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There shall be a mayor and six councilmen who shall be nominated and elected by the electors of the city at large. The council shall be composed of seven members consisting of a mayor and six councilmen. The mayor shall be the executive head of the city. The council shall constitute the legislative body of the city and shall have power and authority, except as in this charter or by statute otherwise provided, to exercise all powers conferred upon or possessed by the city, and shall have the power and authority to adopt such laws, ordinances and resolutions as it shall deem proper in the exercise thereof. In all cases where the word is used in this charter, the name shall be synonymous with the word commission or any other term used in any state or federal law in referring to municipal legislative bodies.
  • Andrew Douglas Professor

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    Ann L. Gee Retired Admin Assistant

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What in your education and experience make you the best qualified candidate for this position?

What are your specific goals for the office and how will you work to accomplish them?

What actions would you take to ensure the character and vitality of downtown Milan?

Which areas of the the city budget would you fight to retain or increase? Which areas would you be willing to cut?

What can city council do to ensure that Milan is a great place for families to live?

Campaign Phone (734) 730-2034
How many years have you been a resident of this city? 13 Years
Education Masters Degree from Kansas State University Bachelors Degree from Kansas State University
I was blessed to be able to be a stay at home father. That means that for the first 5 years of my children's lives they and my family were the center of my world. They still are. I want my children to be proud of their hometown. My education has given me the skills to think critically about pertinent issues. My faith, my family and my experience has taught me what is important. I want to use both my education and experience to make a meaningful impact on Milan's path.
My goal for the city council is to best represent the voters of Milan. To represent their shared goals. To say 'no' a lot to those goals which are supported by a vocal few.
I am very interested in looking at ways vacant downtown Milan storefronts could be occupied by thriving, growing businesses. Downtown Milan, for too long has been the victim of aggressive hand-wringing and self-righteous over-inattention. I would be interested in re-examining the role of the Downtown Development Authority and what role it should have in the future. Ensuring the character of empty store fronts has value only until the first window is broken. After that, broken windows become more common and the area loses appeal, character and vitality. If we, as a community, want a thriving downtown, we have to be willing to support it.
In terms of the city budget, I am of the view that everything MUST be on the table. The job of city government is to ensure that a few essential functions are fulfilled. This includes streets, policing, fire-service and water service and garbage pick up. With property taxes a concern for every homeowner, every parent of children, the city council should keep in mind that the money they choose to spend comes from those Milan residents.
The idea that a city council, or any elected official, can make anywhere a "great place" to live, is odd. The city council can best serve families by getting out of their way. Families have dynamic abilities to make their world better. Families are not at their best when acted on by the city government. Families are best when acting on their city and their world at large. Families are best when they are active and vital, not passive objects acted on by outside forces. So, what can the city council do? Get out of the way.
Campaign Phone (734) 439-3373
How many years have you been a resident of this city? Since 1964
Education H.S. grad, 1 yr. EMU, 18 mos. Cleary College grad
I have served the City of Milan for 4 years as a Council member and am seeking re-election for a second term. I have learned many things in my first 4 years and would like the opportunity to continue learning and serving my community.
Working with other Council members, I hope to continue the growth that we have seen in our community in personal residences and the improvements in our downtown area. We are continuing to seek retail stores that are available and showing our neighboring communities that we are willing to work together for everyone's improved adventures.
I would continue to work the Main Street Committee and support them in any way possible. We are certainly headed in the right direction with the revitalization of our downtown and I would hope that it continues. Having our "3rd Thursdays" program this year has been a huge boost to our downtown. I look for that to continue and grow every year. We have many community organizations and would hope that all of them can work together to help make Milan a better place for everyone.
We have made some difficult decisions with our budget process in the past few years, some not always favorable to the residents, but now we are reaping some of the benefits of our carefully chosen actions. We need to continue making smart choices and look at each item to make the best choices. I would hope to keep property taxes at a minimum and spending at a controlled level.
I think the biggest thing the City Council can do is continue working together and supporting those events that have shown the success to date. We need to continue addressing our financial state and do what we can to increase our tax base without putting the whole burden on our community residents.
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