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Chamblee Mayor

The mayor of the city is the chief executive of the city. The mayor is responsible for the administration and operation of the city as well as proposing an annual budget, and appointing city officers and commissioners.
  • R. Eric Clarkson

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    Van Pappas Certified Financial Planner

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What experience do you bring to the job to set policy for your city and what is your motivation to serve?

What, in your opinion, is the biggest budget issue facing your city and how, if elected would you propose to address it?

How should your city address the issues of lobbyist gifts, ethical behavior, and transparency in government?

Legal Permanent Residents and naturalized citizens contribute over a billion dollars in state and local taxes each year. How will you help ensure your city is a welcoming place for foreign born entrepreneurs and their families?

Cities across the country are embracing aggressive goals to reduce carbon pollution. What do you believe your municipality should do to support cleaner air?

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As a Certified Financial Planner, I wish to bring a financial planning approach to city leadership. I started and lead the Chamblee Chamber of Commerce. Having a good relationship with the business community, I will be able to grow one of the city's larger revenue sources. I have also served on many other boards in the city: The Downtown Development Authority (DDA), The Parks Advisory Committee, The Huntley Hills School Council, Keep Chamblee Beautiful, The Chamblee Business Association, and the Huntley Hills Swim and Tennis Club.

Much of the current development going on in Downtown Chamblee was kickstarted when I served as the Chairman of the DDA.

My motivation is not to be a career politician, but rather improve the community I live in. I want to create a community that then my son becomes an adult, he will want to come back to, just as I came back to Chamblee 18 years.
Chamblee citizens have many goals they wish to see accomplished. (Sidewalks, more parks, better infrastructure, etc.) These goals require financial funding that the city currently does not have. As a financial planner I will look at growing our larger revenue sources (Businesses and Commercial properties). By growing our business community we grow our revenue and can fund the projects that the citizens have been asking for.

Chamblee does a good job staying in the black and paying for the daily operations of running the city. The key is finding financial planning ways to pay for the other goals. My background as a CFP, gives me a valuable skill set for the city.
Transparency is high on my agenda list. Chamblee is one of the few cities in the area that does not video record or post online council meetings. We must be transparent with our meetings. I also believe that educating the public on the city's activities is important. The best way to do this is with regular quarterly town hall meetings. Other than in election years, Chamblee rarely holds town halls.

As a CFP®, I must maintain a high level of ethical behavior and take annual ethics classes. I will continue this behavior every time I put on the hat of Mayor. Currently Chamblee Council appoints citizens to sit on the ethics board. To me it seems odd to let the people that might need to be investigated to appoint the people that will decide if there is unethical behavior. Someone other than Council should make appointments to the ethics group.

No form of gift should ever be taken from a lobbyist. Set the behavior at the Mayor's office and the rest of the city will follow.
Chamblee is one of the most diverse cities in DeKalb county. City leadership must do a better job embracing our various ethnic groups. Chamblee small business is crucial to the success of our city. I founded the Chamblee Chamber of Commerce to directly help these foreign born business owners. As Mayor I will brand and market Chamblee as a business friendly city. We will focus on the little things that can help these businesses be successful. As a Greek-American, I can identify with our diversity and will use out-reach to the various communities to welcome them to our city. I will make it a point to have other city events that revolve around the different ethnic groups that can highlight their culture and bring us together as a community.
There are a few things that can make an impact to cleaner air in Chamblee. One, our city streets back up with traffic daily. Chamblee needs it's own traffic engineer to identify ways to keep the cars moving, so they do not sit idling at lights. Two, with so much commercial developement and neighborhood infilling, we need to revisit our rules on trees and the replacement of trees when clear cutting occurs. Planting as many trees as possible will help keep our green canopy. And three we need to start a Solarize Chamblee program to reduce the draw from the electric grid. logo


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