives. Broad Policy - We need a system of carrots and sticks to pull participants into a legal framework. Employers must face serious sanctions for violating the rules. Immigrants must be matched with jobs and assured of fair, and equitable treatment if they follow the rules. The rules must include health insurance at the border, payment of taxes, coverage under labor laws, and safe transit of people and money. The wall is absurd.
There is no free market in medicine and we need to plan accordingly. I believe we should build on medicare to ensure universal coverage for all U.S. residents. I am also open to adapting the ACA to make it a truly universal system. I also believe we must do much more in the area of prevention. It should be an outrage to Americans that we do not use the bargaining power of the federal government to contain medication prices. We also need to reform patent laws. They are especially ridiculous as pertains to pharma. I also support a greater government role for research with patent sharing.
Within our constitutional framework of rights we almost always couple rights with responsibilities. One has rights in property ownership but it does not include injuring your neighbors. Only with guns have we disconnected rights with responsibilities. 1) Put gun ownership on a par with other rights that come balanced with responsibilities. 2) Eliminate special liability shields for gun ownership and we might also consider taxing gun ownership. 3) Implement intelligent triggers for law enforcement reactions. (E.g., If you buy half ton of ammo for an automatic rifle, a flag is raised.)
We have a profoundly unjust, unbalanced economic system. My economic policy proposals will help all people who work and produce. Our current system is one of ever lower wages and ever greater concentration of wealth into the hands of a privileged class. This artificial dynamic is driven by unchecked monopoly power. I believe that correcting the core problem of neutralizing monopoly power will help women and POC far more than the usual specific remedies offered such as fair employment rules or equal pay rules. I don't oppose these, but just don't think they have strong enough effect.
Yes, but I also believe we need to step up and fund education such that debt is not part of the education process in the first place. The Republicans have been executing a long-term strategy to de-fund education. This must be reversed. I would favor giving young professionals a generous tax credit against student loan payments, perhaps 2:1. Open to ideas on this. I also believe we need to support young people entering trades, or non-academic professions. Not everyone benefits from college education or wants to take that path. Other paths into trades and professions deserve support too.
Climate change is one of the most important issues of our time. If we do not stop carbon extraction our descendants will face a grim and reduced world. I support the idea floated by the climate scientist, James Hansen, for taxing carbon extraction and then rebating the funds to every adult in the country. Incentives matter. Those who choose a high carbon footprint will pay much more while people who choose a small carbon footprint will come out ahead. i also support an expanded role for government research with patent sharing. Alternative fuels through algae and biomass look good.
1) Economic opportunity and fairness - Extreme inequality is unnatural, bad for people, and ultimately bad for business. We need to re-align our tax system to shift taxes from work and productive activity and onto natural resource privileges and other forms of monopoly and corporate power. 2) Sustainability - We need incentives to move away from carbon extraction to renewables. 3) Electoral fairness - Gerrymandering must end. I favor an amendment to overturn Citizens United and end corporate personhood. Regulate money flows into politics.
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Background An Austin resident since 1996, I went to graduate school at UT and then worked in publishing. I have recently returned to Austin from California.
Education B.S., Texas A&M; graduate work at University of Texas at Austin; PhD, Stanford University
Immigration is part of America's foundation and has always been a source of strength for us. In view of that, I will stand up for legal, properly regulated immigration by those who can contribute to our country. I also support DACA. Law-abiding residents who came here as young children should not have to worry about deportation. At the same time, we should maintain border security. A "wall" is the wrong way to go about that, but fair and consistent enforcement must be part of our border policy.
This is one of the most important issues we face as a nation. I believe we should build on the Affordable Care Act instead of undermining it. I support Medicaid expansion, and the federal government should provide further incentives for states to participate in that expansion. I also support the public option that was part of the original proposal for the Affordable Care Act. Private insurers should have some more competition.
First, we should expand background checks to cover all purchasers and sellers of guns. Second, those background checks should be set up to prevent anyone from purchasing a gun who has been convicted of offenses such as stalking. Third, significant training should be required in order to obtain a concealed-carry permit. Although that third measure is primarily an issue for individual states, the federal government should at least stay out of the way by not demanding that states accept each other's permits.
I would like to live in a country where everyone feels safe, and where opportunity is available to everyone. There is a lot of work we need to take towards that goal, and there are literally hundreds of specific steps Congress could take. Here are a few that I support. We should require employers to offer paid parental leave. We should prohibit employers from demanding that discrimination and harassment complaints be taken to arbitration rather than to court. And we should give tax relief to working people by shifting more of the tax burden onto those most able to afford it.
Yes, absolutely. First of all, there should be more government support for students so that there is less need for them to take on debt. Specifically, I would support extending the Pell Grant program. Secondly, those who are experiencing significant hardship (for example due to health problems) should be more easily able to discharge student-loan debt in bankruptcy proceedings.
Energy conservation will not only help the environment; it will also help our economy and national security in the long run. We should strengthen fuel economy standards, encourage public transportation, and develop alternative energy sources such as wind and solar energy.
We need new people in Washington, but just as importantly we need new processes. Gridlock and inaction have produced frustration across the whole country. The congressional leadership should not have such an easy time blocking legislation favored by a majority of members. I also believe campaign-finance reform is important, including better regulation of so-called super PACs. Finally, I strongly support abolition of the electoral college. The people should choose their President.
Background Public school teacher; Teachers' union representative; Executive director of nonprofit education agency; Civil rights lawyer; Assistant City Attorney
Education B.A., Comparative Literature, Brandeis University; Teaching Credential, California State University - East Bay; J.D., Cornell Law School
Immigrants enrich our culture, strengthen our economy, and make the United States a better place. Republicans look at taxpaying, law-abiding, loving and productive members of society and call them criminals, just because they’re trying to build a better life for their families. My commitment will be to ensure a fair immigration system that provides a clear path to legal status for contributing members of our community. I support the DREAM Act and reforms that allow families to stay together. I oppose the border wall as a wasteful and divisive measure that will do nothing to make Texas safer.
I support the “Medicare for All” bill proposed by Senator Bernie Sanders. Healthcare is a human right. Without healthcare, we cannot succeed economically; we cannot support our families; we cannot plan for the future because we are always on the precipice of economic and personal ruin. I am ashamed that I am a citizen of the wealthiest country on this planet but that we cannot guarantee a basic level of care for every single resident. Until we establish a universal system, I will fight to protect the Affordable Care Act, the Children's Health Insurance Program, and similar essential programs.
I draw the line at the difference between civilian and military hardware. I believe in the right of self-defense, and the right to own firearms for that purpose; I also believe that folks who want to hunt animals with shotguns or rifles should be able to do so. But we need to draw the line at high-powered rifles that shoot far more bullets per minute than is necessary to protect a home or kill a deer. I support immediate efforts to take these military weapons out of public circulation. I will support background checks, mental health checks, and prohibitions on unregulated gun show sales.
Establishing universal healthcare will advance gender equity and racial equality: the lack of healthcare is a tremendous limiting factor for many communities. I support pay equity legislation like the Paycheck Fairness Act to provide mechanisms to hold employers accountable and support women as they negotiate for better wages. I support criminal justice reform, including an end to the War on Drugs and dramatic reform to the system of pretrial detention. I will pursue efforts to strengthen the Voting Rights Act including: an end to felony disenfranchisement; and automatic voter registration.
Yes. The bedrock of democracy is equal opportunity; our aspirations in life should not be limited by the economic status of our families. Unfortunately, the U.S. system of higher education has been captured by the same forces of finance capital that drive increased credit card debt and home loan debt. The federal government should intervene to regulate private student loans--in particular loans paid to for-profit institutions--and demand loan forgiveness or reductions in many cases. Further the government should increase guarantees that all Americans can access higher education.
The fight to mitigate climate change is one of the most important struggles of our time. On the regulatory side, I will fight to strengthen the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act, the National Environmental Policy Act, and similar laws. We must decrease reliance on fossil fuels and increase renewable energy. On the appropriations side, I will support mass transit and clean renewable energy, and full funding of EPA enforcement programs. We must invest in urban rail and high speed rail. We must also ensure that workers in fossil fuel industries are supported as they transition to new employment.
I support an immediate repeal of the 2017 “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” which effectively set up the transfer of one trillion dollars from working people and government programs to the wealthiest Americans. This repeal is urgently necessary or else the tax cuts will likely be used to justify austerity programs including attacks on Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. More broadly speaking, we must restore balance to federal taxation policies, which currently facilitate the increasing gap between rich and poor. America is a wealthy country, and we should all share in its economic prosperity.
Background I am a business attorney, with 28 years of legal experience in different industries related to energy and infrastructure.
Education B.S. in Accounting from Southwestern Oklahoma State University (1986) and a J.D. from University of Texas (1989)
I support D.A.C.A. Immigration is vital to the U.S. economy--more visas should be issued where there are labor shortages; migrant workers should be protected from wage abuses; and undocumented residents need a reasonable path to citizenship.While we must enforce reasonable immigration laws, we need to stop spending $2B per year on private detention centers that are financially incented to hold people when more cost effective alternatives are available.These centers lack transparency and are rife with abuse. A border wall would hurt the environment and landowners. We should increase drone use.
First and foremost, we should immediately protect Medicaid programs serving vulnerable children, adults with special needs, and the elderly, and we should fund Planned Parenthood to make women’s and prenatal care more accessible. Then, I believe we should adopt a single payer Medicare System for all. I would also support negotiated prices on imported prescription drugs to reduce cost and legislation specifically targeted to sustain rural hospitals and rural emergency services which are disappearing.
1) Authorize funds for the CDC to study gun violence; 2) Close loopholes that allow people to obtain guns without a comprehensive background check that includes domestic violence, like internet and gun show purchases; and 3) Make people on the no-fly list ineligible to purchase guns.
We should close the gender pay gap with the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would make wages more transparent, put greater requirements on employers to justify wage discrepancies, and prohibit retaliation. We should fund programs to address violence and harassment and work to eradicate human trafficking. To address inequalities facing people of color, we should implement educational and criminal justice reforms - including ending the school-to-prison pipeline. We should also increase the availability of credit and small business loans in traditionally under served communities.
Yes. At nearly $1.4 trillion, student debt is now the second-largest source of household debt. This debt makes it more difficult for people to stay out of poverty and prevents people from buying homes. It is a symptom of high tuition, decreased funding for public education, predatory for-profit colleges, unfinished degrees, and poor job prospects with low wages. The federal government should promote income-contingent low or no interest loan repayment options, expand service-oriented loan forgiveness programs, and limit lending at for-profit schools with poor student-outcome records.
The Clean Power Plan should be implemented. The plan is focused on reducing emissions from coal burning power plants, and increasing the use of renewable energy and conservation. Congress should provide tax incentives for carbon capture, use, and storage. Infrastructure investments can reduce emissions and improve resilience to climate impacts. Congress should fund international programs to help other countries reduce carbon emissions. The U.S. should also implement a carbon fee and dividend program, with an international trade component to encourage climate friendly consumer choices.
Voter suppression and money in politics. I would enact campaign finance reform to prevent corporations and special interests from buying elections and influencing the votes of lawmakers. I support federal legislation to prevent the disenfranchisement of minority voters such as automatic voter registration when obtaining a state issued ID, adequate polling locations, expansion of early voting and the prevention of the purging of voter rolls immediately prior to elections. I support non-partisan redistricting commissions in all states and measures to prevent cyber interference in elections.
Background I am a Public Administrator, and RN Health Care Educator committed to serving, and advocating for citizens across CD10 and the United States.
Education Executive Masters in Public Administration/Texas Southern University; Bachelor's of Science in Nursing/ Prairie View A&M University
The United States of America has for centuries opened it's doors to immigrants in search of a better life. The attempt to dismantle DACA and the individuals and families that are a part of this program, is not only non reflective of America's history of being immigrant friendly, but is cruel. Many of those on the verge of being deported have established employment, and are vital parts of the communities in which they live. I will fight against dismantling DACA, and for a clear pathway to citizenship. Border security must not be intentionally used as a bargaining tool for DACA discussions.
As a Registered Nurse and Public Administrator, I know that affordable and accessible healthcare is pivotal for survival. I will continue to fight for healthcare for all. It is because of healthcare being under attack that I began my run for Congress in 2012. I saw that the citizens rights to affordable healthcare was being utilize as a bargaining tool of party politics. Texas at the time had the highest number of uninsured citizens. I did not wait to try to change what was happening, but I ran full speed ahead. Your help in electing me to Congress will assure an advocate for healthcare.
Death and injury by gun violence is on the rise seemingly on a daily basis. We must make a change in gun laws. This starts with the U.S. Congress. Several measures should be in place, including but not limited to: -Limitations on contributions by lobbyists and the NRA. -Extensive background checks including mental health checks. -Ban on access to assault weapons. Parents of the children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary were not even able to allow their children to be viewed due to their bodies being blown up by assault weapons. This must stop. Gun violence has taken the lives of too many.
As a woman and African American, I have first hand experience in facing inequality. Women and people of color are integral contributors to the very fiber of America, yet they are constantly voted against. I will be their voice Congress. I will legislate bills that support causes for women and minorities including: -Measures to eliminate strongholds in voter access -Bills eliminating tactics and restrictions to capital for entrepreneurship -Increased funding for research and resources for diseases specific to women and minorities -Bills eliminating gender and race based wage gaps.
The government has a role in reducing student debt because laws must be put in place that limit unscrupulous lending institutions from taking advantage of students, and institutions of higher learning. I will legislate and support bills that reflect a tuition free option for American students. An investment into the American student is an investment into our future. The fact is, these young people will lead this country soon. Many that hold the key to cures for cancer, Alzheimer's and heart disease will be unable to attend college due to financial constraints. I will advocate for them.
Education is key in addressing climate change. We must have an open conversation where true understanding is gained. I will press for legislation that incorporates the human impact on the climate beginning at the elementary school level. If children are taught at early age on how to preserve and nurture the planet, we will see remarkable changes within the next decade. Education on all levels is important, as the distinction between climate and weather changes is needed. I will also support and press bills that call for a reduction in fossil fuels, and limitations on chemical releases.
Protecting Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and CHIP are extremely important to me. Seniors, children, and those that are disabled stand to lose so much if true advocates are not elected into Congress. I will fight to to protect all of these programs. People will literally die due to the proposed cuts. Seniors already on fixed incomes should not have to face additional cuts when they already have so many limitations. Parents of disabled children and caregivers of disabled adults should not have to live in peril. I will take YOUR voices to Capitol Hill. When I go, YOU go.