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The government of the city is vested in a council of seven members, including a mayor who shall be the chief executive of the city. Council members serve two-year terms.
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  • Linda TerHaar Librarian (retired)

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What in your education and experience make you the best qualified candidate for this position?

What are your specific goals for the office and how will you work to accomplish them?

What actions would you take to ensure the character and vitality of downtown Saline?

Which areas of the the city budget would you fight to retain or increase? Which areas would you be willing to cut?

What can city council do to ensure that Saline is a great place for families to live?

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Campaign Phone (734) 429-8221
How many years have you been a resident of this city? 22 years
Education B.A. Calvin College; M.A. University of Cincinnati; M.S.L.S. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
My education and experience have given me management, leadership, problem-solving, and collaboration skills. Experience includes nearly seven years as a City Council Member, serving also for nearly three of those years as Mayor Pro Tem; long-time volunteer and leadership roles in several community organizations; eighteen years of increasingly responsible management positions at the Shapiro Undergraduate Library of the University of Michigan, from which I retired in 2008. Relevant education includes professional education and Master’s degree in librarianship; completion of Level 1 in the Michigan Municipal League’s Elected Officials Academy.
My priorities for my work on City Council are to preserve and expand Saline’s character as a superb place for all to be welcome, to live, and to work. To those ends, I will work to maintain and enhance the City’s essential services, and to build a foundation so the City can provide essential services in the long term. Maintaining and building for the City’s continued financial stability are critical. My approach will be to work constructively with Council colleagues, City staff, and Saline citizens; to make careful study of the issues; and to seek expert advice as appropriate.
Support and advocate for long-term infrastructure enhancements that can increase the attractiveness of all of our business districts: east, downtown, and west. Encourage collaboration among business owners. Support the efforts Saline Main Street and the Saline Area Chamber of Commerce to promote and enhance the community. Continue support for the City’s work to be attractive for new businesses and efforts to support existing businesses.
My top priorities are provision of essential services, providing for infrastructure needs, and providing a foundation for the City to meet long-term financial challenges. To single out specific parts of the budget for increases or cuts is not possible for me without reference to the larger context. The larger context would include the elements of the City’s present situation. These would be the local aspects as well as the external aspects of Washtenaw County, State of Michigan, or federal actions that affect us.

Continue and enhance all essential services. Work within the City, as well as collaborating with our surrounding communities and the Saline Area Schools, to keep the Saline area a welcoming, inclusive, healthy community. Maintain and enhance infrastructure, including non-motorized aspects. Maintain and enhance the City’s parks and recreation opportunities. Support the numerous volunteer-led City Commissions and Committees that work so effectively to promote and increase our quality of life. My particular quality of life efforts have been, and I hope will continue to be, in the cultural and environmental areas. logo


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