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    Eric R. Hess (REP, REF) Outside Sales Engineer

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    Dominick G. Kasmauskas (REP, REF) Regional Manager for National Fire Sprinkler Assn.

  • Randy Pascarella (CON, DEM, IND)

  • Holly Vellano (CON, DEM, IND, GRN) Substitute teacher

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What are the most pressing issues facing Schenectady County? How would you propose to address them during your term of office?

What is your motivation for running for this office? What special skills, knowledge, expertise, or training do you have?

Education SCCC, Siena, US Army,
Experience Environment One Corporation, 1983-1999 Freemire Associates, 1999-2003 Co-Founder Water Resource Technologies LLC 2003-2012 FR Mahony Associates 2012-Present.
1. The number of families that are living below the poverty level. 2. Public safety. 3. Opioid and other drug addictions. How would you propose to address them during your term of office? I do know that single parents need before and after school care for their children that is affordable. Job training for those that want to work. More home-based jobs for those that are disabled or home bound. More youth programs to keep our children entertained and educated. A program for small businesses to intern with teens during off school times. Better drug education for our youth. Harsher penalties for dealers.
My motivation is to help the taxpayers of my district. I see a significant lack of communication between the Schenectady County Legislators and our local towns. It is my understanding that some of our County legislators have not been in their own districts this term. Our local town boards feel they have no representation at the County Level. Millions in sales tax dollars are collected in our District yet those dollars are not shared fairly. I am a private sector employee as an outside sales engineer focused on Water and Wastewater treatment. The key to my success is having the ability to develop and maintain solid working relationships with builders, developers, engineers, municipalities and homeowners. Having the ability to negotiate is key in closing a sale at times. Working with customers long after the sale to ensure continued satisfaction which is key to continued sales growth.
Education Fire Science, Fire Protection, Law Enforcement, EMS, Code Enforcement, Green Construction, Global Logistics.
Experience Since 1974 in the firefighting, fire inspections, hazardous materials, and fire protection. US Army veteran, 4 years of active service. Honorably serving with the NFSA for 16+ years.
The citizens of Schenectady County District #4 have been clear in their message: are Rotterdam, Duanesburg, and Princetown getting their fair share of the sales tax? Is Metroplex fully transparent and is District 4 seeing positive results? Why does it cost so much to live in a small county? I will work with my fellow legislators that these issues, issues that are impacting the pocketbooks of citizens are seriously analyzed and the results made fully public. We also need to look at all corners of the county budget and see what can be slimmed down. Another the Opiate Epidemic and ensuring that law enforcement has all tools necessary to educate and to stop heroin from being readily available. I also see and hear that the Pistol Permit process in Schenectady County is backlogged and takes months to get through the entire process. Citizens that can legally apply for a permit, purchase, and carry a firearm should not be subjected to this long wait. We can speed up the process with integrity.
My skills, knowledge, expertise, training? I am proud to say that I an average citizen like you and am not a professional politician. I look at these issues as you do, although I have some experience in the legislative processes at local, state, and federal levels due to my involvement in emergency services since 1974. Year after year, decade after decade all we all as citizens want... transparency of our elected officials and government spending, sensible government, safety and security of our neighborhoods and homes. Another motivator; as a US Army veteran to ensure we have all programs needed to assist our military veterans (war or peace time veterans) with what they need if having any challenges in civilian life due to events in their service to our country. A motivator close to heart is also ensuring that our paid and volunteer firefighters, code enforcement officials, law enforcement officers, and emergency medical personnel have education opportunities and equipment needed.
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Education A.S. Business Administration, SCCC B.S. Accounting, University @ Albany
Experience Former member of the Rotterdam Town Board Current member of Sch’dy Co Legislature
Prioritizing public safety is a must. We are currently experiencing an extreme opioid addiction in our community, which is not only detrimental to our citizens, but also causes a spike in our crime rate. Recently, the legislature has worked with the sheriff’s department in creating a drug task force to address this major concern. Controlling the property task levy is an issue we all share. As a county legislator, I am proud to say that in the last eight years the county budget has remained flat, and the projection for the 2018 buodget will be a decrease of one percent.

I have been a member of this community my entire life. As a wife, mother, grandmother, and tax payer, I am fully aware of the challenges we all face on a daily basis. Being in public office affords me the opportunity to address concerns that my neighbors experience, and hopefully, resolve that concern in a timely manner. As a former member of the Rotterdam Town Board, I focused on bringing affordable senior housing to our community; we now have three such properties serving our elderly. Recently, the county legislature initiated the Return the Favor Program; a purchasing discount program for our veterans and active military. In the 2017 budget, we also included funding for a new vehicle for a local veteran organization that provides transportation for our veterans to the VA Hospital. These initiatives I am proud to have been a part of. logo


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