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South Brunswick Township Mayor

Two candidates are vying for a one-year term as mayor.
  • Christopher Killmurray (Dem) Mayor of South Brunswick

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    John O'Sullivan (Rep) Retired - Security Manager

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What do you consider the most important challenges for South Brunswick Township?

what personal and professional experiences have prepared you for addressing these challenges?

Please address changes in goals or priorities to the annual operating and capital budgets that you feel are necessary. If none, please state and explain.

Given the voters' competing needs for a safe environment, adequate transportation, and appropriate housing development, what new proposals for ordinances, if any, are needed?

Residents without cars are hard-pressed to get around our area. Do you think South Brunswick needs a bus system with more frequent trips and more stops? If so, how should it be managed?

Current Elected Position Mayor of South Brunswick
Properly addressing the affordable housing mandate is our greatest challenge. The mandate could have the effect of overwhelming our school system and greatly degrading our natural environment.
I have been fortunate to serve on the governing body since 2003. In that time, I've been part of a team that has had a positive impact on preserving and enhancing the quality of life in our town. I'd like to earn the voters' confidence so that I can continue to participate in that effort.
For awhile now, we've made investments in public safety that have earned our police department and first responders well-deserved reputations as the finest in the state. We'll continue in that vein while also investing in improvements to our utility and roadway infrastructure.
Our region needs to balance development pressures with protections for the environment. Toward that end, we are continuing our aggressive approach to preserving open space.
South Brunswick is served by commercial bus services and hosts a large park and ride near to the Turnpike's Exit 8A. Additionally, the town is served by the MCAT (Middlesex County Area-Wide Transit) bus system. We have to do a better job with educating the public on their transportation options.
Our town is getting shabby. Warehouses are encroaching on residential areas. Restaurants and retail stores either don’t locate here or many of the ones that have are now closing.

In 2011 Money magazine ranked South Brunswick number 22 of the 100 best small towns in the US. This year another survey ranked South Brunswick 138th in New Jersey. Quite a decline.

South Brunswick needs new leadership to both stop the decline and make this town a better place for our residents.
Member, South Brunswick Township Council, November 2009 – December 2012

President, Old Barracks Association Board of Trustees November 2015 - present

Adjust the budget to enable hiring a business developer.

Fund sidewalk and road improvements necessary for the safety of our residents.

Increase funding to the library.
To provide South Brunswick residents with better life style services we need to engage a business developer who will focus on developing this type of growth. North Brunswick has a growing town center complex. How nice would it be for South Brunswick to provide its residents with a robust center with shops, entertainment venues and dining options.

Stouts Lane is often used by our high school students to walk between the school and the Target shopping center. There are no sidewalks in this area and the road is curvy and narrow creating a safety hazard. Every year high school students petition the council to provide sidewalks. We need to stop ignoring this issue and do whatever is necessary to get those sidewalks in.

The public library is the facility most used by our residents. Increasing municipal funding to the library will enable the library to provide more services to the South Brunswick residents.
Bus systems require a large ridership to justify the expenditure. Additionally they are inconvenient to use, forcing riders to adhere to the schedule and lengthening travel times due to frequent stops. A better solution is a taxi type program which would provide door to door service on a schedule tailored to the individual’s needs. logo


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