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  • Rima A Cerrone (CON, REP, REF, GRN)

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    Damonni D. Farley (WOR, GRN) Community Relations Coordinator for Schenectady Public Schools

  • Mohamed Hafez (REP, REF, GRN)

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    John Mootooverenn (CON, DEM, IND, WOR) Project Accountant

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    Marion Porterfield (DEM, IND, WOR) Program Director

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    Karen Zalewski-Wildzunas (CON, DEM, IND, WEP) Commercial Real Estate Agent

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Phone 382-2689
Too many Schenectady citizens have been sitting on the sidelines while a few connected individuals make decisions affecting their lives. Damonni Farley is running of City Council to change that. A lifelong Schenectady resident and the community relations coordinator for Schenectady public schools, Farley is committed to including all Schenectady residents in the progress from which only some in the city have benefitted in recent years. His platform is based on Equity, with a specific focus on an Inclusive Economy, Homeownership Promotion, and a Quality Education for All. Farley understands that no community is truly prospering if a significant portion of the residents are left behind.
Damonni draws from his extensive experience working in both grass- roots and national programs. He is a non-traditional, highly innovative individual dedicated to addressing problems in underserved communities by combining and maximizing the resources and talents of those in need with those who want to give. According to Damonni, “Elected officials must make decision with voters rather than for voters.” Damonni’s success and expertise in youth development and community transformation has led to frequent invitations to present his innovative work at national, state, and local conferences. He also serves as a technical advisor to numerous community groups and committees, including the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), The Capital Region Youth Justice Team (RYJT), and Boys Day Out youth enrichment services (BDO), providing guidance and leadership. Damonni is also actively engaged with Schenectady County’s Strengthening Families committee and Schenectady H.O.M.E.S.
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Education Accounting and Information Technology
Experience Accountant with over 15 years in the financial sector, city council member and community advocate.
Phone 518-374-4574
The most important issues facing Schenectady today are property taxes, approximately 53% of your property tax bill is the School District, 33% is the City of Schenectady, and 14% is the County. We have seen three consecutive years of property tax cuts totaling about 6.3%, we can expect several more years of tax cuts. As a member of the Finance Committee we are working very hard to ensure that we remain fiscally sustainable and disciplined. As Chair of Public Safety, I have addressed quality-of-life issues and crime by increasing the number of police officers on our streets and assisting with our new Lieutenant of Research and Development which will help reduce response times by the police to calls. I have worked on the new ticketing process for problems such as littering, excess noise, and other issues affecting our neighborhoods. Neighborhood revitalization: two consecutive years I have piloted the no permit fees waiver for all exterior works on residential buildings.
I have an extensive background in the financial sector, managing multi-million dollar commercial construction projects. This background provides me with the knowledge which I can use in my duties as a Councilmember to address taxes, investment, foreclosure, and quality-of-life issues. I am always out in the community, encouraging the community to approach issues and concerns that impact our residents and get them addressed.
Education High school; some college; Training and Professional Development through NeighborWorks America
Experience 5 1/2 years Councilwoman; Coordinator Weed & Seed community strategy through United States Department of Justice; Co-Chair Schenectady C.A.S.H. (Creating Assets, Saving & Hope) Coalition (2008-2011); twenty-five years experience in the training/consulting field; Designed and implemented vocational training program targeting individuals with multiple barriers to employment; Corporate trainer for Prudential Insurance Company; many years working in the non-profit field
Phone 518-346-2513
One of the most important issues I would like to address is helping city residents find employment, which pays a livable wage, so they can provide a comfortable living for themselves and their families. I am particularly focused on ensuring that women, minorities and low income residents are able to find employment in order to improve their quality of life. This will increase our tax base and provide those who are interested with the possibility of homeownership. I will continue to work with the City Affirmative Action Manager and existing job training agencies and organizations that provide these type of services. I will advocate with our State officials to get the necessary funding for our currently unfunded mandates and to address blighted properties. Additionally, I will work with my colleagues on the Council to find ways to lower taxes, reduce costs and address quality of life issues such as litter, public safety and the health and wellness of community residents.
I spent many years working at the grassroots level in the community including but not limited to organizing meetings, promoting community engagement and advocating with the local government to get necessary services and fair share of investment to underserved communities. I have years of experience in the non profit arena specifically working in the field of human services. I received training through NeighborWorks America in Community Engagement and Economic Development. I am currently a member of Local Progress an organization that helps city officials from around the country share their best work with each other from sustainable cities; economic justice; living wage laws and innovative policies. I attend bi-annual Local Progress conferences to keep in touch with fellow progressive elected officials and policy experts who enable us to create legislative answers to some of the toughest questions confronting municipal government.
Education AS Marketing
Experience 35 year banking career specializing in commercial lending
Phone 518-858-4719
The most important issues facing Schenectady are property taxes, which are split into three parts; 53% is the School District, about 33% is City taxes, and 14% is the County. We have cut taxes three consecutive years totaling about 6.3%. As a member of the Finance Committee I have worked hard to ensure that we remain fiscally sustainable and disciplined. The other issues that are of prime importance are quality-of-life issues and crime. Along with several of my Council colleagues, I have led the charge to attack these issues; helping to create a new ticket process to fine individuals who litter, make too loud noise, etc. and helped pass a new position at the Police department who will develop technology that will help reduce waiting times for calls. Finally, the Schenectady Smart City Initiative will put new lighting all over the city that will have wi-fi and cameras for real-time data for police and Code enforcement officers.
I have an extensive background in banking and commercial real estate. This background provides me financial expertise which I can use in my duties as a Councilwoman to address City finances, foreclosure, and quality-of-life issues. Furthermore, since I am always out in the community for various functions related to work, I am better able to hear the issues that impact our residents and get them addressed. logo


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