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Education Mohonasen High School 2001 Skidmore College (BA) 2005 New England School of Law (JD) 2008
Experience First Deputy County Attorney-Chief Counsel Department of Social Services (Child Protective, Adult Protective, Medicaid) (2010-2017), Assistant Town Attorney-Town of Rotterdam (2010), Candidate NYS Assembly (2016), Adjunct Professor-Paralegal Studies Mildred Elley (2009-2011), Board of Trustees-Schenectady Community Action Program (SCAP) (2017)
The Town of Glenville needs to make maintaining the integrity of its neighborhoods a priority. There has been a recent uptick in developers proposing condominiums because it is economical to the developer. We have seen proposals in both the Alplaus and Woodruff Heights neighborhoods, as well as condominiums built at the gateway to Alplaus. We need to ensure neighborhoods remain desirable for our children, so that families commit to long term growth in our community.

Our Town Government needs diverse voices representing it. Our current Town Board is 5 like minded people of the same political party. That is not good for government. The Town's political demographics are 34% Republican to 31% Democratic, but they have no elected Democrats. As a result, you only hear what the current government wants you to hear. I will bring issues to light you wouldn't otherwise hear about.

We need to develop better relationships with the City, County, Village and Metroplex.
I have spent the past eight (8) years of my life working in government. As a result, I have seen what works and what doesn't work. I believe developing working relationships with our neighbors, enables us to gain the most as a Town. Our current leadership has alienated many of our neighbors because of differences in political opinion. That makes negotiating nearly impossible and leads to public spats when we should all be working towards the betterments of our respective communities. I would like to see Metroplex take a more active role in our town and planning for our Town Center, which would help draw in more diverse businesses, other than banks and grocery stores. I would also like to see the Freeman's Bridge corridor be a focal point in the continued progress of our Town, with the Casino serving as a catalyst for small business growth in and around that corridor.
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