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Chelsea City Council: There shall be a city council consisting of six councilpersons and the mayor who shall be deemed a member of the council for all purposes. The council shall constitute the legislative and governing body of the city and shall have the power and authority to adopt such ordinances and resolutions, as it shall deem proper in the exercise of its power.Section 3.3 QUALIFICATIONS OF COUNCIL MEMBERSThe members of the council shall meet the eligibility requirements as set forth herein. The councilperson shall be a resident of the city for not less than one (1) year and shall be a registered voter at the time of the election for which each is a candidate.
  • Cheri Albertson Psychotherapist

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    Rick Catherman Public School Teacher/Band Director

  • Tony Iannelli Candidate did not respond.

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Biographical Information

What in your education and experience make you the best qualified candidate for this position?

What are your specific goals for the office and how will you work to accomplish them?

What actions would you take to ensure the character and vitality of downtown Chelsea?

Which areas of the the city budget would you fight to retain or increase? Which areas would you be willing to cut?

What can city council do to ensure that Chelsea is a great place for families to live?

Campaign Phone (734) 417-6464
How many years have you been a resident of Chelsea? 30+
Education Master's level
BS - Public Administration/Community Development Master's Degree - Clinical Social Work Research appointment - Institute for Social Research- Center for Political Studies / University of Michigan

Re-elections to City of Chelsea - City Council

Stewardship of our community Fiscal responsibility Maintaining focus on individual and community needs Maintaining and improving quality of life opportunities Open and transparent City government processes and procedures Community/ citizen input
Maintain focus on economic development Eliminating unnecessary bureaucratic "red tape" Maintaining our highly skilled/professional City staff
As a Rural City, the City budget has some built in flexibility. "Fighting to retain" or "cutting" are not and have not been fiscal necessities.
Ensure and maintain our current focus on a multi-generational community that consistently focuses on quality of life for all residents. And quality of life is only achieved when there is unwavering commitment by all organizational entities working together - and of course, with common goals.
Campaign Phone (734) 223-4484
How many years have you been a resident of Chelsea? My wife, my daughter, and I have lived in Chelsea for 18 years.
Education Bachelor's Degree in Music Education from Michigan State University, Master's Degree in Music Education from The University of Iowa. National Board Certified Teacher.
My work in public service, the past 28 years as a public school teacher and advocate for pubic education (service on state/national boards, work as a union leader, building relationships with state lawmakers) has taught me a lot and has prepared me well for a position in local government. Most importantly my 18 years as a Chelsea teacher working with our youth, building relationships with community members and leaders, being involved with our civic organizations, and learning about what's important to maintaining a quality life for our citizens is what I believe makes me the best and most qualified candidate for City Council.
I will work toward a city government that will continue to be transparent and open, listen to citizen concerns,strengthen relationships with nearby townships, and work to assure a safe, vibrant and thriving community for all of our residents. The City's Master Plan is an important place to start in setting specific goals. Mine include: increasing housing options and support of local business, planning city infrastructure, and maintaining quality public safety, among others. I will be a listener/leader working to address our issues and challenges and will work to expand opportunities to improve the quality of life for all of our citizens.
It's important to me that we continue to embrace the traditions and character of Chelsea, while we look for ways to move our city forward. Maintaining the look of our downtown area, continuing the support of our unique local events, and providing the foundation for sustaining the friendly and caring nature of our community must be preserved. Taking into consideration the needs of all citizens, through communication, is key to moving our city forward. The City Council should work to provide even more options for citizens to be involved and informed through the distribution and collection of information to assure a thriving community for all.
The City of Chelsea has a reputation for being a good steward of utilizing our revenues to best meet the needs or our citizens, and I will work to continue that trust with our citizens. Protecting the public health and safety of our community members including our youth and our seniors will always be a top priority. I believe that city services, city infrastructure, local development plans including parks, citizen transportation options - including access for non-motorized vehicles, must all be reviewed and revised on an ongoing basis. I will work to build and implement a budget that continues to meet the ever changing needs of our citizens.
I believe that by strengthening existing relationships and building new ones, we will continue to ensure that Chelsea is a great place for people to live. City Council can provide the leadership necessary for this to happen by reaching out to our local stakeholders, collaborating with our neighboring townships, listening to and acting on the concerns of our citizens, and working together to move our City forward. I will be committed as a City Council Member to being a leader that secures Chelsea as an even more caring, compassionate, and understanding place for our current and future residents to make a quality life.
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