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Mayor of Portage

The Mayor is the presiding officer and member of the Council with all the powers and duties of that office, including the right and duty to vote on questions before the Council. The Mayor also advises the Council and makes recommendations concerning the legislative and policy-making affairs of the City.The Mayor is elected every two years. Vote for one candidate.
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    Nasim Ansari Retired Chemist/Consultant

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    Patricia M. Randall

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Why are you running for Mayor of Portage? What strengths or talents especially qualify you for that office?

What are the most significant challenges facing Portage in providing services to its citizens? How do you propose to address them?

What would be your top priority toward balancing economic growth with the needs of the community in Portage?

Age 70
Occupation / Current Position Retired /Mayor Pro Tem
Education Masters in Chemistry and Masters in Business Administration. WMU Alumnus
Experience & Qualifications Seventeen (17) years of public service. Mayor Pro Tem, Kalamazoo County Commissioner, Councilman. Member, many Boards and Commissions. Retired City of Kalamazoo employee. Small Business Owner. Adjunct Professor; numerous colleges. Strong leadership technical and administrative skills. Good listener/communicator. Man of principle and integrity. Masters in Chemistry and Business Administration.
Campaign Phone (269) 327-0016
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Nothing gives me more pleasure than to be able to serve my community. The Portage City Council has elected me to a leadership role as Mayor Pro Tem. I am motivated to continue my leadership as Mayor. My 17 years of experience representing Portage as Mayor Pro Tem, Councilman as well as County Commissioner and on various county and city boards will be an asset. The distinct pleasure I’ve had working in both the private and public sectors has allowed me to gain valuable leadership, administration and personal relationship skills. I am proud to serve my community with the integrity and leadership it deserves.
The single biggest challenge is continuing the successes achieved and maintaining the pace of growth. I have been involved in creating a new open and transparent budget process that has led to a budget with no increase in millage. I have eliminated duplicate departments and enhanced automation to save money, helped bring back previously eliminated programs for entertainment and recreation and implemented a single stream recycling program. I will work hard to continue on the same path while finding efficiencies to strike a balance between economic growth and a high quality of life for all citizens of Portage.
I will promote policies that will retain existing businesses while seeking to attract new businesses to the city. I also pledge to combine resources of the public and private sectors to effectively promote economic diversification and create job opportunities while enhancing the quality of life in the region. I plan to work towards keeping taxes low while promoting investment to build a strong tax base. My goal is to reduce debt and lower the cost of water bills for city of Portage citizens. I am committed to quality economic growth, lower taxes, clean environment, public safety and a transparent line of communication with citizens.
Age 54
Occupation / Current Position Portage City Council Member since 2009
Education BBA in Finance from WMU
Experience & Qualifications I have been a Portage City Council member from 2009 to the present. I have worked in both banking and the mortgage industries, raised and launched three successful sons and have passionately and tirelessly donated my time, treasures and talents to many organizations; Discover Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County Public Art Commission, Catholic Charities, CHUM Food Bank Gardener, etc.
Campaign Phone (269) 324-7779
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Campaign Facebook Page Patricia4Mayor
Campaign Twitter Handle Twitter@Patricia4Mayor
I am running for mayor to have a greater impact on the direction of Portage. I have worked hard over the past 8 years to make significant changes within City Hall, and I want to ensure those changes become part of the permanent culture. Today property taxes are fair & equitable. Citizen services have been expanded to include single stream recycling, more leaf pick ups & concerts. Additional police and fire protect our community. All this was done without raising taxes! I am a fact-based, independent leader who is unafraid to ask the tough questions. I follow my moral compass as I strive to build consensus. I believe in CITIZENS FIRST. ALWAYS
Portage's tax base is very stable and growing. Providing strong leadership, continuously looking at better ways of delivering services and being fiscally responsible is Council's greatest service to its citizens today and in the future. New challenges will arise as our community ages and open land becomes scarce. Council must be proactive in addressing aging infrastructure and maintain our assets thru proactive planning and zoning. Supporting our housing stock and neighborhoods will be critical to grow values and attract new home buyers. Portage is a wonderful community and "A Natural Place to Move." That needs to ring true.
Economic growth is a positive thing and supports our tax base. With good planning and zoning, most negative impacts can be avoided. Portage has 27% of our tax base comprised in retail, mostly along the Westnedge cooridor. As buying trends change, Portage must be proactive in zoning to help make the transition as smooth as possible. More mixed use housing, retail and restaurants connected by walking and biking trails appeal to the placemaking priorities that attract both millenials and seniors. As banking and grocery shopping trends change, Portage needs to stay agressive and open to the new trends, and be proactive verses reactive to it. logo


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