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TX Representative, District 89

2-year term. Must be 21 years or older, a U.S. citizen, a resident of Texas, and a resident of the district represented. Responsible for representing the citizens of the district in which he/she is elected in the Texas House of Representatives.
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    Candy Noble (Rep) Volunteer

  • John Payton (Rep) Justice of the Peace

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Taxes: Should school property taxes and/or franchise taxes be reduced? If so, what sources should be used to make up the resulting public school funding shortfall? Do you support transparency for school taxes that are sent to the state under Robin Hood?

Transportation: What are the main transportation needs in Texas, and how should they be funded?

Education: What changes, if any, should be made to public education in Texas?

Healthcare: What legislation would you support, if any, to ensure comprehensive, affordable healthcare for all Texans?

Emergency Preparedness: What does the state need to do to be prepared for and provide emergency services and funding after natural disasters?

Other Issues: What other issues do you believe will be most pressing in the next session of the Texas Legislature, and what is your position on these issues?

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Education Bachelor of Education, Hardin-Simmons University
Experience Hardin-Simmons University Board of Development, Co-chair, Alumni Committee State Republican Executive Committee, Resolutions Chair, Officials Committee, Past Chair Grassroots Club Committee Texas Juvenile Justice Board, Governor Greg Abbott appointee
Twitter @CandyNobleHD89
Campaign Phone (972) 332-1817
Skyrocketing property taxes are placing the dream of homeownership out of reach of some Texas families, and as one who is dedicated to fiscal responsibility we must do all we can to provide relief to taxpayers. Robin Hood is a growing problem in House District 89. For example, Plano ISD has 28 cents from every dollar going to another school district without any say in how their tax dollars are spent. Yet, as a taxpayer, it is almost impossible to find out which schools are getting or giving funds to recapture. The system needs revamping so that there is transparency in the process, accountability for the money spent and to insure our money is being spent in classrooms. Only then can we understand the needs that are already addressed, any waste that is ongoing, and if our money is being spent wisely.
With our expanding population, and to support our growing vibrant economy, we need to build new roads and maintain our existing ones. All taxes collected from gas, inspections, and car purchases must be completely devoted to transportation purposes and not diverted to other budget items. We should eliminate non-core government budgeted items in order to have the funds needed for our roads, schools and justice system. Toll roads are draining the pocket books of citizens of Collin County at an alarming rate. One month my own family racked up a $500 toll bill for our family of five. The state created this situation by not using the gas tax for its designated purpose: building and maintaining roads. It is time that our state stepped away from having citizens pay a tax to drive on roads in perpetuity. The Legislature must focus on funding core government functions such as transportation, including assuring all car purchase taxes and all license plate fees go to transportation funding.
We need our tax dollars invested in classrooms (studies show that only 21% of school funding makes it to the teachers). We should also reduce Standardized Testing and with it the cost of both making, administrating and grading those tests. Texas must find a long term solution to funding our schools, so we can keep Texas out of the courts and instead focus on the classroom. Studies show that more spending doesn’t necessarily result in better educational outcomes, so we must find more creative solutions to ensure excellence. Next session, the current research and recommendations of the School Finance Commission will be presented to the Legislature; I look forward to reviewing and assessing their suggestions for improvement.
The free market system will always do a better job of innovation and exceptional customer service than any government program. Obamacare has driven our medical care costs and deductibles through the roof—and I don’t know anyone who is happier with their healthcare today than before that law was enacted. We should do all we can to allow for free market solutions: empowering the patient to make their healthcare decisions and the provider to do the best job at the best price without the middleman’s cost increases that we are now experiencing. Health care costs are consuming more and more of Texas’ taxpayer dollars. To promote innovation, prevent fraud, and deliver health care services most efficiently, we must have the independence to operate programs without interference from Washington, D.C.
The Rainy Day Fund is a blessing for our state, and it was designed just for these needs. Never should those funds be used for on-going expenses, but continue to be set aside for actual disaster situations such as Hurricane Harvey. Then, and only then, should these funds be made available for recovery efforts. As a Texan, it was heartwarming to see the outpouring of support from church congregations and private individuals who provided immediate relief on the ground. Those non-governmental “good Samaritan” efforts should incorporated into how we plan for future natural disasters.
There are always challenges and opportunities to protect our Constitutional Freedoms: Religious Freedom, Freedom of Speech, Second Amendment Rights and the protection of the unborn and defenseless. As a border state, Texas will always be impacted by the ongoing problem of illegal immigration and the impact that has on our state budget. For many reasons, we must defend our border from those that would traffic in humans or bring drugs into our state.
Education High School diploma Plano East College Degree Collin College Magna Cum Laude 600 CLE credit hours Texas Justice Court Training Center -- Texas State University
Experience 27 years as the Justice of the Peace in Collin County Texas
Campaign Phone (469) 964-8881
School property taxes should absolutely be reduced. The State of Texas must move back to budgeting based on prioritizing the core functions of government. Local control is represented by the local voter. The voter should not have to petition for a TRE (tax rollback election) and should go to a 4% cap. Transparency is an issue that must be addressed when talking school finance. PlanoISD sent back 154 million dollars to recapture and the taxpayers have no idea what their money is being spent on. The taxpayer has a right to know what they are being taxed for so they do not feel that they are being taxed without representation.
Infrastructure is imperative for economic growth. Moving people around efficiently and effectively is at the core of economic growth to all of the growth areas. Taxpayers need to be able to get to work, shopping, and, entertainment without having to worry about paying a toll. Currently in North Texas the major veins of transportation either are tolled or under developed. The stopping of diverting funds from the fuel tax and creating a level of transparency will create the needed funds to unclog our roadways.
The classroom teacher in whole or part have to bear the financial burden of providing materials to their classroom to the tune of $1000.00 on average. Schools around the state are working on a 1:1 ratio to the classroom teacher. The ratio is to high and should be 4 non teacher staff to 1 teacher to help reduce the administrative cost. Strip away the additional cost that is not a part of the core function of public education. Zero based budgeting is one solution to this problem. TEA must be revamped. We need a system that supports our classroom teachers and gives them the necessary tools to prepare the children of Texas for their role in the future.
Under our current system abuses of healthcare system causes undue financial burdens on a system that is already stretched. We need to come down on companies and governmental offices that abuse the system or allow the system to be abused and go unchecked. Under the ACA (Affordable Care Act) navigators' add to another layer of government bureaucrats that adds to an already unaffordable system for tax payers. Simplify the system so that tax payers can navigate it themselves and feel confident in their coverage.
The Texas Rainy Day Fund fills its purpose. Texans across the board fill the call for help and jump in without question when a natural disaster strikes our state. We need to leave the fund alone and continue to push training for emergency citizen responders.
Robin Hood aka recapture must be a topic that is at the forefront of this next session. The State of Texas must provide relief across the board for all Texas property owners and must provide transparency to the taxpayers of the state. Transportation must be addressed and the diversion of tax funds away from transportation must be stopped immediately. Toll roads are not the answer to all of our transportation needs. It is time to partner with companies that can design-contract-build to save money and time. Business Margins Tax must also be on the front burner. We cannot expect businesses to flourish and want to exceed quarterly projections when they know they will have to hire a whole set of auditors to pay a tax that is less than what it costs to understand the tax.